Bare Minerals Original slips off the sides of my nose, help.

bare minerals original slips off the sides of my nose after a couple of hours, even when I use a primer, and a little of concealer to lessen the ammount of powder I use on my nose. I normally have normal skin but with this stuff I get shiny in my I zone (which is like a T zone but without the top of the T) after a few hours. I do top it with my mineral veil, What can I do to keep using my bare minerals.

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I started using the original mineral veil dusted UNDER my foundation and that seemed to help reduce or minimize oiliness on my chin, bridge of nose, and forehead.  Not all primers are created equal or give the same results so perhaps trying another might work for you.  I like Laura Geller's Spackle for all over my face and BE's primer for my eyes.  Finally, you might want to try BE's matte foundation next time you purchase to help avoid a shiny look. 

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