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BB cream that's right for me!
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Hi! I'm looking for a BB cream (I've never used one before) that would be good for me. I usually always wear bareMinerals pressed powder foundation but I'm looking for something a little less heavy for an upcoming vacation. I'm 18 with light combination skin and unfortunately still suffer from breakouts occasionally and get redness from that, so something with a good amount of coverage would be nice (I've read that BB creams aren't supposed to give as much coverage as a foundation/concealer so I'm not expecting full coverage.. but at least light/medium coverage). Another thing that I'm concerned about it something that will be good for my skin since I do get breakouts (I don't want even more from harsh ingredients). If anyone has any suggestions I should try please let me know!! Thanks!

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Dr. Jart is a good brand, and they just came out with the new gel formula, which is more lightweight than most bb cream and good for oily/combination skin. It also comes in a lighter/darker shade so you don't have to worry about the one-shade-(not-really)-fits-all thing.


If you like to experiment, they have a kit that would be fun.

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Use bareminerals concealer to help cover up the breakouts, and it's super good for your skin. A bb cream won't eactly cover up breakouts that well, more just even out your skin's complexion, and very lightly cover up some acne scarring or redness, no more. You can easily go for a tinted moisturizer and that will definitely be a mix of a bb-cream and concealer. But I go through the same thing, and no bb creams cover up my breakouts, so I usually go for bare minerals concealer, the creamy one though, and a bit of pressed powder in the center of my face. I like to keep it as light a possible in the summer.

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