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BB cream, primer, tinted moisture?

I have a combination typed skin with some acne. I really want my face smooth and looked healthy. Based on my research, BB cream is really helpful, but do I have to use primer before applying the cream? what about tinted moisture? I know that they can prevent my skin from dryness. 

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I have the same type of skin. I do several different things, depending on my mood or laziness level, or if I'm going out, and weather, and ow my face is doing, like breaking out. I sometimes will apply primer, then tinted moisturizer, and maybe some bronzer if my face is not acting up and it's hot. In winter when I tend to need more coverage, I will do moisturizer, primer, maybe a tinted moist, and foundation...especially if my face is breaking out, and it's cold so I need more moisturizer. In summer or winter, I may still use a moisturizer ( I actually always moisturizer my face and SPF ) and just use a. BB primer because it's built in and there is SPF and antiang properties in it. In winter I will use of dation too, summer I'll leave it be with a little bronzer. It seems as if it's a lot, but I get into a routine and know how my face feels and what I need or feel like doing. Try some samples of each to see what you like, you may not even want or need all three, a BB cream may be all you need. Plus, your face may react differently since its acne prone. I use Smashbox BB cream, but I really love DrJarts, and am waitingq to ur that when my Smashbox is done ( or at least almost done). I use Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer, and either Toofaced Bronzer or the Sephora sundisk in Aruba. My moisturizer is whatever I like at the time, and always has SPF , but if not something on my face will have it, it's very important to me to protect my face from the sun. Everyone has a different routine, so just experiment and find yours.
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I too have combination skin and acne, so I use a tinted moisturizer for spring and fall, a heavier moisturizer with foundation for winter and a bb cream or powder(just for events I need more coverage for) for summer. Right now, I don't use a primer for bb cream but I actually have a couple of good samples so I might try one. A good bb cream is dr.jarts gold label(it has an spf of 45!) and a good tinted moisturizer is either Amorepacific(but it's a little pricy) or Nars(also has an spf over 30). Hope this helpsSmiley Happy

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I have acne just like you and I am fairly young so the smashbox bb cream works great I dont like using tinted mosturizers because they make my skin shine in the sun

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My skin is a little different than yours (runs toward dry and relatively clear), but I have really loved the Smashbox BB cream.  I do put moisturizer on every day along with the BB cream, but if I were you I'd try one thing at a time to see what works for your skin.  I wouldn't add the moisturizer until you're sure the BB cream alone isn't enough.  You should go into a sephora and actually try them on and see if you can get a sample to take home, since they do tend to be a little expensive.  Good luck.

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