BB Cream causing breakouts for anyone else?

Hello Ladies and Gents,


So, I just stopped using HALO and started using the Smashbox BB Cream, and LOVED IT...that is until I noticed a slight breakout on my cheeks. Such a bummer because this looked great on, and it eliminated the use of like 3 other products.


I told this to a friend and she said a lot of people breakout with BB Creams, and that they have to find the right one for them. So, I guess my question or what I am wondering is, what is it about the BB Creams, that causes breakoutst? I thought this was more of a natural, or lightweight product vs. regular foundations. Could I be applying it wrong? Has anyone heard of this happening? Love to hear from you :smileyhappy: ...


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Oh no! I'm so sorry!


I don't understand the whole - skin getting used to a BB Cream. Aren't they supposed to be used for blemishes and scars? The fact that some BBs have caused more irritation is so frustrating to me. I've used Skin79 Pink & Gold, MISSHA Perfect Cover, The Face Shop Quick & Clean & their Oil Free BB Cream.


While they all worked really well in coverage, I found that everything other than MISSHA broke me out in little whiteheads over a period of time. MISSHA wasn't bad, but I tanned and the color shade that I chose, which was already at the darkest, no longer fits me.


I stopped using BB Creams entirely this summer - my skin's never felt better, but when I go out I feel super self conscious of the little blemishes I have. I miss those BBs, they concealed so minimally!


Did you ever try the UD BB Cream? I was going to go looking into that in the fall!

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