BB Cream causing breakouts for anyone else?

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So, I just stopped using HALO and started using the Smashbox BB Cream, and LOVED IT...that is until I noticed a slight breakout on my cheeks. Such a bummer because this looked great on, and it eliminated the use of like 3 other products.


I told this to a friend and she said a lot of people breakout with BB Creams, and that they have to find the right one for them. So, I guess my question or what I am wondering is, what is it about the BB Creams, that causes breakoutst? I thought this was more of a natural, or lightweight product vs. regular foundations. Could I be applying it wrong? Has anyone heard of this happening? Love to hear from you Smiley Happy ...


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As mentioned, everyone's skin is an individual case. What may work for you may not work for others. 


I am not terribly a big fan of all in one products (especially skincare). They tend to cause more breakouts in my case.  To others these products may be the best makeup they have ever used.  But in the meantime, the extra few minutes does not bother me if my skin is comfortable and manageable. 


As for irritation, it could be anything from the ingredients (sunscreen ones such as oxybenzone do not agree with my skin which is in the Smashbox BB formula and not in the HALO) to the collaboration of the skincare/ingredients all at once.  This can also happen with foundation and tinted moisturizers as well. 


The combination that currently works for me is mixing foundation (no SPF) and an SPF. 


So far in trial and error, the Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 PA+++ was quite nice.  It may be worth looking into (no oxybenzone).


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