BB Cream causing breakouts for anyone else?

Hello Ladies and Gents,


So, I just stopped using HALO and started using the Smashbox BB Cream, and LOVED IT...that is until I noticed a slight breakout on my cheeks. Such a bummer because this looked great on, and it eliminated the use of like 3 other products.


I told this to a friend and she said a lot of people breakout with BB Creams, and that they have to find the right one for them. So, I guess my question or what I am wondering is, what is it about the BB Creams, that causes breakoutst? I thought this was more of a natural, or lightweight product vs. regular foundations. Could I be applying it wrong? Has anyone heard of this happening? Love to hear from you :smileyhappy: ...


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As mentioned, everyone's skin is an individual case. What may work for you may not work for others. 


I am not terribly a big fan of all in one products (especially skincare). They tend to cause more breakouts in my case.  To others these products may be the best makeup they have ever used.  But in the meantime, the extra few minutes does not bother me if my skin is comfortable and manageable. 


As for irritation, it could be anything from the ingredients (sunscreen ones such as oxybenzone do not agree with my skin which is in the Smashbox BB formula and not in the HALO) to the collaboration of the skincare/ingredients all at once.  This can also happen with foundation and tinted moisturizers as well. 


The combination that currently works for me is mixing foundation (no SPF) and an SPF. 


So far in trial and error, the Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 PA+++ was quite nice.  It may be worth looking into (no oxybenzone).



Smashbox & I think it was Roth from Sephora BOTH caused cheeks to break out, followed by dry/flaky/rash-like appearance to my cheeks that I can't make go's been over a month since I quit using them and went back to Bare Minerals.  Why am I always trying to find better when Bare Minerals is the best??? Lol.  Anyone have any ideas or solutions to my dilemma???

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I tried the Shiseido BB cream and noticed my pores were more clogged than normal and got some small breakouts throughout my face. I guess BB cream is still makeup/heavier sunscreen.which may still clog pores. It's too bad that it doesn't workout since it has amazing reviews. I will take the advise from this forum and try some tinted moisturizer  that has lower spf, Hopefully that will lessen the clogged pores & breakout. Btw, I just used some Kate Somerville peel pad on my face since my pores are so clogged. It feels so good and my face feels very clean. 

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You are definitely not the only one!  I want to like BB creams for the ease and advertised benefits but the reality is usually a too many cooks in the kitchen situation.  I do like being able to isolate what ingredient or two may be causing a reaction at any given time and that can be hard with BB creams.  Too Faced, Urban, Smashbox, Dior and Garnier all made my skin angry in different ways, with Smashbox.  My girlfriend agrees that people seem to have trouble with them because it is too many ingredients at once.

That said, I found one that works perfectly for me, in terms of coverage, hydration and (lack of) reaction.  It isn't a Sephora product, but I am in love with Juice Beauty CC cream.

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i've so far only tried smashbox's bb cream and i've gotten the same breakout/bumpiness on my cheek as well. it makes me a little nervous to try out too faced's as well since i received a sample of it - though i don't exactly know what is causing this to happen):

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Yes! Definitely has caused me to breakout. It was my first time buying one and that too a Revlon because I heard great reviews about it, but no one mentioned it to cause breakouts. Now I don`t feel as bad for trying out a less expensive one first.

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I used a korean bb cream as well(the face shop) and it caused me acne after 2 weeks of using; took me almost 2years to recover. never touching another bb cream ever again.

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You're not applying it wrong... I've tried many different BB Creams and I have the same issues that you do with breakouts, so I switched to just using a tinted moisturizer.. and I don't get the breakouts! I really like Laura Mercier's Oil Free one and Dior also makes one that is non-comedogenic, which means that it will not clog pores. Good luck on your search!

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Ok, thank goodness I am not the only one who has broken out from Smashbox's BB cream. I got it because it claimed to be "non-acnegenic"... Well after a few days I got tons of tiny raised bumps over my cheeks and beside my nose, and about 4 new pimples all clustered together. Very disheartening! I have tried so much and nothing seems to agree with my skin :smileysad:

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I'm with you vw888. I LOVE the idea of a BB cream. I've tried Garnier (with a reasonable price point) and Dior (at the other end of the spectrum). I was pleased with the look from both and received complements while wearing both. Unfortunately, after wearing them for several days I broke out in tiny little pimples (not the big scary bumps I can get with hormonal fluctuations) all over my face. After a few days of going makeup-free at the beach, my skin cleared right up. I was bummed that the bb creams were the cause. So now I'm on a search as well. Perhaps to find a bb cream without oxybenzone? But now I'm hearing about cc creams. Sigh. What's a girl to do? I'd love to see recommendations for a bb cream for those of us breaking out with the most popular brands.
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I think it may be all the ingredients that makes up the "all in one" concept.  I loved how it looked when I first put mine on but I found that BB creams are too drying for me.  I don't look too good up close.

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Oh no! I'm so sorry!


I don't understand the whole - skin getting used to a BB Cream. Aren't they supposed to be used for blemishes and scars? The fact that some BBs have caused more irritation is so frustrating to me. I've used Skin79 Pink & Gold, MISSHA Perfect Cover, The Face Shop Quick & Clean & their Oil Free BB Cream.


While they all worked really well in coverage, I found that everything other than MISSHA broke me out in little whiteheads over a period of time. MISSHA wasn't bad, but I tanned and the color shade that I chose, which was already at the darkest, no longer fits me.


I stopped using BB Creams entirely this summer - my skin's never felt better, but when I go out I feel super self conscious of the little blemishes I have. I miss those BBs, they concealed so minimally!


Did you ever try the UD BB Cream? I was going to go looking into that in the fall!

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OMG!!! I thoughy I was the only one, until I googled it. I purchased the Too Faced Beauty Balm at Sephora and really liked the natural, glowing coverage that it provided. Sadly, my normally clear skin began breaking out in small pimples on my cheeks and nose. I stopped using it and my skin began to clear. So, I tried it again, more little pimples!!! I have never, ever had a foudation (cream,powder, or liquid) cause me to break-out. I don't feel like trying any others at this point, and I am officially done with the BB cream craze. I am sticking to my tried and true, Philosophy skincare and Bare Minerals foundations!!!!!!!!!! Why fix what ain't broken??!!!!!

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I'm not sure about BB creams specifically. I can however attest to the fact that *any* sunscreen or product with any measurable amount of SPF irritates my skin and causes breakouts/hives/infections. (I tried for years too but no luck.)


Even physical sunscreens cause problems for me. I can handle titanium dioxide in amounts small enough for pigmentation (which is usually at 1% or less) but anything more for a measurable SPF just makes my skin freak. Same thing with zinc oxide as well.


Quite often I find with my sensitive/allergic skin that it's the dosage that makes the poison. Too much of one thing, or a little of too many things will just push my skin into a hissy fit. Perhaps these BB creams just have too much going on for your skin to tolerate them.

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