B.B. Cream??

I have been eyeing bb creams ever since they came out and since they are now booming in the beauty community i have decided to purchase one! The problem is i don't know which one to buy which is why i need your help! My skin is dry/normal i have semi-sensitive skin and have a little acne on chin and forehead but not much. I don't want anything cakey, heavy, or noticeable i want something very lightweight, natural, and not too heavy. I also want to say that i don't want anything too dewy (too shiny) i want something with a very " natural" finish or matte. Thanks so much! :smileyvery-happy:

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My two favs are Dr. Jarts Premium Spf 45 and Smashbox Photo finish BB Cream Spf 25, of the two, Smashbox is slightly more matte.  Neither has irritated my skin (have mild rosacea and mild acne).  I LOVE Dr. Jarts for consistency, but it is slightly more "dewy" but this isn't a bad thing, especially if you plan to layer a light dusting of powder over - which I sometimes do because the bb cream is very light coverage. 

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I haven't tried Dr. Jart's, Smashbox or Dior so I can't comment on those...but I am familiar with Stila's BB and I'd definitely recommend it for your skin type. I agree that you should sample it in the store first. I LOVE Boscia's BB cream but I have very dry skin and I don't think it would be the BB fit you are looking for...




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I recently bought Too Faced's BB Cream and love it!  Sheer yet good coverage (well, good coverage given what's expected of a BB cream), lightweight, dewey color. Overall, good product! Would definitely recommend.  I have fair skin and Vanilla Glow is just glorious on me!


Just a few days ago, I brought my mom to sephora to introduce her to the new world of BB creams (she had absolutely ZERO clue what they were, but kept hearing about them).  She's only familiar with brands that have been around for a while and are sold at most department stores, so she instantly defaulted to Dior's BB cream.  She tested it out all over her hand, and was infatuated with it's silky texture and velvet feel.  However, within FIVE minutes her opinion changed drastically.  She looked down at her hand, and it appeared way more wrinkly than it was prior to putting on the lotion, and almost looked cakey.  I mean, I love dior products but this was just BAD.  Anywhoo, maybe the Dior BB cream would be more suitable for women with younger skin?  Guess my recommendation would be to test it out for at least five minutes (I mean, who doesn't mind wandering around Sephora aimlessly) and see what the product does to your skin texture and tone.


Best of luck!

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I use Dior BB Cream and I absolutely love it! Its not too cakey and gives you a nice natural dewy look (: Hope this helps!


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I have similar skin to yours, and I use Smashbox's BB cream.  I don't find it cakey, but I do always put moisturizer on before it (I have dry skin and live in the desert...enough said).  I also recommend using a foundation brush to help even it out.  It does a really nice job of evening out my skin tone without looking like I'm wearing makeup.  I use it alone or occasionally add some bronzer, but I don't feel like anything else is really necessary. 

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Hi xxmakeupguruxx, I like Dr. Jart's too.  I like the color isn't overpowering on my fair skin, and that it has spf is a plus too.  A little goes a long way which helps since it is a little spendy to me.  I hope this helps :smileyhappy:

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