Are there any all-in-one products out
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Are there any all-in-one products out there that help with aging, acne, pore minimizing, & balancing skin tone? I have never had a skin care regiment but Im really starting to pay attention now bcuz Im turning 30 & on top of that Im breaking out like never before. I would like some suggestions on some serums, moisturizer, etc. & suggestions on foundations as well that will help with my specific issues. My expression lines on my forehead & becoming deeper & deeper & would really like something to help slow that down & rescue the rest of my face from having that problem! With the breakouts Im guessing its hormonal acne bcuz the majority of the breakouts are around my jawline & right under, with the occasional big ones here & there on the sides of my face & chin (that are leaving scars!!). However, I also have these tiny bumps on my cheeks that arent going away & some blackheads on my nose :-( I dont know what type my skin is either! I dont feel that its oily bcuz if I dont put lotion on after I wash then it feels pretty tight for awhile. My skin tone & texture is uneven as well. If There is not an all in one product thats fine I just want some good products that actually work & I can stick with to get my complexion in the right place. With foundation I have always used liquid but at this point I am open for anything. My big problem is I live in the sticks & it takes me 2hours to get to the Reno Sephora otherwise I would go all the time so I can get the right makeup & colors etc. Can you PLEASE give me help & suggestions on what I need to use or shud use. thanks soooo soooo much! all love ;-)

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BB creams are said to be all in one creams and are great for people with sensitive acne prone skin. There are quite a few brands out there that carry BB creams.




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