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Are there any all-in-one products out there that help with aging, acne, pore minimizing, & balancing skin tone? I have never had a skin care regiment but Im really starting to pay attention now bcuz Im turning 30 & on top of that Im breaking out like never before. I would like some suggestions on some serums, moisturizer, etc. & suggestions on foundations as well that will help with my specific issues. My expression lines on my forehead & becoming deeper & deeper & would really like something to help slow that down & rescue the rest of my face from having that problem! With the breakouts Im guessing its hormonal acne bcuz the majority of the breakouts are around my jawline & right under, with the occasional big ones here & there on the sides of my face & chin (that are leaving scars!!). However, I also have these tiny bumps on my cheeks that arent going away & some blackheads on my nose :-( I dont know what type my skin is either! I dont feel that its oily bcuz if I dont put lotion on after I wash then it feels pretty tight for awhile. My skin tone & texture is uneven as well. If There is not an all in one product thats fine I just want some good products that actually work & I can stick with to get my complexion in the right place. With foundation I have always used liquid but at this point I am open for anything. My big problem is I live in the sticks & it takes me 2hours to get to the Reno Sephora otherwise I would go all the time so I can get the right makeup & colors etc. Can you PLEASE give me help & suggestions on what I need to use or shud use. thanks soooo soooo much! all love ;-)

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Well, I think it's better to get someone in person for an accurate diagnose of your skin. When you say your face feel tight for a while after washing, do you use a cleanser or just water? There are environmental factors as well as type of cleanser so I don't know. You can definitely find good creams that do 1 or 2 of your concerns. However, if it claims to be panacea, it most likely doesn't work....


Korres Wild Rose cream is great for anti-aging and better skin tones (didn't do much brightening when I tried it). It's a bit heavy, so great for dry skin or combo skin in the winter:


Ole Truth Revealed Super Creme SPF 15  is great for anti-aging and glowing complexion. Same heaviness as Korres but to be worn during the day:


Personally I like Clinique and Origins the best. Clinique scrubs and (Kose or Biore) peel-off mask have kept my pores/bumps in check. A Perfect World with SPF25 feels great on the skin although I haven't seen anything yet. L'occitane Angelica lotion provides excellent hydration without oiliness, and Immortelle lines are excellent for anti-aging as proven by my mom. I've also heard good things about Clarins and Caudalie.


When you say balancing skin tone, if you mean you are oily in some area and dry/normal in others, then you've got combo skin. I just apply more serum or moisturizer in that area. If you meant uneven skintones, I think anything with vitamin C in it would help. As for pore minimizing, I find exfoliation and clay/peel-off masks really helps. As for acne, a good cleanser is a must, but I find that when I eliminate processed food, exercise and eat more fresh fruit/vegetables, my complexion clears. As for aging...I'm starting to get tiny faint lines, but I'm not going to hunt for one yet since I currently have 4 jars of high-end moisturizers I should use up before then.

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BB creams are said to be all in one creams and are great for people with sensitive acne prone skin. There are quite a few brands out there that carry BB creams.




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