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Are MAKE UP FOR EVER products cruelty free?

I should have looked into this before buying - I love their HD foundation and am now wondering how animal friendly they are. Anyone have any insight? TIA

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Make Up For Ever does not do animal testing.  So, feel free to buy MUFE brand because it's cruelty-free!

As a fellow animal lover, I'd like to say thanks for caring! Smiley Happy

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Just out of curiosity -- where did you find that? I looked, even at PETA, and I couldn't find anything.
They are not cruelty-free. I dug around and found out that even though they may not test on animals, they buy ingredients from companies who do. So in my mind, that does not make them cruelty-free. This happens with a lot of the make-up companies out there. Even if the company selling the makeup doesn't test on animals, their ingredients come from companies that do. Smiley Sad So if you're shopping for cruelty-free like I do, you've really gotta dig around to find out what you're getting. Sometimes you have to find out what company owns the makeup brand first before you can find the correct info on PETA or elsewhere. In this case, it's LVMH (Louis Vuitton), a holding company that owns Sephora too. Plus LV uses fur, so if you love animals don't support their makeup lines like MUFE.
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Can you site your sources, please? I haven't been able to find anything like that on my searches.
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Urban Decay and Too Faced are the only lines Sephora carries that is truly cruelty free. If your in a drug store look for NYX. It's not the quality of UD but it's a great buy for how cheap it is.
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