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Is it possible to have rosy cheeks but still have yellow undertiones to your skin?  All the foundations that various cosmetic store employees have recommended for me make my skin look orange and they're all  pinkish undertones. 

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I hear you so so much!!!


I'm Chinese so I've got yellow undertone, but I've got a healthy flush on my face and my flush is very very cool pink which means my cheek and lips are very very cool pink. The yellow undertone make up look a bit fake, and the cool make up look a bit out of place.


I would suggest go for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream that's a bit sheer so the undertone is not super noticeable. I also like multiple product, like my tinted moisturizer is yellow undertone but my powder is cool undertone, so I layer accordingly since I'm yellower sometimes (if I have a tan or no flush) or pinker/cooler sometimes (in the winter or anytime when my pink cheeks come out).

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