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Is it possible to have rosy cheeks but still have yellow undertiones to your skin?  All the foundations that various cosmetic store employees have recommended for me make my skin look orange and they're all  pinkish undertones. 

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A lot of foundation ranges have an abnormal amount of pink shades, and they could just have bad colors to choose from.  Take a look at the color range before you match up to see if they actually look like the colors of human skin.  Sometimes you'll be able to see in the bottle that it would've turned anyone orange.


Regardless, rosy cheeks are generally from surface tones...not necessarily undertones.  If you have redness on your cheeks, this is not the best place to test your foundation.  Try testing it on your forehead for a better match, then double check it underneath your jawline where it meets your neck.  It's not the standard way to do it, but it helps me a lot. 


If that doesn't work, you could always use a yellow or green primer underneath to color correct this area before trying to even it out with foundation.


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I hear you so so much!!!


I'm Chinese so I've got yellow undertone, but I've got a healthy flush on my face and my flush is very very cool pink which means my cheek and lips are very very cool pink. The yellow undertone make up look a bit fake, and the cool make up look a bit out of place.


I would suggest go for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream that's a bit sheer so the undertone is not super noticeable. I also like multiple product, like my tinted moisturizer is yellow undertone but my powder is cool undertone, so I layer accordingly since I'm yellower sometimes (if I have a tan or no flush) or pinker/cooler sometimes (in the winter or anytime when my pink cheeks come out).

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When you wear makeup, you are essentially covering your face with pigment to hide let's say blemishes and such. So if you have naturally rosy cheeks, they will not look the same when you wear makeup. Even wearing sheer coverage foundations and such, your cheeks will look slightly discolored. That is why there is blush to give you that natural rosy cheek look as well. As for your undertones, you can determine your undertone using this method. If you burn easily in the sun: pink undertones. If you tan instead of burn: golden undertones. As for shade: that is literally your skin color. If you don't have too many blemishes or none at all, you can wear sheer coverage foundation and apply lightly either over your where your blemishes are and spread it outwards over your face / or nose, forehead, and chin area and spread it outwards over your face. This way you will not cover your beautiful cheeks too much. 

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