An under eye concealer similar to MUFE HD but less expensive?

Hi There!


I absolutely love my MUFE HD Concealer, but it's just too expensive.  At .05 oz per tube, I'm having to replace it nearly every month-- and it's $28.  That's like paying a gym membership right there!


Anyway, I'm looking for something natural-looking and preferably liquid.  I also really like something with a subtle brightening effect, because I fell in love with the soft focus effect that the MUFE HD creates around the eye.


I don't mind paying $28 for a concealer if it actually gets me a decent amount of product... So, to sum it up, here are my criteria: 


  • natural-looking liquid concealer
  • subtle brightening effects
  • good value
  • bonus points for decent staying power and coverage


Thanks! :0)

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