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With the warm weather around the corner, I would like to try a bronzer.  I have never worn a bronzer in my life, so I'm absolutely clueless about them.  The only bronzers I know stuff about are the ones in tanning lotions... Makeup ones are probably healthier lol.  What are some good bronzer suggestions for beginners, and how exactly is it applied?  I was guessing it's like blush, but I've not been wearing blush for a year yet lol. 

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I consider myself a bronzer fanatic. I use them to both contour or add a sunkissed glow when I am a little more tan. To start, you can try the "3" technique where you sweep the bronzer on your face in a motion of a "3:" Starting at your temples, sweep it down the side of your temple, then into the hollow of your cheeck, then just along the jaw line, therefore creating a "3" on your face. Then repeat on the other side! 


When using that technique, my favorite bronzer is Benefit Hoola. I especially like it because it is matte and it is a lighter shade than most bronzers which is great for my pale skin. Nars Laguna is a great one as well, which appears matte on the skin and is a slightly deeper color. When I want some bronze shimmer just on my cheeckbones, I like the Tarte Park Avenue Princess bronzer. All three are great options, especially for someone just beginning to use them! When done correctly, a bronzer can really add a lot of depth to the face and of course make it look a little tanner (and thinner) without looking fake and orange.


You can use a fluffier brush, like a paddle brush or something of the like when using the "3" technique. When I contour (which is almost every day) I use a smaller yet still fluffy blending brush like the MAC 109. You can also use an angled blush brush for any technique as long as you make sure to really pay attention to blending the edges out.


Hope that helps and have fun trying out bronzers! 

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