Acne scaring and blemishes, what type of makeup?
I'm not sure what brand of makeup to get or try? I have combination skin and currently am using Boscia face wash kit. I am dealing with redness and minimal breakouts that I need coverage on but help the break out at the same time. I need something that I can wear day to night and also want the flawless not cakey look. I just turned 23 so I still have young skin and really want to take care of it.HELP!
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Hi, I'm 20 years old and have your same problem.! I have been using MAC products, but I have recently feel in love and in shock with the whole Cover FX line. They are a bit expensive, but they are full coverage, not cakey looking and really good quality.! I tried them out for some time (my skin is sensitive and breaks out easily) and their products don't break me out. Now, I also hear that Laura Mercier has a liquid foundation that leaves a flawless finish, is full coverage and very easy to apply. I suggest you go to Sephora and either go up to any of the make up artists and talking to them about your specific problems or go up to them and simply ask for a sample of what it is that you want to try out before buying. If you can't easily go to a Sephora (and I totally understand, there's only 1 Sephora in puerto rico! "/) I suggest you go on Youtube and do some research there, it really helps! (Just check in the description box bellow for the FTC disclaimer to make sure the product wasn't given for free and the person is just sitting there lying... which happens "/) Well, sorry for the ramble, but I hope I helped.! Smiley Happy

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