AIR-BRUSH makeup, at home machines and foundations
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Whos got the skinny on Air-Brush makeup. I saw an at-home air brush system in sephoras top rated products. Would you reccomen these for everyday use? How complicated is it and how much of a difference does it actually make??


It'd be worth the investment if I had a lot more information and reviews on it.


ps. Also does anyone know if they air-brush you when you get an instore beauty makeover?

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That airbrush system is amazing! It's super easy to use and it can get your make up done super fast, and you will look like the models in the magazine. You hold the wand like you would a pencil, hold it towards the face at a 45 degree angle or so, and in circular motions, move the want around the face to get the desired coverage you wish for.


There is a dial on the machine that controls the amount of air output, so it can spray a little bit at a time (sheer/buildable coverage) or a lot at a time (fuller coverage). This makeup is in a closed system so virtually no bacteria can get inside of this. For the acne prone out there, this is God's gift to you.


If you ask about the TEMPTU airbrush system during the consultation (like in the beginning) I'm sure the cast member would be more than happy to use this on you.


Be advised the initial cost of the product is expensive, you do need to buy the machine and the foundation pods after all! Once you have the machine though, one foundation pod lasts about 3 months when used everyday, and the blushes/highlighters will last longer.


It's a wonderful system, and the application of the product couldn't be any easier. I hope you get it! Smiley Happy

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I agree, the Temptu air brush system is amazing!!  It gives fabulous, adjustable coverage and makes my skin look like it belongs to a model!!  It is very easy to use, just hold it like a pen and apply with a light hand in a circular motion.  And now with the new bronzing/self tan kit its like at-home-airbrush-tan!!  But is it practical for everday use??  Not for me.  It does give you flawless makeup in little time, but for me it is a big investment for one thing and I dont want to waste it on the grocery store or staying home with my kids or sitting in a classroom with young kids who could care less.  It does not do anything to improve my eye makeup or cut down the time I spend on my eyes, obviously because it has face products and not eye products, but my eyes do take up most of my time.  Also, I have this really bad habbit of finishing my makeup in the car before I walk in where ever I am going.  If all I had was Temtu, I would have to have everything but my eyes and lips done before I leave, and something separate for touchups and travel.  It is not difficult to travel with, but I am so afraid I would leave it in the hotel!!  That being said, if price and convience are less of an issue for you, I say go for it!!  You will love it!!.

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