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Q. looking for a blush that is talc and cornstarch free?
I recently read that cornstarch can aggravate acne. I also read that talc is a known carcinogen. I am currently using Nars blush but I keep breaking out only where I apply it...I want to try something new but I can't seem to find any blush that does not have these 2 ingredients! please help.
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mjf717 / RISING STAR / answered
A. Buxom is great   see post
Q. Natural Asian Wedding Make-up and Hair Artist Recommendations in the SGV Area
I am looking for recommendations for an Asian bridal make-up and hair artist in the San Gabriel Valley, CA area (especially in Pasadena, Alhambra, San Gabriel) to do fresh, natural (not over-done) Asian makeup for my wedding day.   I am hoping to spend $300 or so (including wedding hair/make-up and trial hair/make-up) to find an artist who is professional and well-reviewed. I also need an artist who has a studio or salon at which to meet since I don't want to have my hair/make-up done at my house or at the venue.    Please message me if you've worked with an artist, and can highly recommend them. I'd prefer artists who work with a lot of Asian brides (some make-up artists struggle with Asian eye makeup), and who can do both hair and make-up.    I am attaching pictures of the type of natural Asian make-up look that I'm going for.    I 
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. hi @Heatoyos1   sorry you haven't gotten a response yet.. did you end up finding a makeup salon that you liked? If so, I hope you share your experience :D see post
Q. Getting makeup done for prom?
I want to get my makeup done for prom at Sephora and I have a few questions. If you've ever gone your makeup done here, what was your experience? Did you like the makeup? How long will it take? I'm also getting my hair done by a family friend before. I want to make sure I have plenty of time. Prom starts at 7 but we're also going to eat and take pictures, I've never been to prom before so I have no idea how long this takes. Any idea what time I should make my appointment? I'm also going to the mall tomorrow anyway and should I just make my appointment while I'm there, or would it be better to call? Any other tips/comments? Thanks!
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HALL OF FAMER starsandbucks / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. @britani Like the others have said, unless you're Rouge you will have to buy $50 of product to get a makeover. And I have to be honest, I know it 100% depends on who the... see post
Q. What product should I purchase for a nice coverage ?
I do have sensitive, acne prone skin, I want something that makes me look'alive' and covers on days i have a break out yet be natural and i can use it as a canvas for my face(to build up and go out )... Found ation? BB cream? .. I do have dry skin too and today I got the Urban Decay  Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector, but it said online its for combination skin?  It would be great if it had an SPF too!   Please Advice!
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A. Hi @Lola94,   I suggest checking out the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35. This is suitable for all skin types and this BB Cream hydrates the skin while providi... see post
Q. How long does your Tinted Moisturizer bottle/tube last?
I'm trying to justify spending the $ for a mid to high end TM I haven't worn a foundation, TM, BB cream or really any kind of facial tinting product in about 7 years so I don't remember how long bottles/tubes usually last. What kind of TM do you use, how many days a week do you use it and about how long does it last you?
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A. @missallyson  I use the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer [below].  I probably average 3 or so applications a week, and it always lasts me at least a year.  It does, ... see post
Q. Which color should I use to counteract dark patches?
Okay my face overall is pretty light/pale in color, but uh.. years of sun damage on my lower face has made my mouth area slightly darker. But my neck is pale so it looks super weird if I try to match the rest of my face to the color of my chin/mouth area. But if I wear a lighter foundation to match my neck and other areas on my face, the chin/mouth area looks really ashy and grey.    I thought maybe color correcting can help me, to wear them underneath my foundation. But I have no idea which color works for brightening a big area of dark patches? The color isn't blue/purple/yellow anything, although I guess it falls under the category of "sallowness", but I've tried lavender colors before and it just makes the area look even more ashy and unattractive. Any ideas? Would orange work? I thought orange was for the green/blue like, for undereyes and such.
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A. Hi @Avalith,   If you want to correct sallowness, lavender and blue are your best bets. If you've tried lavender before and it didn't like it, I'd suggest looking in... see post
Q. Looking for illuminating loose powder
My go-to loose powder (Cover FX Illuminating Setting powder) isn't available in the US anymore.    What's a good substitute that is good for all-over daytime coverage with just a touch of glow—not shiny or glittery.    I'm fair-skinned and would need translucent, if possible, or very light shade.
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A. I am glad you asked this because my favorite product isn't available in US either! I am kind of horrified!  see post
Q. Concealer Oxidizing
I have been using the taste shape tape concealer and it keeps oxidizing on me, I also use the makeup forever matte primer as well. Is there 
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A. Hi, Lalazina!   Oxidation is a tricky process because there's really no way to pinpoint when it will happen and with what product ahead of time. If you're currently al... see post
Q. What's the best concealer for me to highlight with
Hi I use the born this way foundation in color  natural beige and I want to get in to contour my face but I'm not sure which concealer to use to highlight my face and to contour  I been looking in high end and drugstore like maybe line and  la color pro but I can't find the color that goes with me 
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. Hi @120406 I really love the Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundations for highlight and contour. They have shade called "Fawn" that is perfection for me to contour with... see post
Q. Contouring
My foundation shade is 3yo3 , What La Girl Concealer shade can i use for concealing & contouring. HELP??  
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. HI @An0ny did you ever find your color match? If not, there are matching databases on Findation and Temptalia that could help you with that! see post
Q. Does the 10 hr wear perfection foundation give me a natural look?
I am looking for a new foundation and I found the 10 hr wear perfection foundation.I was wondering if it would give me a natural airbrushed look.
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. hi @makeup090 what brand was this? see post
Q. Contour for very pale skin?
Hi! I need a countour color to put under my cheekbone for that high cheek bone look... but  it always looks like a harsh line or really muddy i tried hoola by benefit & it breaks me out plus its too dark PLEASE HELP!? 
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Abigail0820 / FRESH FACE / answered
A. Try using a concealer or foundation that is 1-3 shades darker than your skin tone. If you prefer a powder try using a powder that is 1-3 shades darker. I am very pale an... see post
Q. how do you apply pressed powder without looking cakey?
So everytime i put on pressed powder after my foundation, my face looks dry,flaky and cakey. its mostly around the sides of my nose, cheeks and forehead. i have very pale skin and have dry,sensitive cheeks and my forehead chin and nose are oily. could someone recommend a product or advice for me?
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Ashleighkeller / FRESH FACE / answered
A. I use the sephora pressed powder and do not put concealer on with the too faced born this way foundation be cause it has enough coverage. You tap the brush also and ligh... see post
Q. Dry patches on my face even after I have applied moisturizer and a hydrating foundation primer?
I have combination skin and I have been looking all over for a moisturizer and foundation primer that doesn't irritate my skin. I finally found both- but I'm starting to see that even after I let my moisturizer sit for a while before I put on the primer (and then I do apply the primer) and I'm applying my foundation, there are dry patches all over my face! Especially my nose, under my eyes, and on my forehead. I generally apply more primer on my dry spots, since the primer I use is hydrating, or so. I don't know really what to do, should I change my primer? Is it my skin? My moisturizer? Even my foundation? Or am I missing a step or doing something wrong in my beauty routine? Please help!
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A. You could be using the wrong facial cleanser or the wrong moisturizer. I have dry skin, but before I started taking care of my skin I thought I had oily/combo skin. This... see post
Q. Foundations.
I use MUFE HD. And soon I'm planning on replacing my old bottle.   I saw that they had a kit recently so I thought I'd invest my money into it, since I replaced my HD powder with ELFs HD.   Anyway, I was looking into the NARS foundations, and thought about giving it a try, even though I love my HD foundation.   So what foundation do you use? And between HD and NARS which would you say you've had a better experience with. I've only used face primer from NARS and didn't really like it.     Also, a poll would be a nice addition to beauty talk.
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A. I love the MUFE HD. Though I don`t use it on its own because I like the matte look but also like to have a little bit of glow. To do that I usually mix it with my MUFE H... see post
Q. Nose Countour
Hi! I have a bump in the middle of my nose due to my bone structure. How can I contour my nose to make the bump less noticeable/ my nose a little flatter?
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. Hi @Liv10021 I found a youtube video on how to contour, hopefully this helps!     Also I recently found out about a type of dermafiller that will smooth out the l... see post
Q. Adelaide Kane-inspired cool, rose blush
Hi all! I am a big fan of Adelaide Kane (an actress from Reign, Teen Wolf, etc.). Recently, she uploaded pictures to Instagram from a photoshoot she had done with photographer Jordan Harvey. I fell in love with the soft color used on her cheeks and was hoping that the Sephora community might be able to make a recommendation on a blush that would dupe the blush used on Adelaide for the shoot.    I did a little digging and found that the exact blush used for the shoot was Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Creme Blusher in Rose (a soft burgundy shade). Any recommendations for this little obsession of mine?       tags: blush, adelaide kane, rose, burgundy, au naturale, reign, cool, cool tone
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A. @epeterson95 maybe NARS blush in Seduction or the Bite Beauty Multistick in Cerise?   NARS Seduction Bite Cerise see post
Q. Should I buy it?
I have heard good things about Cliniques Take Off the Day Cleansing Balm... I really want to purchase it but I want to hear what you guys think of it first!
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A. Get a sample at any Sephora or department store, they may have or will have a gwp too ;) see post
Q. Non-cakey Concealer and Foundation
I'm looking for a great concealer and foundation that does not make my face look cakey around my problems areas. I want something that blends into your skin really well and looks natural with good coverage. (preferably powder foundation, creamy or liquid concealer)
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2ne1fan24 / FRESH FACE / answered
A.   cleanse really good exfoliate with a peeling gel or gentle scrub must use a toner use a serum instead of rubbing it in your skin use a thin cotton pad and pat it in yo... see post
Q. Cakey Foundation
I'm hoping someone can help me, It seems like not matter what foundation I use it always ends up looking cakey around my nose, upper lip, and chin area after a couple of hours. I have an oily T-zone but at the same time my skin tends to peal around my nose. I've used many different primers, and have used many foundation. The one I am using right now is Marc Jacobs, and it ends up looking the same as all the other foundations I've tried. I've used brushes and a beauty blender but nothing helps. Can someone please help me?   Thank you!
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2ne1fan24 / FRESH FACE / answered
A. cleanse your face then exfolieate using a peeling gel or gentle scrub MUST use a toner use a serum instead of rubbing it in your skin get a thin cotton pad and pat it in... see post
Q. Foundation Help
Hello ladies!      I am in desperate need of your help. I am on the hunt for a foundation (and/or concealer combo) that will not crease or break up on my face. Recently I've noticed that my old stand-by's tend to break up or crease heavily around my nose and eyes.       I've spent far more than I probably should have trying to find a combination of primers, foundations, powders etc to stop the issue. I've ensured that they're all match based (oil, water), tried some YouTube techniques, even bought new brushes because I thought my beauty blender wasn't hacking it anymore.      I'm fed up and swimming in a sea of foundations that don't seem to want to cooperate. Any ideas and suggestions would be great!     Thank You!
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A. Like @Eliza1214, I have also been on a foundation kick lately. Literally have been wearing a different one each day and setting/ baking the areas I tend to crease with L... see post
Q. Are MAKE UP FOR EVER products cruelty free?
I should have looked into this before buying - I love their HD foundation and am now wondering how animal friendly they are. Anyone have any insight? TIA
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A. Make Up For Ever does not do animal testing.  So, feel free to buy MUFE brand because it's cruelty-free! As a fellow animal lover, I'd like to say thanks for caring! ... see post
Q. flakey under eyes
My foundation/concealer has been flaking off under my eyes and leaving a spot without makeup which ruins my whole look, what can I do to stop this??
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A. Hi @smarston17,   It sounds like your undereye area may be a little bit dry. If you like the concealer and foundation you're using, I'd recommend looking into an eye... see post
Q. Applying Foundation
Applying foundation is one makeup technique that could take a lifetime to perfect. But seriously, who has a lifetime? I've started this thread to see what everyone does to apply their foundation.   For me, personally, I usually just use my fingers. I've found that using my fingers warms up the product and makes it easier to blend over my face without having to use too much and ending up with a gunky and caked on look.    Post your technique and any tips you may have for applying your favorite foundation
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A. I have tried several methods but recently started using a damp stippling brush. I like light even coverage and found that a very lightly damp brush helps me use less fou... see post
Q. Perfect Glow Makeup
How to get a perfect glow makeup? What products do you need? Please lists me some products for this makeup look ( not that expensive ). I would like to try a new makeup look, i want to look tan and have this good highlight/glow.
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A. If you want to look tan and have a glow, a nice luminous bronzer would probably work for you!   Shimmery blushes overtop other blushes or highlight on the highest poin... see post
Q. Looking for foundations similar to Kat Von D's in L42 :)
Hey there! I currently am trying to find a new everyday foundation as my lovely KVD is quite heavy and my skin is starting to react to it, maybe because it's getting cold outside, I don't know.   I am pretty pale, like ghostly, more on the pink side. I'd really love to see swatches of Cover FX in N0 and in P10, MUFE HD and Water Blend in R210, and anything that could be like, REALLY pale and pinkier, next to KVD's foundation in L42 or MUFE Mat Velvet in #15. Actually, I'm not even sure if R210 is very pale, I only tried Y205 a whole day and I didn't feel like my usual self because it is yellow.   I really need a light coverage. I also still have my white mixer if I can't get my hand on something perfect, tho I'd prefer not having to use a lot. Thank you!
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A. Hi, @Kellycious!  The Color IQ for KVD in L42 is 1R02.  The foundations that have a color with the same Color IQ can be found at the link below.  Click on the foundation... see post
Q. Foundation tips?
Recently I've noticed my foundation leaves an extreme patchy cakey finish on my face (not cute whatsoever). I feel like I've tried so many foundations & primers from Sephora and cannot find the perfect combination or foundation for that matter. The primer I've used is too faced hangover and smash box pore minimizer. I've tried bare minerals matte foundation, tarte Amazonian clay, lancome, too faced born this way. NOTHING WORKS!!! I even set my face with a translucent powder and use urban decay make up spray. I'm dry around the corners of my nose, but extremely oiley in my t-zone, especially around the corners of my mouth. If anybody can give me a recommendation on anything I'd really appreciate it!!
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jessimitch / FRESH FACE / answered
A. I have been in the same boat as you, but just recently switched up my routine and figured out the culprits!    First off, the Smashbox pore minimizer primer is SUPER d... see post
Q. Tips to stop foundation from drying out skin?
I have normal/combination skin with normal cheeks and nose, dry mouth and eye area, and an oily forehead. But whenever I wear foundation, it completely dries out my face (especially my cheeks, mouth area, and eye area) and makes it feel really tight. I make sure to layer my skincare and put on moisturizer underneath, but I still feel dry. So far I've tried the Smashbox bb cream, Smashbox bb water, Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, and the Custom Cover fx drops mixed with the Maybelline blur and smooth primer (which I wear under all my foundations). Does anyone have any good hydrating primers or makeup tricks that could help with this? Or do you have any suggestions on lightweight light-medium coverage foundations I could try (preferably $50 and under with a decent shade range; I have dark skin)?
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A. Oh UD Naked foundation was sooo drying on me! I have that happen as well, especially in the winter. There are two things that helps me through the winter. Hourglass no.2... see post
Q. I need foundation help please!!
HI, I am going away next week and I am in search for a foundation that looks great in flash photography. I currently use Vitalumiere Aqua (Chanel) and I am quite happy with it but I look awful in pictures. I have very sensitive skin that tends to be on the dry side and I tend to break out with new products. I tried the new MUFE water blend foundation and it made my face greasy, and it made my face look very pale in flash photos.  I did love the feel of it. Can you recommend any products that are:   -lightweight -medium coverage -wont cause me to break out -looks great in flash photos.        Thank you so much!
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A. Hi Amaw087,   Based on your concerns I'd recommend the following products:    Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 is a BB Cream that's going to make your skin ... see post
Q. Best bronzer
Hi, I would like to order a bronzer powder but I don't know which one could suit me better. I have a dark skin with golden undertones. I don't want to spend more than 40$. Any ideas? Thanks.
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A. Hi Desireedomi,    I would recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit or Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer.    The ABH Contour Kit is a great option as it comes... see post