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Sephora dropping Lancome's Bienfait Teinté BB Cream?
I received a sample of Lancome's Bienfait Teinté BB Cream (in shade 1/Porcelaine) and returned to the store a week later to buy it - only to find it's not carried there anymore! I also see that it's out of stock online. Will Sephora restock this item or are they phasing it out?
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Hi pocketvenus,   No worries, this doesn't appear to be discontinued! The shade you're looking for is currently in-stock on the US site too, so most likely will be r... see post
Color Match for new Sephora Matte Perfection Powder Foundation
Hello, if i use Sephora Mattifying Compact Foundation in shade 33 Walnut which shade shall i take in Matte Perfection Powder Foundation?  
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Hi Emma 33333,   It looks like your closest shade would be 26 Neutral Sand. I hope that helps!   see post
Benefit Porefessional smudging?!
Is anyone else having this issue? I apply my moisturizer and wait til its soaked in and i then apply Benefit's porefessional only on the t-zone and around my cheeks where I have more visible pores.. I use other primers for the rest of my face. My foundation goes on seamlessly but when I go in with concealer (usually Tarte Shape Tape) and I start to blend it out, my foundation starts to move around and come off!! I have waited for my foundation to dry and I still have the same problem... I always have to go in with more foundation to fix it! Does anyone else have this problem? I've tried using the Nars Creamy concealer to see if it was just the Shape tape causing the issue but the same thing happened.. I started to think maybe it was my beauty blender causing the problem but I never had this problem until I started using the Porefessional primer.
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It's possible that you may be applying too much since you're "spot applying" the Porefessional. A pea-size is typically what is recommended for the entire face, so if yo... see post
Under eye concealer/tarte shape tape opinion
Am I the only one who can't stand Tarte Shape Tape? UGH it is so drying for me, and I have purchased two tubes of it now on two different occasions because I have been so convinced by all the raving (especially from girls with dry skin) that I should love it.   Alas, I am in search of a good long-lasting, full coverage, yet hydrating concealer for the under eyes. I have tried and am not a fan of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer or Urban Decay Naked Skin. However, I am open to any other suggestions! Thanks!
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heyyyyyyy / NEWCOMER / replied
Try the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer!  Its got a beautiful texture and is full coverage, but is not matte at all! see post
BECCA shimmering skin perfector reaction?
    BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector came with a christmas skin giftset. I just used it for the first time yesterday. First, I thought it smelled terrible. Second, it didn't feel so good going on. Third, it made my skin red, splochy, and my pores huge. Clearly, I had some reaction to it. I do have sensitive skin, but not overly terribly so. Anyone else have the same problem?  What in the product might be causing the reaction?     
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Hi, strawbearlyjamms!    While it's not out of the ordinary to have reactions to new products, it appears that perhaps the tube of primer you tried may have spoiled du... see post
Ben Nye Super White?
I'm pale and want a powder to help highlight. I have been thinking about Ben Nye Super White powder but am worried it might be too light. Has anyone tried it? Thanks!!
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twb21553 / NEWCOMER / replied
Hey, I'm super pale too. I just started using NARS Siberia for my foundation and got Ben Nye Superwhite banana powder the same day. At first I was scared that this was g... see post
Foundation for semi oily skin with dry spots, breaks out easily, help!
Hi, sadiedog!   While foundation formulas have come a long way, it's important to be sure you're doing all that you can prior to an application to ensure your makeup i... see post
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation
I'm thinking of buying this foundation based on a recommendation but it's pricey so I wanna get as many testimonials as I can, so for anyone who has used this foundation: have you found any problems with transferring, settling, creasing or cakey-ness?
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Hi @oliviahegger,   I love this foundation! I think I am on my 4th bottle now! It matches me so well and lasts longer than any other foundation I have used in the pa... see post
Foundations Shade Match
I have been wanting to get the Make Up Forever Matte Velvet Foundation and the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation but I don't know what shades to get. My old foundation are Smashbox Studio Skin in 0.5 and Clinique Superbalanced Silk in 01 Silk Porcelain. I have a hectic and busy life right now and I don't have time to go in store and get shade matched. Please Help!!!!
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I used the Color IQ to match from your old foundation shades and for the MUFE Matte Velvet I got No. 20 Ivory for you: see post
Foundation swatches to find shade
Hi, guys!   I live in the MIDDLE. OF. NOWHERE right now so I can't actually get to a department store, Sephora, Ulta, CVS....anything, which makes it impossible for me to find a matching foundation. I ordered a bunch of color samples from Choix to see if any match me, and of course, not a single one does. But I was wondering, if I swatched them (and some foundations I ownI) on me in natural sunlight and posted a picture, would anyone be able to help me out? Or just give opinions on what shades in any formula that I should look into?    It's a bit sad always looking like a floating head in photos. My face always looked either too dark or too pink! I think everyone understands the struggle to a point.
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Thanks for replying! I feel a bit dumb now, but I finally found out that I have olive skin which was my biggest problem.  I kept trying "yellow" foundations, but they we... see post
how to set foundation??
second question of the day   How do you set foundation? I've heard of baking and I know the LM one is good but im thinking about trying the airspun drugstore powder first   option 2: but if I don't need to bake what do I do? I was thinking about trying the NARS light reflecting pressed setting powder or do I try a colored pressed powder?   I really need advice.
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You should be able to bake and set with the same translucent loose powder.  It's about how you apply the powder.  Use a damp beauty sponge or a velour puff to press the ... see post
I need help picking a foundation :)
I plan on going into sephora and getting color iq and getting a sample (am I allowed to to get more than one sample at a time?)   A little about my skin: I have some acne. Mostly patches and everytime I use a foundation it sticks to those patches even though I do exfoliate. My skin does get a little red. I have combination skin... but I do tend to get a little oily throughout the day   What im looking for: Maybe something matte but also looks fresh and dewy. Something that wont look cakey, esp around my nose creases which i've always had problems with. Also something that will cover up pimples without making them look cakey. Im also looking for something to wear this summer so not something heavy and gross.   If someone could list some down below that would be great!    
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Hi @Tayonce,   If you're looking for a foundation that's lightweight, but has great coverage, I suggest trying Clinique's Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. T... see post
Makeup to Cover Heart Surgery Scars
I've been reading reviews on Kat Von D's foundation & to me it seems that it would cover my 8 inch heart surgery. If it has the full coverage to cover serious acne scars then it should cover the scar on my chest. I have pale skin.     Does anyone else think so?
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Just a heads up, if you are going to give Dermablend a try, the Leg & Body cover is currently 40% off in store and Ulta. Just an FYI in case you want to give it a try, w... see post
Setting spray for creasing?
Hi, I'm sort of new to this makeup thing. But I have found myself in complete love with It Cosmetics' Bye Bye Pores collection. I am looking for a setting spray that would hydrate my dry skin that occasionally peels under my foundation and settles into my fine lines. Without foundation my fine lines are virtually invisible. I am thinking about Ibuki's Quick Fix Mist or Glamglow's Glowsetter. However, I am open to other options. I just want one that would help my face to not look like a dehydrated leather purse... Please Help!
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Powder Foundation for 2y11
I need help finding a good powder foundation that does not look to pink or off color to my skin. I have used ColorIQ and I was 2y11 and 2y10 with yellow and gold undertones (clearly) Thanks!
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Here are two pressed powder foundations I recommend for you based on your Color IQ # 2Y11:   Sephora Collection Matte Perfection Powder Foundation in 54 Warm Amber ... see post
bobbi brown comparable foundations?
hello, was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for a liquid foundation that was similar to bobbi browns skin finish, but more matte? preferably with very pale shades, I'm warm ivory in bb color. 
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what foundations compare to bobbi brown skin finish?
i love the texture and its the one foundation that I've had a good shade match with (warm ivory) but i get so SHINY. i set with powder and UD all nighter... i want something similar but maybe matte? matte ish? i really like that its a natural foundation, looks a lot like skin imo.
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Foundation Issues
I have combination to oily skin and buy my foundation accordingly. I have a foundation that I thought I really liked only I've been finding that at the end of the day while my foundation looks really good from a distance, it looks cakey and broken up close up. I'm confident that my primer, powder, and setting spray aren't the problem. Am I applying too much or is the formula just all wrong?
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@oliviahegger  I would definitely say that relative to the UD foundation and price it's worth it.  However, $47 is pretty pricey.  I would say "yes," but I would also st... see post
10 Tips to Reverse Highlight and Contouring
It seems that the trend of contouring and highlighting have found a permanent place in people’s hearts. With the right moves, you can make your face into different looks. Hence, the believe that contouring is here to stay. Unlike the contouring of those old times, one can achieve a much more natural look now. Let us quickly consider some tips for reverse highlight and contouring. 1. Matte Contour only: Why we do contouring is so that a viewer’s eye is deceived by the look of the re-shaped face. By all means, avoid using products that shimmer because, already, you have the dark colors to recede and the light colors to highlight. 2. Avoid going excessively dark: Generally, to be able to use much of dark colours, you need to be very confident in the art. If you are not yet much of a pro, then use only a single shade or two that are darker than your skin tone. 3. Be careful about your shade: To achieve a natural contour look, make use of a product within your regular colour range. For instance, a warm tone shouldn’t go outside of products of the same tone because it will rid your contour of the expected natural look.   4. Blending with powder or cream: The idea here is to stick to what you are good at. There is no hard and fast rule about the use of a bronzer or any cream contouring products for that matter. So, if blending powder is an advantage you have, then go all out for it. Do not feel restricted because a majority of the people use cream contouring. 5. Picking the features to contour: Most of the time, contouring the whole face may be of no need. We must know why and what we want to contour. The highlights and contour are to be lightly applied to select areas. 6. Applying where shadows naturally abide: contour should be applied to places with shadows. For example, the temple of the forehead, the nose’s downside, underneath the cheekbone and the jawline are areas on the face that have shadows naturally, and they are the exact areas that need contouring. 7. Reversing the order: While the regular application is to apply the foundation first before the contour shade. Reversing the order of application gives a more natural outcome. So, applying the contour before the foundation is not a “no-no,” it is, in fact, a recommended technique. 8. Smile: To find the cheekbone, all you need do is just to smile to find the cheekbone and apply contour shade right beneath the cheekbone. Using the fish face approach often results in erroneously applying the contour too low on the face. 9. Where and how to apply your highlights: We all know that there must be a highlight for every contour right? The highlights balance out contouring. So, we should apply highlights on the high areas on the face, the areas where light hits on the face; for instance, the top of cheekbones, nose bridge, under the lower lip, top of the brows and middle of the chin. 10. Blend out smooth: For a perfect highlighting and contouring, there need be a lot of blending to ensure that no streak or lines are left on the face. This can be done by using a sponge or a brush. For a more beautiful result, blend in circularly motion.  
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Proven ways to cover dark circles under the eyes
Having dark circles under the eyes may be as a result of sleep deprivation, seasonal allergies or even an over indulgence in some activities the night before and it can happen to just any of us.  This article will discuss how we can conceal these dark circles under the eye to brighten the eyes and not necessarily making them go away. It is true that a well-done makeup will camouflage dark sides, but we must know that the use of a more long term approach like an eye cream should be considered. Another way to cover dark circles is calling Color theory into play by making peaches or pinks to counteract the gray, blue and brown tones in under-eye circles. This is according to  Sotomayor, a beauty expert. Most people can get dark circles covered up just fine with the use of a regular concealer on the said undertones to neutralize and brighten the dark circles. If all that didn’t work, then priming with a color corrector before layering concealer on it will do just fine. To prime; pink is good on fair skin and peach on medium to dark tones.   Apart from picking a concealer with a pink or peach undertone, Scali said that the right formula should go on smoothly and without looking cakey but it should dry down much so that it doesn’t  crease too much. To get this perfect outcome, apply your concealer after your eye makeup but before making up your lips, cheeks, and brows.This will allow the concealer an adequate time to set, and should you notice little crease right after its application; you have ample opportunity to smooth blend it as well as add needed quantity of powder if required.   Concealer application depends on the type of coverage. To apply for medium coverage, it is suggested that one taps it at the inner and outer corners of the eyes, then smoothen with a tidy and fluffy eye shadow brush. For an application for full coverage, a finger or a concealer brush should be used to tap a corrector into the inner corners of the eyes or whichever spot the color is darkest, and then with a brush, pat neutral concealer one shade lighter compared to the skin tone under the entire eye area. The major key here is to avoid rubbing it as rubbing it may wipe the product to the side while leaving problem area uncovered. Dust the area with translucent setting powder afterward to ensure that the concealer sits where you want it. Also, it is important to avoid the use of mineral powder for the best finish.      
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contour products
I have the Sephora contouring 101 face palette, but I have seen that a lot of brands now have cream contouring palettes. I have been interested in getting one, but I'm unsure if I need one or what the pros and cons are to them.
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You should also take into account your skin type. If you have combination to oily skin then a cream contour might not be the best choice, it tends to slide off or break ... see post
Hey there! I was just wondering what the best/cheapest powder foundation is. Thanks!
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Hi, redlipstick123!   The term "best" is quite subjective and with everyone's tastes being different, what one person may find it to be "best for them", may not necess... see post
best concealer??
i currently looking for a full coverage concealer. right now i use make up forever concealer which it does work but it doesn't seem to really cover my acne or dark spots. when i apply it my red spots are still really visible no matter how much i use. any suggestions? thank you
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I agree with vote for Kat von D concealer. It lasts all day, covers well and doesn't cake on me.  I however am using the old old school tube version which I still have i... see post
Foundation Question
I have a friend that has been using Bare Minerals for quite some time and her skin looks amazing! It also only takes her 5 minutes to apply her entire face.  I hate having to take so much longer to apply my liquid foundation then having to set it.  I am wanting a powder foundation, that will give me a natural finish and medium coverage. I have combo skin that gets worse in the summer. Looking for any recommendations. Price isn't an issue just wanting something that works. Also not needing it to contain sunscreen as I use a sunscreen prior to my foundation.  Thanks in advance!!
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ValBuchanan / FRESH FACE / replied
Too Faced Cocoa powder foundation to me is super good. It gives a nice medium finish and its never chalky, which is what I found from using the KVD lock it powder founda... see post
Best powder/contor brushes?
I've been looking for good brushes for powder and contour/blush and am stuck which ones to choose..!! I use KVD contour palette and Laura Mercier's translucent powder for everyday makeup routine. Any suggestions? 🤔
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Thank you!! :)  see post
Dry skin & Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation
So I have really dry skin and have been using the MUFE Face and Body foundation. Unfortunately, that one has been discontinued and replaced with the Water Blend one. I was originally going to get that but I've read reviews that it's just not as great as the Face and Body so I decided to search for a new foundation and found the Rainforest of the sea. I tried it out today and omg it was a MESS! It clung to dry patches on my skin and revealed my skin in a way I never thought it looked like!!! I am so disapponted but I really wanna keep it.   anyone got any tips for it? Like if adding a drop of oil will help? Or should I get the MUFE Water Blend/ Ultra HD foundation stick.   PLEASE HELP!!!
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Hi @pinkroselove,   Do you currently use an exfoliator? I'd definitely recommend looking into one if you aren't already. Sometimes my foundation will show my dry pat... see post
MAC Mineralize Skin finish Natural vs. Sephora MicroSmooth Powder
I've been using the MAC MSF Natural in Dark Deep for years, wanted to switch it up and try something different. Went in Sephora and asked for something similar and I was shown Sephora MicroSmooth powder in 40 Tan. When I got home the colors look WAY different next to each other. Has anyone else tried this powder as a dupe and are the same color as me in the MAC MSF? Was the Sephora powder to light?
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TheTiff2010 / RISING STAR / replied
Thanks, definitely going to try that one out! I did try it in the store and I think it looked different because of the brush they used vs the beauty blender I used.  see post
BB/CC/Tinted moisturizer most similar to Stila CC broad spectrum spf 20
I loved the Stila CC broad spectrum spf 20 cream, the one in the black tube. I used the light 02 color. Sadly it's been discontinued. I managed some time ago to buy a couple online somewhere, but I'm getting to the dregs and it's time to find a replacement product.   I liked the light coverage and slightly luminous quality of that Stila CC. My skin is combination and I find that although I would like a higher SPF product for daily wear, I find them very heavy and they tend to make me break. I'm willing to try.   Any suggestions for a BB/CC/tinted moisturizer that's most like this discontinued product?  
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Please keep this thread going--I am looking for a replacement too. I tried Stila Beauty Balm--it is a no go--too heavy and no cover. Also tried L Mercier tinted moisturi... see post
Bronzer recommendations
Hey guys! I'm looking for a bronzer (medium shade skin tone) to use mainly on my neck so that when i wear foundation my neck is not too pale. Something non-glittery/shiny. Any ideas?
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Hi @Kaylz1996,   If you're looking for a bronzer without any sparkles, I suggest checking out the Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer. This matte bronzer w... see post