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Need some help on picking a concealer shade.
I'd like to try Cover FX Creme Concealer, but I don't have time to swing into the store. Currently I'm using Cover FX Mineral Pressed Powder in shade N30. I'm leaning toward shade N Medium in the concealer. Seeking advice...thoughts, tips....should I go lighter with the concealer?
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So who else is waiting on holiday sets already?
Wondering what new palettes Kat Von D will have, as well as what's to come from Tarte and UD!!! Who else is with me and what are you excited for? Can we expect these the end of this month?
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Thank you(: see post
Similar foundation to Kat Von D in terms of formula
 it works, but with summer ending and my summer "tan" (if you can call it that) fading, I don't know what to do. I know I won't be able to find a match in her foundation line with my lighter complexion but the formula is perfect for my skin. It sits matte and lets my natural oil give me a slightly dewy- NATURAL LOOKING skin glow. I love the coverage and how it smooths out all my weirdly shaped pores, and it works with my Smashbox primer. My only gripe which I was able to look past is sometimes it smells like doritos and you have to work fast with it.  Current color IQ is #3Y03 In other words, I'm looking for a full (I mean I don't want to see my actual face full) coverage foundation that works best with combo-oily skin that is similar in texture and formula to Kat Von D's. (Preferably with packaging that allows you to get all of the product...) 
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BEAUTY WHIZ harrypotterfan6 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
The tarte amazonian clay foundation is similar in texture & formula to's very thick and mousse-like in texture. see post
Hello ! Anyone would recommand an illuminizer for oily skin?   Thank you
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I will also second the Hourglass powders! I am going to order a Becca highlighter soon, so hopefully I love it!     Also, the light colors in the Anastasia highlig... see post
foundation for freckles?
Does any one know the best liquid or cream foundation for people who have freckles? I want to look natural, and last a long time?
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ShannonAlexis / NEWCOMER / replied
Hello! I am very pale (0.5 UD naked foundation) with freckles. I really love the Naked foundation because it feels light and covers any redness or greyness (my skin is w... see post
mineral powder brush vs powder brush?
Is there a difference between a "regular" powder brush and a mineral powder brush? My Real Technique Powder brush is really scratchy so I am looking for a new one. Will a mineral powder brush pick up non-mineral powders? AND will a non-mineral powder brush pick up mineral powders? 
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When was the last time you conditioned the brush after it was washed? see post
moisturizer so makeup don't get dark
Hi all =)  I tried finding previous topic on this but unable to so any link to previous post or if you have answer will be greatly appreciated ^__^     My face is really dry right now so I started to wear moisturizer and/or oil under my primer.  I tried several combination with different result: -  moisturizer (caudalie lip and eye and ole henriksen truth creme/ origin day ginzing), smahbox primer, bb cream, then smashbox powder.  I find using thosse moisturizer makes my face darker than it was before, resulting in my neck being much lighter than my face (so no good =I) - tarte oil, smahbox primer, bb cream, then smashbox powder.  Using this, my face so much streak it's not even funny.Applying powder makes it better but I spend so much time trying to get my bb cream to blend from the ugly streaks =(     With winter coming, I know there will be time to use moisturizer under makeup.  Do you guys have any recommendation for moisturizer that won't change the color of my makeup?  I'm pretty happy with my makeup routine right now but any recommendation for anything that should be change would be appreciated.    Thanks =)
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Nice! I think I will try that and see if it still oxidize.  Thanks! see post
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Color Question
Ok. So I discussed the diff. w/ a cpl of BT'ers about this Pressed Skin Perfector vs. the liquid. I have went back and forth and decided on this formula. However, with the suggestions in the last Post I am unsure of the correct color. I would think that either Opal or Moonstone would be perfect for me. I just don't know which one I should go with. I have never seen these in person ( & can't just run over to my Sephora & try it out, way too far). I have light to med. Skin w/ neutral undertones. I would like to be able to use this easily and however I would like. What do you suggest for me to seal the deal? Thanks in advance
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I just looked this up and am really intrigued by it.  see post
Skin Tone from Color IQ
I've been trying to find out what my skin tone is. I've been told by different people that I'm combination, golden, warm, and even Olive. I did the color iq today and I got 3Y08. Can this # tell me what my skin tone is?
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MKVic, the Y in your code would indicate you are in the yellow-neutral category. This would be more obvious to tell which way you lean if you could compare your own skin... see post
hey guys i m really into maakeuppppp i love makeup from sephora.... i m using Kaat van d foundation which is really good i want to try HD forever makeup can someone tell me if it is a good foundation or no? also i want to get microdermabression done is it good fr skin or no?
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Which would you choose?
If you only had money enough to buy one, which would you choose between the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette & the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette?
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Blush see post
1920s look
I am going to a Bat Mitzvah with a Great Gatsby Theme tomorrow.  I went to a vintage shop and bought some open toed sandal type heels, a black maxi dress and even some jewelry (yes, I am going to wear jewelry).  It is silver toned (the gold looked too gaudy) with pearls, of course.   Any ideas on hair and makeup?  I am definitely going to do red polish and lipstick (have not picked the actual lipstick yet but am thinking it should be matte, right)?       I even stopped by Inglot tonight to play and got some eyelash glue (she suggested black over clear) for the false lashes I received in the Glitz and Glam kit.  I've never worn falsies before, so I would appreciate any tips on application or removal please.  
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Thank you.  Until I get around to trying more of my lippies, I can say this is the best red I own.  Neither picture actually does it justice either.  Some other time, I ... see post
Mixing two primers together?
HIHI! As some of you know, I jumped on the Estee Lauder Band Wangon and tried the double wear. But I am having issues with my primer. I like using a green primer (MUFE) to counteract my redness and CoverFX mattifying primer to keep me matte. Does mixing two primers work less effectively? AND would it be too heavy?
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HALL OF FAMER weeeeweeeeeee / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I think I will just mix the two together. I dont have enough time in the morning to use them separately.. I will report back tomorrow to see how it holds up. Its going t... see post
Q. Looking for a New Full-Coverage, Super Pale, No-Transfer Foundation
First and foremost, let me give you what I'm looking for: I need a no-transfer, full-coverage, super pale foundation, both liquid and powder. Read on if you want to know about my skin type and a little about my routine and beauty history, so to speak.   Let me give an explanation and a little history so maybe someone can identify what I'm looking for here.   I have been on a never-ending search for the right foundation for my skin type for years. My skin is only mildly oily. I have mild freckles but mostly my skin is uneven, so that is why I like to use full-coverage foundation; to even out my skin tone. I am INCREDIBLY pale, like ghost-white, and I cannot stress this enough because it seems like every shade I have ever tried has been too dark, even every brand's so-called "palest" shade. I have seen some websites recommend buying an actual "white" base and combining a sparse amount of it with a light shade, but that seems messy and like a bit of a hassle to do every morning for my beauty routine.   I prefer if a foundation is transfer-resistant, so that it doesn't rub off just from itching your face or something. But I like to use a liquid foundation first and then a powder foundation to help set it, so if that helps then I'm willing to use a liquid foundation that isn't totally transfer-proof. I like to feel nice and airy, like I just rubbed lotion on my face and have it dry into my skin. I have had foundations like this before, so I know they are out there. Just haven't found light-enough shades. Also don't remember the brands which is my own dumb fault.   Back in 2012 I got married, and my friend did my makeup for me on the wedding day. She told me she used Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation first in 115, and then the Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder in 115. They're both Pink Ivory shades which I thought was weird, since my undertones aren't super pink. I'm a mix between pink and olive, I guess. Not so much orange or yellow, though, so I really struggle with store-brand stuff making me look like an oompa-loompa. Anyway, my makeup was FLAWLESS that day. Just as pale as I needed. I don't remember what she used to apply it though. However, has Makeup Forever changed their formula since then? I have since bought the same products and I can't seem to get the same paleness and it also doesn't seem to last as long, using the same techniques and routines as my friend did.   I'm also unsure of how the shades work. Is 110 typically a lighter shade than 115? I recently bought the Makeup Forever liquid and powder foundations I mentioned in the previous paragraph in 110, as in the pictures they looked to be paler, but when I put them on, I was literally ORANGE. I looked horrible. Super dark. So now I'm afraid to try the 115 again in case the formula has been changed and it's darker than it was before. Also, it proved to not be transfer-resistant, so I am looking for a new foundation anyway.   This is my routine:   I usually do my eyes first, as my hands are shaky and I tend to mess up my eyeliner a lot, so I prefer not to have to mess up my foundation and everything else.   First I apply an eyeshadow primer. I use Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow Primer (Sally's). It works ok, it's very smooth and works best with more expensive brands. Wears allllll day. Up until recently I would then apply a shade from the Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay (I ran out of my favorite shade, Bootycall) all over my eyelid and partially onto my browbone. I prefer a natural look normally. Last few days I've been using either YDK or Suspect with Foxy glossed over it.   Then comes eyeliner. I've been religiously doing the cat-eye look since I was 16. Shapes my face well. I've been using a liquid liner the past few years, previously a gel liner, but that was very transferable, so that's when I switched to liquid. I used Wet'n'Wild liquid liner in black, but for some reason, after many many years of using it, I started having an allergic reaction to it, so sadly I had to stop using it. It NEVER came off or transferred onto my eyelid. I'm very sad I had to stop using it. For being a drugstore brand, it rocked. Lately I've been using L'Oreal's Telescopic. I don't really like it but I've been too lazy and cheap to go find another one.   Eyes are done (for now). Now I'll apply foundation. I really have not been consistent with foundation at ALL lately, so I'm not even going to mention that. I have been using the pink Beauty Blender from Sephora, lightly wet, but I've been questioning if that is part of why my foundation has been transferring. Is that possible?   Currently in between blush as well.   Up until a few months ago, I was using a product from MAC, Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. It made my skin "glow", in a way. I loved it. I applied to to my brow, nose, under my eyes, and along my jaw. With a blush brush.   After the face is done, depending on what mood I'm in, I'll either spray it with Skindinavia finishing spray or not. THEN I'll apply mascara. I really like L'Oreal's Miss Manga mascara in black, but I need to buy some more.   I know it's a bit of info to process, but I figure this could help narrow the results. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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A. you sound like your skin is very similar to mine: paleness factor, somewhat oily, neutral (ie: olive) undertone. MUFE does not match my undertone either. so i'm going to... see post
Q. Beauty Blender
Any ideas on storing your beauty blender in cosmetics bag. I tried leaving it in the plastic container it comes in since it has a small hole for it to breath but it is bulky. Tried a small zip lock but that just screams JERMS/BACTERIA. Anyone have any other ideas?
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A. I would suggest a mesh bag or a net bag, anything that is really breathable. I made the mistake of storing my beauty blender in a closed jar on my vanity and it started ... see post
Face Powder
I am looking for a fuller coverage  face powder to wear over a liquid foundation. I have tons of freckles, I am a nurse so work long hours so it also needs to be long wearing. I love the coverage of liquid and powder together. The problem is that recently my go to powder was discontinued. It was a drugstore brand. I have tried Clinique and it gives me a cakey look. I am not adverse to wearing only a liquid foundation but I don't want it to settle in my lines and again I want a full coverage. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi redhead43050!   My favorite powder is Becca's Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation. I will set my liquid foundation with this and sometimes I will wear it on it... see post
Primer for Oily/Acne Prone skin
I would love face primer recommendations! I have tried Makeup Forever's primer, which did nothing, Smashbox original (which broke me out like crazy!) and the Laura Mercier, which is ok, but did little to nothing for the long wear help of my face makeup.      I don't know a lot about ingredients in primers, but I am pretty sure that the silicones in the Smashbox was the ingredient that broke me out.    I use a smashbox pressed powder and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation!
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Hi, LillyJumper!   Check out the responses in the below thread for primer suggestions in varying formulations: see post
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Hi Ladies and Gents,   So I have heard all of the hype surrounding the new formulation of the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and now I'm intrigued.  My question is how does it compare to the old formula?  I have tried the old formula and I HATED it.  It was extremely drying on my oily skin and the closest color match was entirely too red.  What's your opinion on the new versus the old formula?    
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HALL OF FAMER beauty4ashes / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
@ AllysJoy  Forgot to ask---what other foundations have you worn? What shade ranges? Cool/Warm/Neutral?    Ummm...are you here? I hope you're following this thread! ... see post
Tell me about your favorite dewy finish foundation?
Winter is almost here and I definitely need to switch to a foundation with a dewier finish.  Last winter I used Japonesque Luminous and it was fine...not as dewy as I would have liked.     So, do you have a fave?  Tell me about it!  It doesn't matter if it can't be found at Sephora and cost is not a big concern.     I need to get to a Dior counter to get a sample of Star. But I've read that it may be more matte than I'd like. 
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BEAUTY PRO ballerinagrl / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
When I want dewy, I mostly use Armani Silk, or I go with Estee Lauder's Double Wear Glow All Day BB Cream (which has actually really good coverage). see post
What's your favorite concealer for someone with combo/oily skin and wants full coverage?
Do you want for under eye or to use on spots?   IT cosmetics bye bye under eye can be used where needed, it's thick, stays put, and only a little bit is needed.   Se... see post
beauty blender and KVD foundation
Does anyone have any tips for applying the KVD foundation? I finally broke down and bought a beauty blender. When I did the bouncing or stippling it seemed to just cause the foundation to cake. I love this foundation but I swear it is so moody sometimes when applying. Any tips?
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Mixing it with primer or face lotion sheers it out and helps to blend it out. Or you could use Mac's fix plus to spray on your brush and than apply it. I find that, it w... see post
Blush: Enabler/Color help!
I am looking at getting the Becca pressed highlighter in Opal (since I am very pale), and am also looking at getting a new blush.   What are all of your favorite brands/blushes?   I am Estee Lauder DW 1n1, have medium brown hair and blue eyes so if any of you can give any color suggestions for me, that would be very helpful as well!     thank you all in advanced!   -amanda
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I do want to try out a few of their products, so will totally check that out! see post
Color matching help for Kat von D foundation
I'm trying to color match myself to purchase Kat Von D's Lock it foundation online. Unfortunately going in-store isn't an option for me as the nearest Sephora is several hours away. I wear an NW13 in MAC and a 1.0 in Urban Decay's Naked foundation. Any advice?
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HALL OF FAMER beauty4ashes / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
MAC I can wear NC15 or NW15 depending on the concealer or foundation winter vs. summer. Winter I wear KVD 46 Light(Ivory-Cool undertones) & this summer I wore KVD 48 Li... see post
Looking for a colour similar to MAC NC45 but with a yellow undertone by Makeup forever
I haven't used any other foundation/concealer other than NC45 by MAC and their foundation that comes in numbers (No7). It's always been a little bit too dark for me and I literally have to blend it into my chest and all sorts! I was looking at Makeup Forever foundation in the colour 170 Caramel because I have more of a yellow undertone, and was wondering if anyone would you recommend this colour for me? I'm also buying from the UK so really don't want to have to send it back.  Thank you!
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Agreed; 173 in HD will have you singing hallelujah. You will be upset with yourself for tolerating MAC's orangeness for so long. see post
Which shade am I in the Yves Saint Laurent LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT foundation? IM NC42 MAC
I'm NC45 and use B70; you probably need the shade right under that one.  see post
Sunday Riley Tinted Primer
I have been using Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Hydrating for years and would like to try the Sunday Riley Tinted Primer. How does this compare to Laura Mercier.
see post
IT GIRL boobooooo / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
Hi, I absolutely love the Sunday Riley Tinted Primer! I use it in the light color. In fact, I have two more bottles stocked up!   I love this product because it works ... see post
Laura Mercier Tibted moisturizer
I am mixed race....White/black. What Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer would be best for me? My complexion is lightly tanned. I have never worn tinted moisturizer before 
see post
Hi, Tasha!   Unfortunately, without seeing you in person or having a photo taken in good lighting to reference, trying to recommend a shade going off descriptors may n... see post
Q. concealer only
Okay so today is a great makeup day!!!!!!!!!! I am literally so happy I can dance. I can only share this with fellow makeup-holics so bare with me.   So I have dry skin and old old blemish scars that have sat on my skin for YEARS despite daily clinique dark spot corrector and spf and aveeno for uneven skin tone. Since I don't usually break out- I would assume having my face look "flawless" in foundation would be a snap. I tried MAC studiofix (foundation and powder in one) - it may have been the right color but within a week I had horrible acne. I stopped using it but the side effects stayed and it took me from dec-now march to FINALLY get rid of the break outs. Note to self- when trying to keep your face clear-less is more. wash it, moisturize it, limit the spot treatments bc it just aggravates skin.   Anyways, I can NEVER seem to get a makeup artist to get me the right foundation color or concealer color. If you look at my earlier threads started it's the bane of my existence! The foundation ALWAYS is way too light or way too dark and the mua just keeps encouraging me and i buy it hesitantly because i assume maybe i am crazy. The concealer is the same problem and I walk around with it looking gray. You would think it wouldn't be that hard to match me to a right color.   Today I went to MAC again and made sure to talk to the manager. Luckily she knew what she was talking about and after subtle comments about "no too light, no too dark" she got it right. PHEW.   Anyways I am so excited because after seeing her I walked around all day doing errands and felt pretty for the first time in my life. My skin looked moisturized and dewy, AND THE RIGHT COLOR, and clean and polished. HALLELUJAH!!   Guess what- she didn't even put foundation or powder on me! She just used a liquid concealer in nc45, dabbed it on my blemishes and that's it! I was shocked because it gave me the exact look I wanted and because I hate wearing a lot of makeup it was PERFECT. I kept telling her to put on foundation because that's what others do but she said it wasn't necessary. I literally had smooth, clear, polished skin. I thought I had uneven skin tone but luckily its in my cheeks which is already covered in concealer bc of the blemishes. I feel like a dummy realizing this so late but it's true- if you cover up all your marks and scars,  your face should look great technically. All these years I would look enviously at other girls who looked all glamorized and put together in my opinion just because their face makeup was the RIGHT COLOR.   She suggested that I swipe on the concealer on my nose and forehead if i ever want to look completely 110% even though it's fine still. I already own a tinted moisturizer and she agreed I can just start using that on top if the need arises. So  yey!!!   I am thrilled beyond words. I got the right color and I feel like I am in this secret society of women that have makeup on and really do cover up their spots and scars. yey!!   My only issue is that the bottle was super tiny 5 ml for $23 canadian. I feel like the bottle will be used up in a month on me but so what.   It is now midnight and I had her put this on at 5 pm- it still looks PERFECTO.  Sorry if I sound egotistical or dramatic it's just the mismatched makeup has always made me think that my skin was a disaster and I should consider chemical peels and things like that. I feel confident for once in my life.   Note to users- if you find a great makeup artist in a store, get their name and try to go there when they are working- why not stick to someone you trust right     okay so my post wasn't supposed to go as a question but I have no clue how to post otherwise. But since this is a question thread.. can someone tell me if it's okay to just wear concealer?! I feel like it's healthier for my skin because it's only one layer or am I wrong?  
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BEAUTY PRO ballerinagrl / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / answered
A. Congratulations on Finally Finding a Good SA! They can seem like a rare species at times. And I am SO happy you had a feel-great-about-my-skin day - they can feel rare a... see post
What is the best full coverage foundation?
Skin Type: Oily.  Color: Usually around Ivory, im pretty white. I have been through many foundations, Recently i bought Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + matifying in Ivory and i hate it. I feel like after two hours it makes me look oily. It is just unattractive. It goes on flawlessly though, which is what i am looking for. I need a full coverage foundation for Oily skin. I do have acne and freckles, so it needs to be able to cover that up.  I have been thinking about the YSL foundation, their new one, but it is so expensive. For primer i use my Hourglass Primer which is amazing!  Any suggestions!?
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BEAUTY PRO ballerinagrl / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Hi, Emily, I agree with lachaton with regard to over-hauling your skincare before switching your foundation.   There are so many reasons our skin produces too much oil... see post