theBalm Meet Matt(e) palettes

Does anyone know if Sephora will carry theBalm's Meet Matt(e) palettes? I noticed that they only sell a few of theBalm's products on their website right now. Would be great to get my hands on the palettes though.

Re: theBalm Meet Matt(e) palettes

I think that Sephora is phasing out TheBalm, just like they did with CARGO and Tarina Tarantino. My local free standing Sephora pulled out the line over a year ago, and there are very few products left for sale on Sephora hasnt carried any of the new stuff that they have put out (primer, palettes, skincare).


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Re: theBalm Meet Matt(e) palettes

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Hi Beefy-


I checked our inventory and we do not have the matte palettes in our recent inventory. I suggest to keep checking for updates or check with your local Sephora Store to see what items are availableSmiley Happy

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