best eye shadow for blue eyes?

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Re: best eye shadow for blue eyes?

I would opt for a palette of neutral colors in the daytime like urban decay's naked basics palette.swfupload_792070324818798896.jpg

Shimmery golden browns enhance blue in the evenings like stila's in the light palette or urban decay's naked 2


swfupload_2647210725435752936.jpgPalettes give you the most versatility for your buck if you're looking for different shades and looks (daytime/evening)

Re: best eye shadow for blue eyes?

Well said, Spyski!! Smiley Very Happy Great suggestions!


Just wanted to toss in too, the Naked 1 has a wamer palette with golds/bronzes while the Naked 2 is a cooler, so for Dolphindoc, decide if you want the warmer golds to contrast with the blue to make them stand out (Naked 1) or you want something to compliment them and maybe be more like a subtle enhancement (Naked 2). Both can work!

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