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Just wanted to let all you Viseart addicts know that ALL of the palettes (including the newest ones — Cool Mattes, Dark Mattes and Editorial Brights) are available online at Musebeauty (google it).   Happy shopping! I ordered Dark Mattes yesterday!
Everyday a couple hours after I do my makeup, I have these weird black smudges under my eyes (around lower lashline) lately. I have no idea how to get rid of those smudges. I always use one one eyeliner pencil and it was never happended before. Can you please give me a suggestion?
As some of you may know, a new Diorshow formula will be available soon; it will be sold to VIB and VIB Rouge before it is available to everyone.   http://www.sephora.com/diorshow-mascara-P396240?sk uId=1689744   I was lucky enough to be gifted a tube of this new mascara, courtesy of Dior partnering with Sephora.  I'm sure I was chosen for this particular gift due to my numerous posts declaring this product as my HG mascara.  I was asked to post on BT and write a review after trying it; so, I am here to share my thoughts with you all.   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Here is the new box.  It arrived rather smashed up but the product itself was perfectly fine.   Spoiler (Highlight to read)   The top picture shows a comparison between wearing Diorshow's new formula (over Diorshow primer) on the left and my natural eyelashes without any product on the right.  The bottom picture shows Diorshow primer and the Diorshow new formula mascara on both lashes.     My thoughts:  As a big fan of the prior formula, I was very interested to see what changes Dior made.  In my opinion, this new formula mascara seems to be a little creamier and shinier than the old formula. It was very easy to apply and it did not clump at all.  I didn't even need to run an eyelash comb through it, which is always a plus.  I found it to be still as dramatic as ever and the staying power also continues to be excellent. Again, Diorshow is a winner and I am happy to say it will remain my HG mascara.    
I've been on the hunt for colorful  pencil  eyeliners. Specifically colors that are bright, light blue, teals, and turquoises. If they are shimmery eyeliners than those would be even better. I know there are a lot of liquid liners in these colors, but I prefer pencil liners, so what brands would you reccomend?
Is anyone looking at getting this one?
It seems like my YT home page has been inundated with reviews of these $5 Colourpop Super Shock cream eye shadows. They actually look quite lovely, but when I see everyone and their mother doing a review for something they were sent on YT, I tend to take those reviews with a heaping grain of salt. Has anyone actually tried these? The price is appealing at least.
I have hooded eyelids, so any time I put any shadow on my lid it transfers as soon as I blink. By the end of the say my eye shadow looks like one big mess!!! which doesnt help my oily lids one bit. I feel like i have used every primer ever, which does help with the oiliness but not the transfering.     Are they are any tip, tricks, or products that help anyone else?
UPDATE: I had an allergic reaction when I applied this product to my eye area.  Luckily, I tested it on just one of my eyelids so only one is irratated and burning instead of both. I will be the first to admit that I do have sensitive skin but eye makeup has never aggravated me before, only lipsticks and skincare items.  I am shocked right now, very uncomfortable, and very unhappy.   I am returning this item.  I hope the rest of you do not have the skin reaction that I did!     Original post: As some of you may already be aware, Buxom has an awesome new product that allows you to easily create your own palette with any six colors as of your choosing.    I thought we could all share our custom palettes & swatches!     Swatches in the spoiler! Spoiler (Highlight to read) I found these to be more on the sheer side.  I used several brush stokes of each eye shadow to build up the color in my swatches.
Urban Decay is coming out with a Smokey Palette slated to hit the market July 8th. Unlike the other palettes this one will have a range of colors to create every smokey eye you want. so are you going to buy or no?     Sorry I didn't see that this was posted in acne. Is that the default catergory??
I feel like now there are so many different mascaras that sometimes/most of the time I just don't wear one. Right now my combination to get them looking extra sassy is: Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum Benefit They're Real Mascara Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara   This combo makes my lashes look like falsies!!   Share your favorite mascara/mascara combos!! I'd like to try some out
I've currently been using Nars Concealer but I've noticed covers my dark circles somewhat (it comes off a bit translucent and I have to build up on the product) but tends to settle into creases or just fade off within an hour or two of wearing. Is it something that I'm doing wrong or should I try a new concealer instead (if so, nothing too expensive)?
They just restocked all the colors. Are they as awesome as the hype? I'm eyeing sultry muse and Paris nudes.
First me say that the colors are sooooo beautiful and bright. But it's one of those palettes that can easily make you look like you work kids' parties... know whadamean?   I'm wearing it today at work, and I ended up using the purples and blues and blending them out really well. But I'm curious what has worked for you when you have really bright eyeshadow colors you want to use.   I've looked at the YouTube videos for this palette, and they are wearing way too much eyeshadow for my taste. Any tips? I'd really love to be able to jazz up a look but still keep it non-kids party.   Thanks, lovelies!
I have used Smashbox Limitless15 hr cream eye shadow in the color quartz and love it. I guess they don't make it anymore, so I am looking for a similar product and color.  Any suggestions?
So being a die hard UD junkie I instantly wanted the new naked smokey pallette and then I read temptalia's review. So now I'm jonesing for a new eye pallette and don't know if I should maybe try out the new Buxom eye shadow bar. My local Sephora claims they have no idea when they will get in the UD to swatch and by then it may sell out and be a while before it gets back in stock. I know that the Buxom will be cheaper by $14 or so, but I've not seen any reviews of the Buxom - any opinions and/or if you're in a similar frame of mind your input would be appreciated!
I was just looking through the palettes to see if there were any new ones and I stumbled across these. I fell in love with these instantly. I hope that they'll come into stores soon since I checked the website for stock locally and it said they aren't yet available anywhere nearby.   They both look gorgeous and both are summery in their own way.   http://www.sephora.com/colorful-eyeshadow-photo-fi lter-palette-P398082?skuId=1669969  
I used to be a Benefit Yes They're Real girl hardcore. But as I try out more mascaras, I realize that I use specific ones for different occasions. I still use Benefit, but it's probably about 3 or 4 on my list of faves now.   My top mascara is Two Faced Better Than Sex. The formula is so great, and the wand is amazing! This is my work mascara, but I can also vamp it up for evenings.   My other mascara that I love is my Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara. I have to thank a Sephora castmate for recommending this mascara to me like 2 years ago. I love how it looks!   So yeah, I use 3 different mascaras, which is crazy. What do you all use and why?   http://www.sephora.com/sumptuous-extreme-lash-mult iplying-volume-mascara-P379945?keyword=EST%C3%A9E% ...   http://www.sephora.com/better-than-sex-mascara-P38 1000?keyword=TOO%20FACED%20Better%20Than%20Sex%20M ...   http://www.sephora.com/they-re-real-mascara-P28930 7?skuId=1343938  
Hi, lovelies! I'm going to Europe for three weeks and I have no clue on what eye makeup I should pack and how I should pack it. I have these palettes: Urban Decay: Naked Basics, Naked 1 and Naked 2 Electric Vice 3 Vice LTD Pulp Fiction Glinda Smoked   Too Faced: Natural Eyes Chocolate Bar   I also have a Z palette with some Urban Decay singles.  
I currently use the Clinique Stay-Matte Oil Free Foundation in Vanilla (14).   I am looking at the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, and was wondering if the color Ginger, would be good to get?  Or is that too light?   I was originally going to go with Biscuit, but thought maybe it would be match too much with my foundation and won't be lighter.   Any suggestions?
Ive tried hundreds of mascara and I usually go for ink blacker than black. Sinful lash was discontinued *sadface* but then I luckily found love in better than sex mascara. However I need a brown for days that I want a softer look. I have to wear mascara no matter what as I'm naturally a red head and my lashes are invisible without it. I don't like them feeling stiff or waxy but I love volume. Any recommendations?
Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 7.58.22 PM.png
Are they worth it? Are they really different? I'm debating...heeeeelp me decide
I fell in love with the Too Faced (pillow talk) eye shadow. It is in their NAKED EYE PALETTE and it's nearly gone! I guess I used it the most.   I have been trying to find a duplicate or something similar to this and cannot find it. Anyone have any suggestions? It is a matte finish. Any suggestions are welcomed!
is anyone getting this? the only one I have from that palette is trick. thoughts?
Does anyone know if Sephora will restock their favourites "lash stash to go "? I didnt have enough time to get it lol! usually if something will restock itll give me the option to email when restocked but it doesnt. Thanks for the help!
I never really had a problem with my eye shadow creasing until a few months ago. I use eye shadow primer and it creases within a couple of hours! and by the end of the day its a complete mess!   I first thought that they were over producing oil because they needed more moisturizing. I began to use an eye cream. That made things worse.    I have tried these primers    Urban Decay Primer Potion Lorac Behind the Scenes Primer Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ocre Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base Mac Prep and Prime 24 HR Extended Eye Base Too Faced Shadow Insurance   I also have tried to stop the creasing by setting the primer with a eye shadow that is close to my skin color.    if you have any recommendations please let me know! with the summer months coming I have a feeling it will be getting worse.    
Hello BT!     Disclosure:   I was very lucky to have received a gift a little while ago from Sephora and Dior to try the new, reformulated Diorshow mascara. Here is my review below!   There was a great review from annec322 recently, too, and some others.  We had a death in the family  that took some time and prevented me from posting sooner, so I know this is bit like old news. However, the extended time before posting the review has given me a chance to use it daily and so I probably have more to say than if I'd used it just once or twice.  This was a VIBR exclusive online but now appears to be available to all for purchase.  The last time I used Diorshow, it was actually a blue, that I used primarily on the tips of my eyelashes. Anyway, on to my experience with the new Diorshow in 090 Black. Here is the package, the one I got has the traditional box (on the left) with a sleeve on the outside to show results and the new packaging, which claims (from Sephora website): "The patented Air-Lock™ wiper prevents the formula from being in contact with the air, keeping the mascara from drying in the tube, thereby allowing for fresh application day after day."       I really love the huge, full brush.  My typical favorites are traditionally mascaras like Urban Decay Perversion, Marc Jacobs Omega, etc. so a big difference I noticed right away is that the Diorshow is not as "wet" a formula as those are.  However, that doesn't diminish it's performance.  I really liked it and here are the top reasons why (because I like lists):  1. I found it to be extremely clump-free and smooth to apply, even multiple coats 2. It is lengthening and volumizing and one coat is plenty, but two gives even a bit more volume 3. The tapered tip allows you to reach the inner and outer corner lashes easily 4.  It wears all day on me (no primer was used) with absolutely no smudging or flaking whatsoever.   I often get some flaking from other formulas but just thought that was normal! 5.  It removes easily with any face washes I've tried, without any special removers, and without having to pull or tug at all.  I didn't realize how nice this was until I realized my bath towel doesn't get covered with black smudges.   I have some pics below of me with no mascara, with one coat of Diorshow and then with two coats of Diorshow.  Not too much difference is obvious in the pictures between one and two coats. Just for reference, I don't ever curl my lashes and in these pictures, wearing no lash primer. As has been mentioned before, it does have a floral scent to it, but for me, it's not a bother and I only smelled it in the tube/wand - no smell at all once on my eyes.   Please ignore my messy hair!  Looking back, I should have done something with it, though I kept my makeup minimum so you could see my lashes a little better.  I also probably should have tried a different angle because my eyes are so hooded, but I wanted to get this posted.     Anyway, thanks for reading, and thanks to Dior and Sephora for letting me try this!  Although I received this one for free, I would definitely purchase on my own in the future based on how well it performed.     No Mascara:    One Coat New Diorshow Mascara:    2 Coats New Diorshow Mascara: