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I made this thread so that those that were unable to get their hands on it can collaborate together to discuss when it will go back in stock on Ulta (if it will go back in stock) or if there are other places you are able to pick it up.    
I have monolid eyelids and my eyelashes are very short. I curl them and apply a very simple Maybelline waterproof mascara, but the curl only holds for a short amount of time. My eyelashes end up going straight down throughout the and at times the mascara transfers to my lower eyelids. Any recs on a good waterproof mascara that helps hold a curl and provides some length? I'm not really looking for anything super dramatic. Need help!
What is the best inner rim or waterline eyeliner for hazel eyes that wont flake or leave specks of eyeliner inside lower lower rim of eye? Thanks in advance!
Im deciding between two eyeshadow palettes which one should i get? Tarte - Tartelette Amizonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette or Stilla- Are The Window Shawdow Palette (Mind)?
i use eye primers but it doesn't prevent from creasing, what can i do?
I am looking for an eye shadow palette that has all shimmery/glittery eye shadows. Any suggestions?
Hello,   I would really love to get the LORAC Mega Pro 3 but it is not available for purchase in Canada. Would a lovely American lady be willing to get it for me? Of course I pay the palette and shipping. Thank you all!
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Hey guys,   So I'm 23 years old, and I have really dark girls under my eyes from genetics and fine lines. Ive been struggling with this for so long. I have bought so many products to treat it but nothing seems to work, I am trying to find the most natural concealer and one that will cover up but not like I have much on. I am darker toned, Olive undertone. Some people cake on their make up and you cant even tell they have any one! if i didn't have such dark girls i wouldn't wear any makeup.. well as much as i feel like i have to. please help!  i am on the left my mother is the one with sunglasses on. You can see the lines under my eyes when i smile its so irritating to me that i look so much older than i am! (p.s i have tones of concealer on in this picture)
I have used the Naked SkinColor Correcting Fluid in Peach Color and I liked it. Recently I purchased a Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard and a Sephora Bright Future Color Corrector in Peach. Now the Sephora Corrector looks more yellow that Peach and I have a lot of veins under my eye. Don't want anything heavy looking but more of a natural look. Any suggestions?
I was looking at Huda Beauty's Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition, but after looking into it further, it's getting absolutely terrible reviews. Reviews have claimed it isn't pigmented at all, and that they have a very hard time getting them to apply with brushes. Which poses the question, what's another good shimmer and matte eyeshadow palette? I prefer light colors, such as pinks, versus bronzes and browns, but a mixture of the two is fine.
Hi everyone! I am looking to find an under eye setting powder (as well as an overall setting powder to set my foundation). I have fairly oily/combo skin and Im pretty fair too! I have dark under eyes and use the Tarte color corrector and then apply my NARS concealer. I accidently bought the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder instead of the translucent one and I've used this to try to set my under eye and it looks horrible! Any recommendations on an under eye setting powder as well as an overall setting powder?
Hi, all! I'm new to the Sephora community and was hoping to pick your brain on some makeup advice. I've been looking at all-matte eyeshadow palettes, and I was wondering if there are any that offer some different colors. I've seen many neutral/nude palettes, but I can't seem to find ones with a wider range of shades. I'm looking for something with good pigmentation in kind of jewel-ish tones...? Particularly one that includes darker blue(s), green(s), and purple(s), like the old Urban Decay Smoked Palette--but in matte rather than shimmer. 
 The only one I've seen that kind of fits is the Viseart Dark Matte Palette...but it's a little expensive for my first foray into mattes, when I don't know if I love them yet. Can anyone recommend something at a slightly lower price point? I'm not sure if that even exists, but I thought you all would be my best bet if it does! I'm totally open, as far lesser known brands and such. Thank you, I really appreciate your help! 
 (Here's a photo of the Smoked palette, for reference)  
Help! Recently I've noticed that my mascara is sticky... when I close my eyes, my eyes stay shut because the lashes stick!  Funny thing is, I don't even have lower lashes... they're sticking to my lower eye rim and it looks like I'm having an eye twitch when I try to open my eyes!   I live in Florida - humid, hot and sticky weather - but this is the first time I've had this mascara issue.  I've tried both Benefit Big Lash and DiorShow and DiorShow Blackout mascaras...in waterproof and nonwaterproof...  Suggestions?  Ideas? 
Hi guys!! I have recently bought both the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and the Benefit They're Real. They are both alright, although I have to say that I think I might like the Benefit one just a little better. What are your opinions on some of the different mascaras that are sold at Sephora? I am looking at buying a new mascara soon and I would like to find a very good one!!! Thanks!!
Looking for recommendations for duo chrome or ideally "holographic effect" eyeshadows.  I've been eyeing Make Up Geek ones, especially Hologram for the unusual combo of peach and green.     However, i see some of the MG ones are loose pigment, and I'd love to hear other brand and item recommendations you guys love that I should check out...     So far I have a MUFE duo chrome one (turquoise) and Urban Decay in a violet shade.  I have tried UD Moondust which I like but it sparkles not dc/holo effect really on me.     I like both the MUFE and the UD mainline non-moondust ones but find them fairly subtle -- looking for something really intense/out there esp for October costume parties (or any party!).  Helps if I foil/pack them on wet, but still not as eye catching as I'd like in normal light for going out.   Would love your recommendations!   I love creams and sticks, but also pans of powder are good.  If they come in pans I can put in my zPalette so much the better .   For the right product I guess I'd do loose powder (I also have a green MAC Pigment but it's more metallic shimmer than duo/holo), but loose powder is normally my least favorite kind of eye product (I am clumsy and they are messy for me and not convenient to grab in the AM).   I see Topshop (not known to me for awesome or quality beauty but?) has two out as well -- well three but the color I want seems sold out everywhere.  If you've tried them let me know!   I'm particularly interested in a green-gold (or flat out chartruese green), a pale blue, violet/lilac, and maybe an ochre or brown or orange type variant.
I've been using Drunk Elephant's entire line for months now, and am in L O V E. I've never found better skincare. The only one I'm less than ecstatic with is the Shaba eye serum- I haven't really noticed any difference at all, and when the price point is that high, you want results.   I was just wondering if anyone had compared DE's eye cream to others of it's caliber, like Sunday Riley's, or had suggestions for alternatives. I'm looking to avoid the usuals, parabens, sulfates, fragrance, etc.     
I want to purchase Blinc eye pencil but am worried that the black will look to harsh. I have blond hair with brownish low lights. Blue eyes.
Do you have any tutorials on the urban decay smoky palette? I am actually looking for tutorials that include women of color
Does anyone have any suggestions for bendable eyeshadow palettes?I don't like the consistency of the naked palettes and tarte doesn't blend enough. I like a lot of warm neutrals any suggestions??
I have been using Sephora Nano midnight black eyeliner for years now. It's the only eyeliner I use. I went to order it today and noticed that it has been discounted to $3.00 and midnight black is not available to order. Is this product being discontinued? And if so, what is replacing it or is comparable to it quality and price wise?
Will Sephora sell the ABH Makeup by Mario palette? If so, when is the release date?
Whenever I use black eyeshadow, it always ends up looking green on my eyes. I don't know why, or does this ever happen to anyone else? I use blackout by Urban Decay. OH, and I use concealer for a "primer" on my lids.
Hi Ladies,    I am looking for a new eye shadow palette that works for my green eyes. I have had both Lorac PP 3  and Tartelette in Bloom recommended. Which one is better? And or any other recommendations?   Thanks!   Morgan 
I have been using Lancome 'Effacernes' Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer in Clair II for over 20 years and found out it has been discontinued. Has anyone found something that is similar? Lancôme offered some alternatives that were way too light.
Hey guys! I have the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and the Too Faced Le Grand Chateau palette. I want to create sort of a bold look with red lips and I'm not sure what to use. What color eyeliner and eyeshadows should I use, and what kind of wing?
What is the closest thing to the Makeup forever aqua seal? I used to used the Laura Mercier tightline activator but it was discontinued and the aqua seal is out of stock.  Help!
I'm doing some research on tarte's amazonian clay gel pot eyeliner and was happy to see that it's marketed as vegan. However, the last ingredient in the black liner (more on that in a sec) is carmine! Carmine is a red coloring made from the cochineal beetle, so if this is an ingredient in it, then it's technically not vegan. Also, side note, carmine is used for reds, blues, and purples mainly, yet those colors don't list carmine---is this a labeling mix up? Not sure why it would appear in black, but not the more obvious color choices.