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Hello.  Could someone recommend some eye shadow colors or a pallet for someone who has blue eyes and grey/silver hair? Thanks in advance.
I really need a gel eyeliner thats super black, goes on nicely, and STAYS PUT!!! I have really been into the super thick Brigitte Bardot cat eye and I've been using my MUFE gel eyeliner and it is not working at all for me, it transfers to my upper eyelid within an hour and it fades/creases/gets all over the place even after priming and setting with black shadow. What gel eyeliners do you guys love?? I need one thats hellllla water/sweat proof. I'm thinking of Bobbi Brown or MAC (even though MAC obviously isn't at Sephora)?? I also had my L'Oreal one literally FOREVER and that one worked for me so well (I would highly recommend those if you wanna get a really good steal), but I want to give some more brands a try!! Please help a sista out
So I am looking for the best eye-shadow palette from my prom.I am looking for a neutral palette, with a variety of shimmers and mattes. I know a lot of palettes have this but what is the best? Thank you! 
If you were to choose 1 palette fro sephora...which would it be? 💋💄👠
I am looking for a lengthening/volumizing washable mascara. I am super particular that it cannot be waterproof-I hate waterproof mascaras. Also, I need it to be black. I do have some sensitivity to mascaras and I wear contacts. Please help me!! 
I got the Naked 3 palette, but unfortunately I'm really dissatisfied. The colors aren't pigmented enough to justify the price and I feel like I'm scraping at the eyeshadows to get a decent amount of color. Also, my other problem is that every look basically looks almost the exact same! It just isn't very versatile; I'm looking for that one palette that has EVERYTHING. I don't like bright colors so I'm looking for a neutral, and preferably under CAD $64 (same price as the Naked3 palette; I'm exchanging it).
So I need a mascara that is gonna make my eyelashes flawless. I want a mascara that lengthens and curls giving the illusion that they are fake! Any suggestions??? 
hey ladies/gents, I'm currently on the hunt for a new eye cream. It's actually for both the hubs and I (God bless the man who's into skin care!). He's currently using one by jack black, but hasn't been wowed by it. We need something to combat dark circles & fine lines, mid priced. What are some good one you've tried? Thanks!
  The white eyeliner.  And if you have other tips into achieving this look, please write it down
I need some help find some good eye shadow brushes for the crease, all over lid, corner eye, etc. Please help:-)
So I've tried my fair share of concealers and all of them have had the same result by the end of the day - cakey. I am assuming my under eye area is dry because that would cause the concealer to become cakey, so I must be doing something wrong. I've been considering Benefit's Stay Don't Stray to see if that will help the concealer. Is there a proper method to prep my under eye area?
've already bought my prom dress. It's a super adorable pale/baby pink. I'm about an NC45 and a 173 in MUFE. If I go to the Sephora store will they do my eye makeup and give me some tips on how I should go about my eye makeup for the event? I rarely go because I live an hour away.
I'm almost 40 and I've never really been big on make up, however now that I've lost 106 pounds and feel better about myself I'm starting to get interested but noone around to help me. I want to find an eye palate to bring out the green in my hazel eyes. Also, I wear a gel or liquid eyeliner on my eye lid usually should I stay away from doing that and trying just shadow?
As of right now I use ABH brow wiz in caramel and I'm considering trying the brow powder but I can't decide what color would be best. When I see the caramel color in the brow powder it just looks to dark and the medium brown looks too grey. My hair is naturally strawberry blonde to a light brown color but I keep it dyed blonde with some lowlights. I'm ordering online because the nearest Sephora is over 2 hours away from where I live so I would hate to order the wrong color.
I'm in my early 30s and I'm looking for an eye cream that won't cause my eye makeup to run or smudge.  I've previously used Shiseido Benefiance which i felt was really moisturizing and illuminating but my makeup would run.  I want a preventative eye cream that will also help with under eye darkness and fine lines.  Thanks!
Hey all- looking for a new mascara- I am VERY picky about finding a new mascara... To start off, I am looking mainly for a mascara that lengthens and separates my lashes; especially since my lashes are super short and I wear glasses.  I hate mascaras that flake, smudge, clump, and smear. I have already tried mascaras from Clinique, Josie Maran, tarte, and none of those worked for me. I have tried the Buxom Lash Mascara and I do like it, but I am still on the hunt. I have also tried the MUFE smokey extravagant mascara, which was my all time favorite, but I find each time I purchased  a new one, it dried out very quickly. Anything that is similar to the Buxom Lash I would be interested in. Sorry for the rant, and thank you very much for taking the time to read this and help me out!
recommendations on SINGLE eye-shadows that lasts once applied and is well pigmented....
Okay..so heres the deal I've volunteered/been begged to do two of my friends makeup for prom. Neither of them wear makeup. They're athletic, all natural, ABSOLUTE tom-boys. Lets face it girls- they need me. They need US. So my vision is to glamorize them to their full potential, without getting TOO far out of their comfort zones. The closest they've gotten to "blush" is red dirt from the softball fields.   With that being said, Im looking for a good set of falsies that aren't going to be so long that they touch their unshapen eyebrows (its bad you guys..).  I was hoping for some Hudas, because I want them to be comfortable..after all, their falsie virginity is being taken (prom..ha). Right now I'm leaning towards the Claudias, but I saw some reviews about them being a bit less natural than advertised? Any opinions on that?   If anyone has any suggestions for their makeup, it'd be very much appreciated. Heres some details about their beauty profiles to help out a little:   Emily-  Wearing a red and silver dress going for a silver smokey eye blue eyes/blonde hair medium skintone (warm undertones) unsure on what color Lip to do for her   Logan- White dress with colorful embellishments going for a light purple/iridescent eye copper hair/blue eyes VERY PALE also unsure on what lip color for her..SOS   XOXO, Court      
These shades are more ashy and I think are likely to work quite well for a lot of people, me included of course.
What's a good liquid eyeliner that's waterproof that is for everyday wear ? I've tried kat Von D trooper and it recently dried out.
Hello everyone so I am the type of girl that never wears any shadows but my fiancé got me gift card so I been thinking about buying one. I have olive skin with burgundy red hair and big brown dark eyes. Which pallet would you recommend it. I heard gold and brown makes brown eyes look good but I am not sure. Thanks 
I use the Full Cover MUFE Sand Concealer (7) and i love it but I am not sure which shade to choose with the Ultra HD Concealer... any suggestions?   Thanks for the help!  Helen
Hi I need some help finding waterproof everything for my wedding. Im a crier so I need help in waterproof eyeshadow, liquid and non liquid eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and possibly even some foundation and concealer that will last through a storm.  Thanks!
Help!  I am 62 y.o. And have hazel eyes and brown hair. Could you please recommend colors and brands of eye liners and eye shadows for me?  I would really appreciate it!  Thanks
I've been gradually going blonder and blonder with my hair, and would really try to go platinum. However, I'm worried that my darker eye brows might pop out too much. Any recommendations on how to keep them hidden and not the focus of my face? I was considering getting them lightened as well or using a brow pencil, but wasn't sure what products work best and how to make sure it still looks natural. Thanks for your help!
Hello! I can't get any eyeshadows (tried several brands) to stay on my eyes for more than a couple hours. I have used UD primer potion, MAC paint pot, shadow insurance.... and several others and the shadow just won't stay on. I have also tried setting the eye primer with setting powder.....nothing works! I would love any suggestions you guys might have! Thanks
No, not that kind of Naked...I mean let's see your pics of your beloved Naked palettes.  Some have had the palette since its launch, some may just be getting into makeup for the first time.   My story:  I only have the original Naked.  It is the first palette I bought when venturing into mid-range makeup for the first time, and I still love it.  I had Naked2, which got repo'd by a friend, then bought Naked3 which promptly went back.  I never bought Naked Smoky.  No regrets.     However, I always said if they come up with a Naked purple- Im the first in line.  Purples are my favorite eyeshadow.   So, let's see your Naked palettes, and how much love (or not) they are given.  
So I wore my Vice 4 palette and used a few colours. I have been using my palette now for a few days and noticed no reactions etc. Today, however, I wore my eyeshadow and when I came home I noticed a couple microscopic flesh-toned bumps on my eyelid in the crease area (a reaction from my eyeshadow and not milia). Have you experienced this and if so does it clear up on its own? I'm pretty sure it's just a reaction perhaps from my MAC Paint Pot with the eyeshadows that I wore. How do you clear up the skin on your lids if you need to, or do you just let it be and clear up on its' own? Thank you =)