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  FEBRUARY 2017: 25 Days of EYESHADOW CHALLENGE (plus, color sub-challenge)   For those that need a little guidance on getting started here is a color sub-challenge.  Let's go by day of the week for simplicity. Don't get stuck in a rut. Use different colors each time from  this Chart.   Mon: 1st row -creams, browns, burgundy -violets and darker pinks   Tue: 2nd row -creams, copper, golds, taupe -pastel pinks, bright pinks, golden peach   Wed: 3rd row -grays, taupe, silver, white, black -sienna, yellow, soft peach, bright orange   Thu: 4th row -all blues -creams, peachy nudes, mossy greens   Fri: 5th row  -all greens, aquamarines -ROY G BIV      What: 25 days of daily eyeshadow Show & Tell. -Wear a different eyeshadow(s) for 25 days. -Post photos of eye look, eyeshadows or swatches. -Describe the product. Not only are you shopping your own collection but also providing inspiration to others!   When: 2/4-2/28 Where: This thread….Daily! All welcome to share their eyeshadow adventures!   Anyone know this palette?? Pretty!!!!       Love this eye look! I am a little ( just a little ) over my gold eyeshadow obsession and have moved on to KVD Tinsel eyeshadow.   Natural eye look! Smudge, Dab, Rub, Smoked....100x + primer + 6 colors + 5 brushes.  
I have all 3 TF chocolate bar palettes. I like them but am a little bored and want to try something new. However, I don't know if I want to keep them or let them go. I can't think of anyone I know that would want them. What do you do with palettes that you want to get rid of?
Who would win in a fight? Liquid or gel liner?
So, I've never used this before but I was wondering if anyone can relate or has advice! Since the dawn of time (me experimenting with make up at age 11) I have struggled with finding an eyeliner or mascara that is long lasting.  My eyes are watery I guess and spend most of my day wiping of make up from underneath my eyes. I've tried primers, pencil liners, liquid liners, gel liners, felt-tip pen liners. Water proof mascara, high end mascara, regular mascara. I have yet to find a product that stays on my eyes.  Today I ordered the stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner, Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara and an Urban Decay Primer potion.  I'm hoping these products will work well!  Does anyone have any staple products they use that are long lasting?
Can someone recommend me a transparent glossy mascara? I have really dark eyelashes so I don't really need a black mascara and already have plenty of them. I just want something very natural that can help me curve them, settle them into place and make them look a bit longer. 
Currently trying to decide between the Naked2 Basics palette and Becca Ombre Nudes palette.  I have the Tartlette Clay Matte eyeshadow palette and find it difficult to travel with.  I also find the colors to be somewhat hard to blend out and work with.  Which palette do you think would be the best everyday palette for me? 
Hello everyone I need help finding the perfect Eyeshadow Palette for my older sister who is finally getting into makeup (yay). She's in her early 30s, medium complexion, brown hair/eyes, and loves shimmer/glitter <3 Any help will be gladly appreciated she has Naked 2. TIA 
I am very greatful to be chosen by Sephora and Marc Jacob's beauty to receive the gratis of Marc Jacob's new Matte Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliners . I receive colors (Earth)quake a beautiful brown and (Grape) vine a beautiful purple shade.   Texture of these liners is very smooth and creamy and they glide easily on skin. I rubbed the swatches 1 minute after wearing But liners were completely dry and they didn't smudge at all. They stay put when I run water on the wrist and just slightly faded when washed with hand soap, three minutes after wearing. In short apparently they live up to all the claims. I'll try them on soon and will share the eye looks later. For now here are the swatches.  Top: Fresh Swatches Bottom: After washing with soap and warm water    Thank you Sephora and MarcJacob's beauty!  
The first few times I used this eyeliner (with and without primer, with and without shadow) it went on perfectly. One swipe, full coverage and no transferring to my lid. After about 5 days it started transferring to my lids after 20 minutes of being on. In the past 2 days, even after storing tip down and shaking, it's going on lightly so i've had to put on more than one coat. The transferring was even worse! I'm not sweating - just driving to work. Is this usual or does it sound defective? Thank you for your thoughts!
So I have Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Precision Eyeliner in Black, Kat Von D tattoo liner, and MAC powerpoint eye pencil in "engraved".    So all three of these black eyeliners go on well but they look so bad after a couple of hours.  Either they remain on one lid only, or they end up one inch higher than they were placed originally or they flake off in parts. Any suggestions as I received these as gifts, do not have the box or receipt and don't want them to go to waste.  Thank you in advance!!
I bought one of their 4-pan "build your own" palettes and I'm trying to create a palette for daily use.   I looked through Sephora and UD site and they don't seem to have a matte dark brown shade. It's kind of surprising that they don't have this color. =O   I have hit the pan in my "Pulp Fiction" palette. This palette is basically my holy grail for the "brown/natural" eye look.   I bought "Secret Service" as the medium brown lid color and I'm looking for a matte dark brown (an exact match or something similar to the color "Vengeance") to use as a crease color. I don't want to use black because that is too dark for daytime/daily use. They seem to have a whole lot of midtone browns in their current lineup, but a lack of dark browns.   Did I overlook something or does UD really not have this color?
I was wondering what too faced pallet would look nice with blue eyes/ brown hair?
I have very short eyelashes that even with mascara don't seem to look any better. False eyelashes bug my eyelashes towards the inner parts. I am considering an eyelash growth serum. I have a friend who uses the Rodan+Fields Lash boost but am hesitant against those types of companies. Espcially when they make you pay a starter fee to buy their products at a discount.  Anyone have any luck with the RevitaLash Advanced or the Rodan+Fields? Or even something else? I don't want to have to take pills though.  Thanks!
I've been through a few liquid liners and am finding that I have trouble with liner fading/disappearing on my inner corners. Any suggestions? What do you do to keep your liner long-lasting?
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I thought this would be a fun thread to start to share makeup looks that are inspired by places we travel to (or want to travel to).  Share the location and what the inspiration was.
Hey guys, i have a question, I'm looking for eyelash mascara, i had lazik surgery a couple of years ago and my eyes got super sensitive ever since, and its been hard for me to find a mascara that won't make my eyes red, so i wanna know what waterproof mascara you recommend for super sensitive eyes, and im looking for waterproof because my lashes are so flat that when i curl them and use regular mascara the lashes go back to stay flat and with waterproof don't, please let me know, i will appreciate the info.
I wear nmnascara but every time i take it off my lashes come off to plz help!
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,   When it comes to makeup, my eyes are the most problematic. Now before I go any further, I do not like heavy makeup. I like the natural look and feel. But my eyes have a lot of veins showing aka dark circles. It's genetic.   I am in need of some good recommendations for products: eye primer, concealer, color corrector and etc.   Currently my routine consists of an eye cream: finishing my Fresh Black Tea Eye cream. I liked it but I am not sure if it is the best at moisturizing.   Then after the moisturizer, I would sometimes put some eye primer samples I got from Play! but usually I just go straight for Naked Peach color corrector.   Any help is most welcome!
can anyone suggest a black liquid liner that's equal to or better than Kat Von D's?! It dries out too fast for me and I want to spice it up a bit.   Thanks in advance!
I looked and din't see any, but maybe im missing it? Thannnnks
I've had my eye on the Tartelette In Bloom palette for a while. I swatched them in the store and I fell in love with the shadows, but I'm not sure whether the shades in this palette are almost dupes for palettes I already own (Naked 2 and Too Faced Chocolate Bar). I tried comparing them but it was hard for me to tell, so I held off on buying the palette.  I love the shadows in the Tartelette In Bloom but I wanna make sure that the shadows in it aren't too similar to the ones I already have.  I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried, seen, or owned all 3. Thanks!!
Does anyone remember this palette? It is my favorite palette of all time and has been my white whale (Moby D!ck) since it was discontinued (darn LE)! This palette was perfection, but 3 shadows stole my heart, namely hammock (coffee brown that blends like a dream), bikini (duo chrome peachy tan is the best way I can describe it but doesn't do it justice and my absolute favorite shade in this palette) and sun deck (a light tan). This palette was an impulse purchase in 2013 and since it is no longer available I ration my usage of it. I have hoped Tarte would release these colors again under a different name in another palette but haven't found that to be the case. Can anyone suggest dupes of these shadows (especially hammock and bikini) by any brand in singles or a palette? 
Is the Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills really worth it?????
peach eyes.jpg
Hey y'all! Any suggestions on how to achieve this eye look? I know I could probably use the Too Faced Peach Palette, but I'm looking for other suggestions as well!! Thanks
I have monolid eyelids and my eyelashes are very short. I curl them and apply a very simple Maybelline waterproof mascara, but the curl only holds for a short amount of time. My eyelashes end up going straight down throughout the and at times the mascara transfers to my lower eyelids. Any recs on a good waterproof mascara that helps hold a curl and provides some length? I'm not really looking for anything super dramatic. Need help!
I have tried SO many mascaras, and it seems like, no matter what I use, two to three times a day, I have to wipe it from underneath my eyes. I've been told not to use waterproof, because it is formulated to be broken down by oil (as opposed to water), but I have the same problem with washable mascaras.   I've also tried eye shadow primers and using translucent powder under my eyes...   What mascara (that is preferably less than $30, because ouch) will give me the volume that I want (which is a lot) without the raccoon eyes?
Looking for advice for an eyeshadow pallet.  I have platinum blonde hair and green eyes - cool skin tone. What are your favorites?