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I entered a TooFaced contest on Twitter and actually won! It's a Better Than Sex mascara, nothing crazy but I am so excited to have won anything, and I've been eyeing this mascara.    Do you enter giveaways or have ever won something exciting?    The picture I used that "won" is my profile picture, me holding Glamour to Go II   
So I recently purchased Urban Decays Electric palette. The colors are so gorgeous and oh so pigmented! I've been playing a lot with it and end up looking pretty comical at times with some of the rainbow looks I've come up with.  I can't seem to accept wearing less than four shades at a time! Lol! Has anyone got any pictures of multiple color looks that aren't too over the top? Or do I have to accept using two or three shades? 
My name is Bombshell and I continue to be an eyeshadow addict enthusiast !! However, five weeks ago I began a quest to actually start using my mountains and mountains of palettes and shadows. Along with some awesome ladies who have joined in I have committed to using the same palette 5 days in a row and posting the results at the end of five days. Those with single shadows are welcome to join in as well!  If you are interested in the original rules & lists posted they can be found in off topic, (take the challenge: palette parade).  the gist of it is make a list, plan to show all your shadows love for extended period of time (5days), if you hate it first day move on. I am also planning to add weeks of singles by brand (Stila week, UD week, Nars week).  I think instead of posting and editing lists it would be easier to report what we plan to use at the beginning of the week and the report the results at the end. We meet here at the end of the week to discuss what we wore for the week, how it worked for us and most importantly to share pictures and advice! Anyone can join as we all started at different times and have different numbers of palettes, and will finish at different times. I am looking at 38 (?) more weeks if I don't buy one more palette! Xoxo I look forward to more fun parading with all you girls! Palette Parade Princesses: CalamityJane85, Nikki, LadyMeag, Beethousand, AmberAngeline, MaFan, nurseCupcake, Carolang, Jenblush, Malday, Sparlekai, GHKim, IttyxBittyxMe, Katie241, SirenPrincess, Manniface.
I need one that really pops out and doesn't have much fall out
Green and Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial.jpg
I mentioned the other day in the palette parade thread that it would be cool if someone started a thread with a picture of a cool eye look and we all tried our hands at it. So CalamityJane (the bully) told me to start it. My immediate thought was "But I wanted someone else to do it!!" Then I decided I was being a whiny little b*tch and should get to it.   So without further ado, here's the first Eyeshadow Inspiration! I had been wanting to try a green/bronze eye look for awhile and thought this one looked fun. Here is my not-very-good attempt at it:     As always, lighting was a bit of an issue (why won't my blush ever show up?!?), but even though the colors aren't captured perfectly you can still kind of see them.   Anyone else want to try? Feel free to substitute colors and change it up (maybe using whatever your palette-of-the-week is?). I love seeing what people here come up with!
New HSN customers can get the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette w/ a full-sized Shadow Insurance Primer for $29 with coupon code 20NEWSPRING (and free shipping!). Just bought mine (although I really only wanted the palette) might be worth it to have a friend sign up and order it on your behalf since it's a smokin' deal. That's almost 30% off. (Shout out to the Nouveau Cheap blog for posting this!)
i ventured out of my cave today and was bombarded by a plethora of raccoon eyes.    what on earth are these ladies thinking? seriously, when i see you, this is all i can think of:   what are some of your biggest fashion and makeup nonos? anything that makes you want to claw your own eyeballs from your face?  
I have been using Clinique's Brush on Cream Liner and I love it, it is so easy to use, but sometimes it can be hit or miss on the staying power. What do you guys recommend for one that is long wearing and easy to use?
Anyone tried Anna Sui Mascara? I love this packaging, Minnie is ROCKING out! But I don't wanna buy for packaging (well maybe!)    
So I recently had my makeup done and the make up artist ranted and raved about how the mascara she was using was a tubing mascara that wraps around my lashes and I could just pull them off with my fingers.  How can I tell if a particular mascara fits into this category??   I wouldn't mind having one as an option in my make up case.  I still think it flakes so as a staple I would still prefer my waterproof but, on occasion, I could see it being an option. Is it a trial and error thing??  Most labels don't provide that description. Thanks!
Enable me? Disable me?   Pros : As previously stated, gorgeous Laura Mercier has yet to disappoint me   Cons : $44 for a quad is kind of a lot. Not Guerlain A Lot, but still. I'm not so sure about baked eyehadows. I haven't worked with them much a all. 65?skuId=1598689
I bought this about a month ago and finally used it. Yep, it's lovely! Of course, smelling like chocolates doesn't hurt. But the colors are very pigmented. You can go from neutral to really dramatic with this palette. A keeper! te-P384402?skuId=1578012
I was looking for a fluffy blending brush thats not too expensive. Any suggestions?
I really like the urban decay primer potion but I'm curious to try the new eye primer by smashbox. Has anyone tried it? Is it simular to UD?
I'm looking for some great makeup products for spring/summer. faves best? 
What is the best eyeliner to highlight green eyes? However, I have light skin and dirty blonde the purple does not look the best.
I got this dress as my Easter dress, what kind of hair do and makeup would look best? 
My language is Dutch. I am looking for a eyeshadow that is not shining but 'mat'. Can somebody give me the precise word that I have to look for? Thank you
This mascara seems to get overlooked, so I wanted to give it a shout out. I am not a fan of curling my lashes at all. and this mascara does it for me. A cast mate told me she used it, and it curled her lashes. And of course I was skeptical. I tried it, and it yes it does! I don't use an eyelash curler anymore. And my lashes look thick and long. Now I've been a Benefit's Yes They're Real girl for a while, but this beats it.    
So I have this liquid eyeliner pen by L'oreal which I like because it gives me a wet jet black look and it goes on smoothly. However it always gets in my crease even though I use a paint pot ( primer) beforehand. Any ideas on how to fix that?   Also any recommendations on how to fix your eyeliner when you already have put on your primer and shadow? I have a habit of making one eye too thick and end up having to make them both thick then
I really don't wear any makeup other than bottom eyeliner and mascara so I'm lost when it comes to what to do for prom. Someone please help!
I just ordered this from Ulta. I haven't seen any reviews on it although Musings of a Muse had it on her site, but it was just so cute and I love cream shadows.   I've always been pleased with Cargo products, and I was in the mood to buy a new palette but none of the powder palettes were doing it for me, so this was perfect!  I'll let you know how I like it!
I've been eying this palette for a few weeks now, but haven't heard anything about it. It has all of the Summer shades I'm looking for, but I don't have any experience with Lorac shadows. Please, oh please, let me know what you think so I can get it shipped!   Note: I think the palette is an Ulta exclusive. 
Opinions? Personal experiences or preferences? I'm curious what all of you beauty aficionados here on BT think!
Does anyone have any insight into gel/cream eyeliner? I was waffling between BB gel, Tarte EmphasEYES, or Smashbox Jetset. Would a cream eye shadow work similarly? TIA!
I used to use Anastasia Beverly Hills Cooling Eye Brightener, which I LOVED, but it's harder to find now and Sephora doesn't carry it anymore.  I then switched to Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener which does it's job, but doesn't knock me out of the ballpark and I love trying new things - so I want to know what you ladies use as an under eye highlight! Dark circles aren't a real concern for me, I just like highlighting that under eye area, because it really brightens up my face. (: Any under-eye highlight suggestions? (:
I have concluded that waterproof eye backup (particularly mascara) is what has been causing years of eye irritation.  Do you have any suggestions on a mascara that is for sensitive eyes?  
I just bought a cream eye liner for the first time. I accidentally left it out with the cap off because I was in a hurry for an appointment, and completely forgot until I noticed it the next day. Normally I make my own eye liner everytime I do my makeup with loose powder pigment & either Aqua Liner Sealer waterproofing liquid or Bare Escentuals Weather Everything sealant. Or use a plain liquid eye liner. So I'm not sure what to do about Creme pot liners. Now my cream eye liner is way drier than it was yesterday. It's not completely solid yet. The top layer is much more dry than the middle or bottom of the pot of course. Is there any way to revive my cream eye liner? Or did I ruin it forever?!?!