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Looking for a Mascara that doesnt smudge??? I have tried so many different mascaras and i find after a couple of hours there is black under my eye and it isnt from my foundation but it creates a terrible look.. What are the best mascaras that dont leave back eyes ?? THanks
I'm going crazy! I swear, no matter what mascara I use or eyelash curler, my eyelashes refuse to hold a curl. I've noticed that this has been happening for the past year. They use to hold a curl and look how I wanted them too, but not anymore. I've used heat on my curler, tried a few different curlers AND used waterproof mascara and they still refuse to stay curled for more than 5 seconds. My eyelashes now look straight and always clump together whenever I wiggle the mascara wand. I have even tried applying fake eyelashes a few times but I'm awful at it.   Currently,  I use a tweezerman & cover girl eyelash curler as well as the waterproof Maybelline Full 'N Soft mascara.
Hi! So it's my first time posting here and I'm looking for an eyeliner I can use on my waterline and also lower lash line. I'm new to eyeliner but have really been loving looks with a pop of color on the waterline and also lower lash line. I love make up forever so I thought about trying their new Aqua xl liners but I have seen some good reviews for the urban decay 24/7, Marc highliner, and the nars larger than life as well. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
Hey guys!   I recently received an eyeshadow palette that came shattered. The dark brown color broke into crumbles and has somehow incorporated into the rest of the intact colors.   I'm trying to scrape/lift it off with tissues, but I feel like I'm spreading the brown around and making it worse.   Any recommendations on how can I best clean up the intact colors and remove the shattered brown color that got into it?   Thanks in advance!
I was wondering if anyone could make a tutorial (or 2 or 3) using the regular, not the deluxe, urban decay shadow box as thee are hardly any on youtube and I have no idea how to use these beautiful colors :_
I need a whold semester on classes in eyeliner to every nail it halfway one day and not take 45min.   What are some recommendations, I have dark brown hair and eyes and lighter skin.  So black for the color.  I always basically stuck with the drugstore glide on pencils with regular pencils tugging so much, and liquid not great for a shaky hand.  recently tried a kajal i swore by, but it seems a bit dry in less than a week.  easy to get on tho thick.  I nonstop hear about maybelline gel point and use brush in kit.  my hands wouldn't allow me the chance to succeed.     Also, a lot seem to get rubbed of after im done applying mascara.  have yet to find eye end or drugstore that stays
I find rust colors and gold tones look the best on me, there's so many palettes like that I have no idea what to get. Green and purple don't really work for me. I've been using the eyeshadow palette from the lancome holiday beauty box, but I'm extremely low if it helps. I could try something outside my comfort zone too.
Hi, does anyone have any good tips/tricks of how to clean their false eyelashes. I am having a lot of trouble removing the glue and don't want to pull because I'm afraid I will ruin them. 
Hey guys! I really want to invest in a great (but still kinda affordable eyeshawdow palette) my budget is around $50. I am willing to go a little higher if need be. I would really love to hear some of your suggestions. (Also if you have other produces you love feel free to list some of them below, I need all the help I can get!) I have blonde hair, brown eyes, and extremely pale skin; I just thought I would include this just in case. 
UPDATED!   I'm interested to see what palettes everyone owns & which palettes they would like to own.. I love eyeshadow & have more than I will ever need, but that's the fun part!   I currently own.. -Kat Von D True Romance in Sinner -Tarte Aqualilies Eye & Cheek Palette -Tartelette Matte Palette -Tarte Tarteist Blush Palette -Lorac Glogetter Palette -Lorac Mint Edition from Ulta -Too Faced Boudoir Eyes  -Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar -Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons -MUFE Artist Palette Volume 1 -UD Deluxe  -UD Naked 2 -UD Naked 3 -UD x Gwen Stefani -Marc Jacobs Lolita -NARS Voulez Vous Eye & Cheek Palette -NARS One Shocking Moment Blush Palette -Smashbox Double Exposure Eyeshadow Palette   Want:   -Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette -UD Naked Smoky -Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette -KVD Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Plum  -KVD Shade + Light Contour Palette   I like hearing about what other people have in their makeup collections, so feel free to list on! (:
I'm having an extremely odd allergic reaction and I can't get an appointment with a doctor until August, so I'm hoping some of you fab folks have some insight. My issue is primer and only on my lids. I used to use UD Primer Potion and, when they changed the formula, I began having a reaction. I then tried Trish McEvoy and also had a reaction. Both contained silicone (dimethicone in UD, cyclopentasiloxane in Trish McEvoy). I then tried Too Faced Glitter Glue, which does not contain silicone in any form, and had a reaction to that. My fiancé and I scoured the ingredients of the three, and the only ingredient they all have in common is phenoxyethanol.   Anyone ever heard of an allergy to this?? I'm trying now to find a primer that doesn't contain phenoxyethanol, which is possible, but I'm just so tired of trying something, doing my makeup, and 3 hours later having to take it off because my lids are red, swollen, and itchy. Plus, then I can't wear any eye makeup for a week and it's really annoying. 
Evening Smokey
If you're a big fan of warm neutrals, Terracotta, and burgundy shadows you're going to love this palette! I think what I like most about it is that all the colors seem to compliment one another effortlessly. It's not your typical boring neutral eyeshadow palette for sure.   I think anyone can wear these shades pretty much all year long. They are on the powdery side. I'd say that's the only negative, but I just make sure to tap off the excess repeatedly before dipping in the shadow each time.   The palette can easily get pretty messy from the fallout, so you have to be careful about that. All in all, I think it's a unique and stunning palette that most would be happy with.  😍  
I don't wear false lashes.  I swear by urban decay perversion...but to give the umph I had a coat of too faced better than sex (not waterproof bc not a fan)    I normally do two coats urban decay perversion and then on coat of too faced and it amps up to a new level.  more than one coat can get clumpy.  Any other suggestions for my top coat?   Heard stila is same as too faced without the clumpiness...but does that mean less dramatic too?  Tried lorac and ok but still not like too faced.  Ideas? Charlotte tilbury any good?
I have tried 6 different brands and at least 3 different numbers from each. Every time instead of opening my eyes it looks like a caterpillar or thick mustache glued to my eyes! Am I putting these on the wrong eye,have done this before but so long since wearing lashes coming up blank?
Hi Ladies,   Firstly I apologize if I post incorrectly or my photos are crooked. This is my first time uploading a photo here.   I am having a problem with my Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original). I purchased it this past December. Previously I was using the same primer (UD) for over 3 years. I don't buy a lot at Sephora because I  don't know what some of the best products are.   I immediately noticed a change in my eye make up when I opened my second tube of UD primer potion. I hate the new packaging! Tons of product comes out of the tube at once, and the primer seems 'wet'.   I am not happy with how my eye shadow looks. Am I doing something wrong? I am by no means an expert in make up application but I definetely noticed a change with the second primer. Perhaps they changed their formula?   Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!                
I've been thinking about getting the Urban Decay Electric palette, but then again, I've also discovered the Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos palette and then colors look like perfect (or almost perfect) dupes at a much, much lower price.   Should I splurge on the Urban Decay palette, or should I go for the Makeup Revolution palette?
Hey guys! It seems lately my eyeliner keeps coming off in the corner of my eyes near the tear duct and the end of my wing ends up getting smudged or coming off in the corner. The only eyeliner I have found that does not do this is the Mac liquidlast though I was not a fan of the brush and it was extremely hard to get off (serious con). I could really use your suggestions! Liquid or gel.
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Does anyone have recommendations for eyeshadow palettes for women with darker skin who want a more natural look for daytime? Most of the eyeshadow palettes that are advertised as such tend to be for those of lighter skin tones. Is there anything out there for us??
I have naturally light brown hair and black eyebrows. I'm looking at the new Benefit Eyebrow brown gel and am not sure what color to get. I usually fill my eyebrows with a medium gray color but they do usually look a little too bold. Every tip I find for choosing a color bases it off your hair color, which doesn't make sense to me.   Should I go for the darker colors or stay somewhere in the middle?
does anyone have a good replacement suggestion for urban decay's 24/7 liquid eyeliner?  they discontinued it and it was the only eyeliner that worked good on my oily asian eye lids.  waterproof eyeliners don't help when you have oily eyelids.
Hi... I have tons of eye palettes but I really struggle to know & choose what shade to go with.... Like Lorace Pro, NAKED 2 & 3, Hourglass 1s, MAC Burgunday x9, MAC Modernist (?) x16 plaette, etc etc! I have hooded, almond shaped, green eyes & love a good smokey eye look!  Any tips on how you choose would be appreciated!
I have several palettes on the go and I am almost out of the crease transition shadows. Can anyone recommend a nice everyday one that I can buy individually ie Urban Decay, etc.
What the best ophthalmologist tested eye shadow for contact lens wearers?
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So, we have a dance coming up soon(in the fall), and I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. What makeup would be natural but, eye catching?