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    I bought three of these Josie Maran Coconut Water Eyeshadows and love them, but I went to use them yesterday and was shocked when I opened all three of them and the sponge tip applicator in all of them had completely broken off into the shadow and now I am just left with a stick?? I can no longer use them and they weren't cheap. I have never had anything like this happen before, let alone all three at the same time, I'm wondering if the consistency of the product breaks down the applicator bond over time. Anyone else experience this!!?? Any advice??
Everytime I got into Sephora or Ulta, I'm always drawn to Urban Decay's Vice4 palette. I don't wear many bright colors, and the only Urban Decay palette that I own is the Naked 3. I'm trying to talk myself into purchasing it, but I can't seem to pull the trigger on it.   I wanna get out of the habit of wearing only neutrals. I always tell myself I'm gonna start wearing more bright pops of color, but never seem to.   Do you think the Vice4 palette would be a good place to start?
Just wanted to let all you Viseart addicts know that ALL of the palettes (including the newest ones — Cool Mattes, Dark Mattes and Editorial Brights) are available online at Musebeauty (google it).   Happy shopping! I ordered Dark Mattes yesterday!
I've tried searching for it and the highliners don't show up. HELP!
Anyone have any problems with the highliner in your play box? Mine straight fell out of the tube yesterday! I know there were some quality issues but i couldn't remember reading if anyone had any problems with the ones in the play boxes
Finding a good concealer is an absolute nightmare for me. I have small pimples, cystic acne, and acne scars. I also have HORRIBLE bags under my eyes, and of course they are puffy too. It's almost like I have a permanent line under my eyes. I need a good concealer for all of these problems. My Pantone match is 3Y02. Thank you!!!
I am looking for a nice US lady to order the Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette for me and then forward it to my humble Canadian home. I would pay for the palette and shipping, of course.
I would love to be able to wear eyeliner and mascara. I have yet to find one that does not leave me with raccoon eyes.   I use primer (have tried Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Too Faced, Benefit, and Sephora brands). I did try the Urban Decay setting spray, and it made me break out in a rash.   I have tried waterproof mascara. I have tried just about every mascara in the world it seems.   For eyeliners, some of the eyeliners I have tried are (and I've tried the mascaras from all of these brands as well):   Urban Decay 24/7 Bobbie Brown long lasting (gel and liner) Smashbox brand Benefit brand Clinique Estee Lauder Laura Mercier Stila Too Faced Nars   I've tried kohl, gel, powder, and liquid eyeliners. Always the same result. Could my eye area just be too oily for eyeliner and mascara?      
I'd love to see the beautiful palettes you all are making. Here's my first one, I'm sure I'll create more if the shadows wear well. L=>R filthy rich, 24k stilettos, famous flirt, it crowd, prenup, room service.
I am so into them right now and am thinking of getting at least two of them, if not all. Yet, it does get a little pricey and really every single review and swatch videos or posts of these palettes I saw on the internet go crazy with them and therefore I am almost skeptical now. I just really want to know if these palettes are really worth the hype and money and what makes it so good and worth it.   Just to add, I am asian, have double eyelids but still hooded eye, warm toned yet really pale skin so I would go mostly with peachy, coral, orangey and pinkey makeups.. Not a big fan of super smokey eyes
Hi all,    I have really bad under eye circles that I have tried absolutely everything on. From using different eye creams to different concealers. Right now I am trying the Kiehls avocado under eye cream. On top of that I use the Nars tinted moisturizer under my eyes and let in sit and use my beauty blender, then on top of that I use the mac prolong wear concealer. This does look cakey but it seems to look good during the first few hours of the day but then by the middle of the day its dried out and shows my "chicken skin" (I don't know the real term for this, I have seen some other call it this) through.    I am looking for a moisturizing under eye concealer that is not going to crease into my "chicken skin", I thought maybe if I used a really moisturizing under eye concealer that would help the issue of my concealer not getting into those really fine lines under my eyes within my dark circles.    Any suggestions I would love !!   
Can anyone recommend a long lasting pencil/gel/cream eyeliner? Preferably bold in color (mainly black), that won't smudge onto my upper eyelid?  I was using various Kat Von D brand liners, but the mini pencils she had didn't have enough depth and I wasn't a fan of the sparkles, plus they were so small. Her various tattoo liquid liners gave me an allergic reaction, so those are out. I really do prefer a liner in pencil(ish) form, but not exclusively. I just don't know whats out there and I don't want to keep buying a ton of liners and end up hating them all lol. .....Any suggestions??
Guys, could you please share your opinion which palette is better the KVD "Mi vida loca" or the Urban decay "Vice 4"? Thanks so much
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Looks like we have threads for lips, threads for brand-specific, and all sorts of great threads. In my admittedly short time here on BT, I have not yet seen a mascara chat thread.    So, here it goes.    Perhaps this will be a place to share mascara and lash products you are excited about, or fell short of expectations. Ask questions, discuss, and learn from each others experience. Or, even just the random MTOD (mascara thought of the day). 
What mascara would your recommend for new lashes post-chemotherapy? My lashes used to be full and longer but now are short and seem to have a hard time holding mascara.   Thanks!
what is the best eye shadow palette for greenish hazel eyes?
Just announced on Facebook UD and Gwen are doing a makeup collaboration to be released soon! No immediate information is known except this is happening #UDxGwen soon! Will try to post an update asap!
I am a man who never used makeup. Would like advice on a concealer or any other product for hereditary dark eye circles. And I saw there are different shades. I am not sure which shade to use.         
I don't mean to start anything, but I can't wrap my head around this. How is this possible? I'm just curious. Mink lashes have really taken off in recent years, more so this year than any other. Some say they "gently brush" the minks, but these little guys are quite aggressive, and solitary animals. I just don't see that being possible. Then I hear companies say they don't even brush the minks, they just collect the hairs that naturally shed, so the minks are not stressed out. This too, I find hard to believe. This would require the minks to be trapped in cages. Free range farms wouldn't really be possible, as these animals would fight with each other. They wouldn't do well in a "free range farm". No matter how I try to imagine it, it still seems like they are cruelly contained in some way. Not to mention, I'm sure in some of these farms, they torture these minks, kill them, and sell their fur. I'm just having a really hard time understanding how you can harvest these hairs humanely with such aggressive, and independent animals. If anyone has any answers, or could further explain this, I would be very happy to hear it! I'm just looking for more information, as it's pretty hard to find out. It's not like these companies tell you what the farm's name and location is, so you can't really do a whole lot of research. I've also noticed, sephora has only excepted faux lashes from velour, and huda beauty.
I am obsessed with the colour Silk Teddy from Too Faced Natural Eyed palette. I use it everyday and I have hit pan. I do not want to re purchase the whole palette just for that one colour. Does anyone know one that is similar? 
Just curious what all of your favorite lashes are. Huda Beauty will be coming to sephora next month, and I've heard really nice things about them. So I'm excited to see what they'll bring. I don't wear lashes often but when I do, I'm always afraid of how secure they are. I currently use clear Duo glue but they never feel secure, and I know if I was to have a little cry, they'd come off instantly. I do apply enough glue, and feel like my application is done well (enough anyways), so just curious of what glues others have used.
Hello everyone! I have been looking for a new product lately and I can't seem to find anyone that sells the exact thing I am looking for. I want an eyelash treatment. I am nineteen and my eyelashes aren't falling out, they're still thick and there are plenty of them. I don't want a product similar to latisse that will grow them, but rather a moisturizing treatment similar to mascara but clear that I can put on over night. I wear makeup every day to school or work and feel that continuing with heavy mascara will eventually lead to dry and unhealthy eyelashes. I have looked through a lot of brands and none seem to offer just a plain eyelash treatment without offering to grow lashes. Does anyone know of anything similar to what I am thinking about? Thanks!
I am debating the makeup for ever nudes palette, what does everyone think? Would a naked palette be a better choice?    Thanks! 
...what would it be?   Mine would be Sin from Urban Decay. Favorite shade of all time.   What would yours be? :-D
I recently bought some Sephora brand chubby stick eye pencils.  They are now down to the surround.  Do they need to be sharpened with a sharpener or so they wind up?  If the answer is wind up then how?  I havew tried to do this by twisting the base but can't seem to make it happen.  Thanks
Hi everyone! I am a teen, and need a natural, simple eyeshadow palette, I am deciding between the naked 1 or naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and a warm skin complexion. Both the palettes are so gorgeous, I am having trouble deciding! I want something for natural, everyday use. Please let me know which one you think I should buy Thank you!