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Please share your Personal Tips/Products/Tricks to Minimize Under Eye Concealer from Creasing.  Also, what under eye products...Moisturizer/Primer/Concealer/Tool(s) do you use?   There are always products/suggestions/tips that are very helpful that haven't been tried or a new method to what may have worked in the past that needs tweaking as our skin changes!   I have a personal interest in ALL your suggestions for Dry, Crepey or Mature Under Eye Skin Texture trouble shooting.    P.S. I've had a sudden weight loss which makes my under eye area look like a deflated balloon. I'm unable to use HA's due to sensitivity having to ditch everything with high amounts of HA's.   This post isn't limited to my concerns...it's to address a Common Shared Concern by many people of under eye creasing with the use of make-up in general!
What would be a good Urban Decay eye shadow for all over the lid?  I have light skin, dark hair, green eyes, cool undertones. Thanks!
I didn't see anything posted yet about these new palettes, but saw them on Ulta and I'm thinking of using my 20 percent discount to pick one up. A little pricey at $49 each, but it looks like a really nice palette!   Top to bottom, they are Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Now to decide which one!    
I just tried (sample) of dipbrow pomade in taupe and love it better than powder for the lasting power and definition it gives to my brow. I was affraid by this kind of product because I want a natural finish. Which pomade is the best out there? 
i'm looking for a good brow product that will fill in my eyebrows and last all day without fading. some people use multiple products to get this result but i only want to have to have 1 product thats quick, easy and effective. any reccomendations? 
Anyone know a good mascara from the drugstore that comes in colors other than black, brown, and blue? I really would not want to buy a high end colored mascara since I know I won't wear it as much as black.
It's definitely time for me to tone down my eye makeup. The brown-black liner and clumpy mascara are just not doing it for me anymore. It looks messy and pitiful, which is not what I'm going for. I'm considering using only a medium tone eye shadow pencil or powder for liner, a complementary light matte shadow, and subtle mascara, i.e., not clumpy and harsh black. However, this approach leaves my eyes  looking a little bland. My eyes are my best feature, and I don't want to make them invisible. My hair is blonde, fair complexion, hazel eyes.   Best advice I have for eyes: use Latisse! It's magical. And it helps with the less-makeup-is-more look.   How do pro artists adjust eye makeup on mature women? Or do any of your customers have ideas?
I ordered mine from Benefit (you could sign up to get it early) and it came about a week ago. Honestly? I find it soooo annoying. I pretty much only use gel liner so I was really excited for this pen but I still can't get the hang of this thing! When I was taking off my makeup tonight I decided to start playing around with it again.   The top pics are a thinner line and the bottom pics I've doubled up. You can see it's kind of difficult to get a nice sharp line.   I was watching NikkieTutorials review on YouTube and she said the same thing so at least I don't feel totally incompetent! And you CAN'T make a mistake when applying it because it's a mess to clean up. You'll have to re-do your complete eye and possibly part of your foundation. I dunno, maybe I'm a creature of habit with my gel pots and brushes. I'll keep playing around with it in the evenings when I'm taking off my makeup and see how good I can get but so far it's definitely not a must-have. Anyone else try this yet? I'd love to hear other opinions!
i dont mind any price to be honest i just want something that does wonders.
Have you seen this baby yet? So pretty! Temptalia posted this today.             $250.00 U.S. / $295.00 CDN (Limited Edition)   "Availability:  September 2nd for full release at Sephora and Make Up For Ever Boutiques (possibly August 19th at Sephora  for VIB Rouges and August 26th for boutiques, as that is what the LA and NY Boutiques told me on the phone)" Temptalia    
I soooo STRESS OUT about my under eye area. I can get it to look 'flawless' yet *poof* within a couple of hours, it looks HORRIBLE!    What do you do as touch-up for your under eye make-up issues severe creasing into wrinkles when you're at work or out for dinner, ect.?   Please share your tips/suggestions...products you use, how you troubleshoot. Since menopause, my skin doesn't behave anymore!
Hello I'm looking for cooper eyeshadow, that comes single, I don't want it in a palette. Can someone please help me out with this?
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I know this subject has come up on here several times. I used to wear green contacts (prescribed by my eye doctor) for fun. Recently, I found a website where you can order them without a prescription. I bought a bunch of fun new colors, including some of those large circle ones.    I remember reading the cautions on here about the dangers of using improperly fitted contacts but I figured I'd be fine (last time I'll not listen to BT'ers! lol). My thought was that tons of other people use them and don't have issues.    I wore them for about 5 hours on Saturday. Sunday, I woke up with weird blurred vision in one eye, and by Monday I was in a lot of pain. After spending time at my optometrist (and receiving a long lecture) I am being treated for a corneal abrasion caused by the poorly fitted contacts.    Today, I can't even begin to explain how badly my eye hurts. I couldn't sleep last night because every time my eye twitched the pain woke me up.      Moral of the story, don't be dumb like me. I just figured I'd try to caution other people, especially with Halloween and whatnot coming up to be careful, because how I feel right now is absolutely not worth the risk.    I'm just hoping I won't end up like pirate kitty. Although I'd rather have one eye at this point than the pain. 
Does anyone have any dupe swatches for the UD honey color? I'm utterly depressed that I haven't found anything that quite comes close to the brassiness it has, as most other colors come up as straight gold (el Dorado) or gold-brown (Baked) without the brightness.   Looking to match this with Smog, thus the focus on this being a tonal brightness.   All suggestions welcome and thank you! <3
I already have the naked basics and the naked 2 palette. I want another nude eyeshadow palette that has both shimmery and matte colors, they're pigmented, and has good ratings. Thanks.
Here is my story... I have longgg lashes, when I use mascara they normally brush against the skin right under my eyebrows. I also have oily eyelids so during the day some of the mascara rubs off and I get little black smudges along the bottom of my brows where my lashes brush against. It happens with both regular and waterproof mascara. Does this happen to anyone else or does anyone know how to prevent this? 
I have oily and hooded eyelids, which makes applying liner really difficult. I need something that: 1. Stays without transferring to my eye crease 2. Allows me to get really thin lines 3. Would be bold enough to do a cat eye type line.   Any recommendations?
Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.45.20 PM.png
http://www.sephora.com/colorful-5-eyeshadow-palett e-P386615?skuId=1582766#askAndAnswerTab Anyone have this or have swatched these palettes? I'm interested in the Mild to Wild Khaki specifically.
A couple of years ago I bought several bottles of Estee Lauder's eye makeup remover in order to grab up some fantastic GWPs. A short while after Estee announced they reversed their ban on animal testing to enter the China market.  With great tears I had to put Estee on my ban list and tearfully missed them ever since. Fortunately my stock up has lasted me this long, but now I'm dredging the bottom of my last bottle and need a new cruelty free remover. Any suggestions?
Hello again lovelies!    So, I have a wonderful neutral eyeshadow palette that I absolutely adore (Kat Von D's Saint, yes I know it's being discontinued, so I have a spare...then I have to find a new palette) and it's worked absolute wonders while I've worked at my internship for the past four months.    I head back to university soon to complete another year, and even though I adore neutral shadows, I was thinking about bringing in a little bit of color, variety I couldn't do in the workplace this summer.    With that being said, I was wondering if there were any "accent" eyeshadow palettes, ones that would compliment an existing neutral palette, by adding a bit of color that you would recommend? 
Just purchsed the Naked 3 pallette...does anyone know how to blend the colors to make a pretty pink for the eyes?
I have really bad allergies and believe that my clinique that i've worn all my life is irritating it more; My eyes are red, swollen and then flake when the swelling goes down. Any suggestions on a good eye makeup that won't irritate my eyes?
When removing my eye makeup every night, I've been losing 2-4 eyelashes and I'm starting to get worried. Is this normal???
  I want my eyes to pop more. I have brown eyes. Is there a brand and or color/ palette that will help?
Hey guys i need some suggestions on good quality, but affordable eyeshadow brushes ! I am always really bad about picking them and right now I'm just using the brushes that comes with my palettes/ and some sephora brushes that came in a set , they get the job done but it would be much easier if i had better brushes lol thanks for anyone who helps ( and they don't have to be from sephora)
Hey guys, I'm looking for a mascara that lengthens, separates, and volumizes. I have short eye lashes and they're thick.  Any suggestions besides They're Real and Buxom? Thanks!