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Hello everyone! Hope everyone's having fun tonight, may your 2015 be filled with good things... like the Dual-Intensity palette.. I just wanted to tell you that you can purchase it already on Nars site.     Happy New Year!
What is the best eye makeup style, for office and women over 50?  Also, what shade goes where?
Hey all, I usually do a cat eye/ use the Urban Decay Naked2 palette when I go out with my boyfriend but I'm looking to try something a little different for Valentine's day. Maybe something with a little more color? This refers to eye, lip and cheek and all ideas are appreciated!
I'm in love with these matte shades and I'd really like to add it to my collection! How are you guys liking this palette? Are there any cons? I'd love to hear your thoughts
Which primer do you recommend? I have the Two Faced Chocolate Bar palette, Urban Decay Naked 2 and the Vice 3 palette. Which primers work best with the shadow formulas in these palettes? I'm open to any other suggestions you may have
Do any of you guys have this palette? What are your thoughts? I'm thinking about purchasing this but I need some final thoughts! Thanks!
I use an eyeshadow base all the time, either a drugstore brand, Essence or the Benefit Lemon-Aid Primer.  I use either or just depends.   Anyway, so my issue is that when I want to do a smokey look using a black shadow or just a dark color, it doesn't stay through-out the day, it seems like it fades slowly on my top lip and when I smoke out my bottom lash area, it seems to be the same.  Both top and bottom seem to fade out slowly throughout the day...is there something other technique I could use to prevent that?   I love dark smokey looks, but rarely ever do them because of this issue I have.  Any suggestions?
I just wondering if anyone had swatches of any of the Burberry single eyeshadows on dark skin. I've been combing the internet and YouTube and am not finding much, but I would love to get my hands on one of them -- particularly the ones that are a bit more nude. Any photos or recommendations as to where I can find swatches would be a great help.
Hello!     I am looking into getting Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow, and I am not quite sure which shade to get.  I have black eyebrows, medium brown skin, and reddish hair. I was looking at the granite shade but I  feel like that would look way too unnatural! I was thinking about maybe ebony or a dark brown? Thanks!
It is online now   http://www.sephora.com/narsissist-dual-intensity-e yeshadow-palette-P393660?icid2=Nars_LP_NewFromNars ...
Has anyone else have problems with the tarte Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers? They make my lashes look great but it irritates my eyes so much I think I need to get them checked out. Anyone else have this problem or is it just me? 
I am about to finish my Anastasia clear brow gel, and I am debating between repurchasing it or try something new. Any recommendations? Drugstore or higher end all welcome!   Thanks
As soon as the Makeup Geek store restock their blushes, I'm placing an order. I am not familiar with their eyeshadow, which ones do you love/hate? What do you use it for (crease, highlight, blending, etc.)?    
Hi guys! I'm looking for a new eyeshadow palette but I'm not sure which one to get! I currently have the LORAC Pro and Naked 3, and I'm looking for a palette that isn't similar (color-wise) to either of those. I was originally planning on getting the LORAC Unzipped palette but I felt like it was too similar to my Naked 3. I had the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette in mind, but I'm open to other suggestions!   PS: I have brown eyes and I'm not really confident enough to wear bright colors like UD's Electric palette, lol. I also know that there's the LORAC Pro 2 but I'm not sure I could pull off cool toned colors ;~;   Thanks!
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good eye shadow palette for blue eyes? I have only recently begun experimenting eye shadows.  I never used to wear them at all but I am enjoying them lately.  I'd like to expand to a better and more fitting multipurpose collection.
i have really bad dark circles and bags under my eyes. i have tried many concealers but nothing works. what would be a good corrector for me? i have  a neutral undertone and an olive skin tone. Thanks, Sarah
I am looking for a powder that I can easily fill my eyebrows in and Benefit's Brow Zings has recently caught my eye. Do you think this product is worth $32? If not, what other alternatives to powdered brow products do you have?
Hey y'all. I've been having such a hard time finding an eyeliner that will stay on my waterline and not smudge within just a few hours. Any suggestions? I currently use Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner. Please and thank you!!!
Looking for a highly pigmented gel eyeliner for waterline, any suggestion please.   thanks valerie
I would like suggestions on a good mascara for FULL lashes, not long & spiky. I am 67 & have been using Lancome Defincils for years. However, my lashes are thinning & I want fullness, not length. Should I try Hypnose? Or another brand besides Lancome? Is there a trick to applying mascara for fullness? Thank you.
Okay, so I am absolutely in love with the mascaras that Sephora has to offer, such as Benefit's They're Real! and Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes, but they always seem to weigh my lashes down after a couple of seconds. I always curl my lashes before applying these mascaras, and they just don't hold the curl. Any solutions as to how to get my curl to stay up?
I've heard a lot about this mascara lately and would like to try it. I've read quite a few mixed reviews, though. Most people seem to like it and say that it gives great results, but I've come across the occasional review stating that it would rub off on everything, did not last long, was too liquid-y, etc. I was wondering what your experiences were with it. Would you recommend it? Does Sephora offer samples of this mascara to test out?
Every time i have to put eyeliner on my eyelids it runs when i get too close to the tear duct.  How do i make my eyeliner last, when i have watery eyes?
Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 5.23.09 PM.png
So I recently got into high end mascaras. I've tried everyting from: Too Faced - Better Than Sex Benefit - BADgal Lash UD - Perversion Benefit - They're real Mascara The only one that I loved was the better than sex. It gave me incredible volume and length.   Drugstore Mascara CoverGirl - Lash Blast (Orange tube) NYC - Big Bold Volume (I had to use this today, I didn't sleep home last night - NO MAKEUP BAG   so I used this and it really wasn't bad $4.99 Loreal - Butterfly Effect So my question is, is it worth it to buy high end? I want to purchase the full size Too Faced - Better than sex or DIORshow. Please help me make the decision!!   Thank you!
art deco 1.JPG
I'm getting married in a few months, and I'm looking for eye makeup inspiration. I'd like a look with bold false lashes (if anyone has suggestions for what brand, I'm all ears), and I'm trying to decide between a cut crease look, or a smokey eye. Just collecting inspiration photos at this point, so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them! For the rest of my look, I'll be wearing a long art deco inspired gown, and a messy bob. I'm a brunette, with very pale skin. 
Does anybody has a a good techniques for make up on hooded eyes ?   
So I've been using the UD primer for a couple years and it's always been my go-to for keeping eyeshadow from creasing on my oily oily eyelids. And this week it's stopped working at within a few hours my eyeshadow is a complete mess! Any thoughts as to what's happened or how to fix this?   It shouldn't be expired, I purchased a new tube less than 2 months ago because my previous tube wasn't working for me anymore. Is it possible I just got a really old product?