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I just recently purchased Too Faced Chocolate bar palate, and I wanted to get some ideas of color combos
What's the difference exactly? I think I've been using the cream liner but as much as I love love loooove it at first, it dries up SO FAST! I've tried Urban Decay Super Saturated Cream Eyeliner and the It Cosmetics Liner Love. Both dried up on me with at least 1/2 the pot still full Any product suggestions for me?
Does anyone know what other brands sell a color similiar to the UD Rockstar 24/7 eyeliner? I love the color but the quality of UD eyeliner is very poor and want to try a different brand...
Hi everyone! So I reallly want to buy a new waterproof mascara but I just can't decide on one. I want the mascara to be not clumpy, lengthening and volumising. Tell me what works for you. Thank you all in advance
I'm specifically the Urban Decay Original and Anti-Aging eyeshadow primers.    Thanks for any help! ^_^
Hi everyone! I am looking to find an under eye setting powder (as well as an overall setting powder to set my foundation). I have fairly oily/combo skin and Im pretty fair too! I have dark under eyes and use the Tarte color corrector and then apply my NARS concealer. I accidently bought the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder instead of the translucent one and I've used this to try to set my under eye and it looks horrible! Any recommendations on an under eye setting powder as well as an overall setting powder?
I'm working on improving my eye makeup, and I think it's time to invest in some good brushes. However, I have no idea where to begin. I don't do a ton of makeup: eye shadow, bottom eyeliner, and mascara. Right now I'm using some generic shade, blend, smudge, and crease brushes, but I want to start building my collection with some quality products that will last.    Are purchasing the individual $20-ish brushes worth it? Or is it more economical to buy a set? I'm okay with purchasing the more expensive ones if they are truly of good quality and will last me for a decently long time.   Also, what brushes are essential for a good eye makeup collection?   Thank you everyone!    
Hi! I have asian hooded eyelids that I don't really know how to work on So any advice or even recommended products would be great!
I am using tarte primer for my face, can I use same primer on my eye?
im looking for an eyeshadow palette with a lot of matte and shimmer PINK / PURPLE shades. I already have the morphe 35o palette so i don't need anything else with warm, orangey reds.. strictly pinks! please help
I have very dark circles, especially in the corners of my eyes.  I am 65+ and my skin is wrinkly, creepy, and makeup settles in the creases.  I am looking for both a concealer and color palette to use.  Thanks to all
I've been using Lancome Hypnose Drama WP but I see it's no longer sold (at least in Canada)...I've read through some other postings but a lot of people are looking for waterproof for every day or to avoid smudging in general. I really want to swim and have my mascara stay on...is this possible?! Any suggestions very welcome!! Thanks
I am really trying to up my eyeshadow game. I know it has a lot to do with my brushes and my overall technique but i need really blendable shadows to make my life easier. Suggestions? 
I used to only wear armani's eyes to kill waterproof mascara and went through several tubes of it. an armani counter representative swore to me that the only difference in the updated version is the packaging but this is clearly not the case ! has anyone noticed how subpar the new version is? it can't hold up curls, the brush is clearly different, and the wear is just not at all the same. I'm at the point where I want to see if any overseas online stores will carry the old version :^(
Urban Decay Perversion vs Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner? I'm a first time liquid eyeliner user and I just started doing my eyeliner on the top only. Which of those two liners would be better?
I need suggestions for the DARKEST MATTE BLACK eyeliner, please .. not waterprouf
I just had a full set of lash extensions put on yesterday and I'm loving them...but I'm also terrified to mess them up! I can't seem to find consistent information about caring for them to prolong their life. I know I have to use oil-free products but what about keeping them moist? Do you have to wash them at all? Help!
Hi, can someone suggest a NON-waterproof and oil free eyeliner that is a pencil form, and one that is a liquid pen form? The eyeliners I usually use are waterproof (UD 24/7, MJ highliner, Stila stay all day liquid, Lorac liquid pen...) Thanks!
Hi i'm doing my friends makeup for prom and she's wearing a black dress and wants neutral makeup. can someone create a neutral look idea that will go nicely for prom with her black dress? and if you had any other suggestions that u think will look better with the dress that would be great as well!
I have the all the naked 2 and naked 3 palettes, does anyone have recommendations for a good eyeshadow palette (I have yellow green eyes)?
Hi! I want to start shading in my eyebrows. My eyebrows are thin and sparce. I want something that is easy to use for beginners. I'm not trying to look for anything dramatic but more of a natural look. I want a natural look with some shape to my brow. My hair is dirty blonde with blonde highlights but I want my brows to match more of my natural hair color. What are some good suggestions for colors and what to use for my brows??
I have chronic dry eye and am trying to find the most gentle and nonirritating eye makeup on the market. Does anyone else have this problem? I've been told the best thing to do is not wear any makeup at all but I can't stand how I look without eye makeup.
I wanted to invest in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. But, I have a really hard time finding the right color. My hair is platinum blonde, but my eyebrows are a light black. Sort of like a dark grey. I used to use dark brown all the time when my hair was my natural color, but now that I'm blonde it looks funny. I ran out to the drugstore and bought two different colors - chocolate and medium brown. They both looked funny though because when I fill in my brows, the gaps are lighter than my real hairs. The only that seems to work is dark brown, but it still looks so funny with such light hair vs such dark hair. So, what do I do? I don't want to spend money on a pencil and end up getting the wrong shade.
I've seen Anastasia Soare use brow wax on some of her clients, but I don't understand what it would be for. Is it a good investment, or a waste?
I really don't know which palette to buy!! The urban decay Naked 3 or the tarte, tartelette tease, help me pick!