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Hi, I am interested in purchasing the Anatasia Beverly Hills brow definer but I am unsure on which shade is best suited me and was wondering if you were able to help.
I need a whold semester on classes in eyeliner to every nail it halfway one day and not take 45min.   What are some recommendations, I have dark brown hair and eyes and lighter skin.  So black for the color.  I always basically stuck with the drugstore glide on pencils with regular pencils tugging so much, and liquid not great for a shaky hand.  recently tried a kajal i swore by, but it seems a bit dry in less than a week.  easy to get on tho thick.  I nonstop hear about maybelline gel point and use brush in kit.  my hands wouldn't allow me the chance to succeed.     Also, a lot seem to get rubbed of after im done applying mascara.  have yet to find eye end or drugstore that stays
Male with amber eyes with a green ring around the outside and specks of red/brown inside  that look normal brown unless light is shining in them..want to make them pop out (in normal lighting) without it looking unnatural or non-masculine. Any ideas? Eyeliners/shadows/anything? I read about metallics and purples and things but many of those ideas seem like theyd be meant for more feminine/stark looks
Love this product! Would purchase for the brush itself. At first I was worried you would be able to see the difference between the pencil and my eyebrows, but it is so natural and long lasting. Definitely recommend!  
It looks like Sephora has discontinued their Babydoll Nightie eye shadow color.  Is that color now being sold under a different name or is there a new color that is similar?  Thank you!
Hi Ladies,   Firstly I apologize if I post incorrectly or my photos are crooked. This is my first time uploading a photo here.   I am having a problem with my Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original). I purchased it this past December. Previously I was using the same primer (UD) for over 3 years. I don't buy a lot at Sephora because I  don't know what some of the best products are.   I immediately noticed a change in my eye make up when I opened my second tube of UD primer potion. I hate the new packaging! Tons of product comes out of the tube at once, and the primer seems 'wet'.   I am not happy with how my eye shadow looks. Am I doing something wrong? I am by no means an expert in make up application but I definetely noticed a change with the second primer. Perhaps they changed their formula?   Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!                
I'm having an extremely odd allergic reaction and I can't get an appointment with a doctor until August, so I'm hoping some of you fab folks have some insight. My issue is primer and only on my lids. I used to use UD Primer Potion and, when they changed the formula, I began having a reaction. I then tried Trish McEvoy and also had a reaction. Both contained silicone (dimethicone in UD, cyclopentasiloxane in Trish McEvoy). I then tried Too Faced Glitter Glue, which does not contain silicone in any form, and had a reaction to that. My fiancé and I scoured the ingredients of the three, and the only ingredient they all have in common is phenoxyethanol.   Anyone ever heard of an allergy to this?? I'm trying now to find a primer that doesn't contain phenoxyethanol, which is possible, but I'm just so tired of trying something, doing my makeup, and 3 hours later having to take it off because my lids are red, swollen, and itchy. Plus, then I can't wear any eye makeup for a week and it's really annoying. 
I love eye liner, but hate that it smears when i apply it to my lower lid. what do you suggest I use to stop this from happening!
Hello. I have wimpy lashes. They are straight and if a mascara is too heavy they lose their curl. I have tried everything from drugstore to high end. I enjoyed the Better Than Sex mascara but it ended up flaking into my eyes. Also, I enjoyed  Givenchy   Phenomen'Eyes Mascara because it held a curl and separated my lashes. However, it smudged and was somewhat difficult to put on. In short, I am looking for a mascara that holds a curl, volumizes, and separates. Thank you.
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I just went and got a new dress for Easter. It's a beautiful green and white striped dress and I absolutely love it. However, I'm not sure about how I should do my makeup. I want to use my Nyx prismatic eyeshadow in Mermaid, a very beautiful bright green color. I am slightly colorblind so I can't describe the exact shade very well, sorry. Would that be a good idea? 
I'm deciding between the naked palletes or too faced. I have hazel eyes which are sometimes darker and blonde hair which would suit me best? I don't really care for dark smokey looks 
Hi everyone! I'm in the market for a new eyeshadow palette.  i feel like I've been staring at Sephora's website and walking around the store in circles.  So I'm crowdsourcing help.  So...help? Here's a bit about me:     --I'm so cool-toned I'm practically pink.  If you've ever gotten your "colors done"--I'm a summer.  Like WAY a summer. --I have blue eyes that can either look VERY blue or VERY grey, depending.  --Gold does NOT look good on me.  --My current favorite palettes are Stila Eyes are the Windows (Soul) and Naked Basics 2.  --I've tried Naked 2.  Wasn't impressed and returned it, but am willing to give it another try.  --I've never been impressed with Lorac shadows.  Had Pro 2, sold it.  --I love neutrals.  Taupes and greys look best on me.  Some mauvy shades work as well.  --I'm not particular about shimmers vs. mattes--I'd like a good mix of both.  Not a giant fan of GLITTERS.    I really appreciate anyone's help/suggestions!
Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)       I am in my mid. 50's and was wanting to know should I wear black ,brown , or blue mascara ??  was also wanting to know what colors of eye shadow and liner I should wear ?? I perspire allot so I need to know what I can use to keep my makeup from melting off .  I have light skin complexion with reddish undertones and never wear makeup except on rare occasions . My hair is highlighted with blonde and blue green eyes..  Thank you for your help in advance ... MMNI
Hey everyone, I'd like to ask if you have 2 seperate eyebrow routines or do you just do your brows the same way all the time ?.    For example on the days you want to look super polished and perfect you'd do the really sculpted/carved brow and then on days when you just want to go for a natural look you'd just simply fill them in ?. I don't know if this makes sense but I hope I made sense lol. 
I am in need of an eyeliner that will stay on my waterline without rubbing off within a couple of hours. I also wear contacts. I have never had any luck with liquid eyeliner either but I am open to suggestions. I normally like it to look very black 
I'm doing some research on tarte's amazonian clay gel pot eyeliner and was happy to see that it's marketed as vegan. However, the last ingredient in the black liner (more on that in a sec) is carmine! Carmine is a red coloring made from the cochineal beetle, so if this is an ingredient in it, then it's technically not vegan. Also, side note, carmine is used for reds, blues, and purples mainly, yet those colors don't list carmine---is this a labeling mix up? Not sure why it would appear in black, but not the more obvious color choices.
Hi i'm doing my friends makeup for prom and she's wearing a black dress and wants neutral makeup. can someone create a neutral look idea that will go nicely for prom with her black dress? and if you had any other suggestions that u think will look better with the dress that would be great as well!
Which eyeshadow palette is better, MAC cool neutral or Urban Decay Smokey Eye Palette?
My concealer is creasing on my eye lids (I don't usually wear shadow for the same reason, only mascara) even when I use eye primer first and set it with powder. Nothing is working I have hooded eyes and need to brighten my lids/brow area so it doesn't look heavy or dark. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent eye lid creasing? I am at my wits end! Thanks in advance for any help!
Does anyone know where I can find the too faced sweet peach palette in Edmonton? I can't find it anywhere online, is Sephora even going to be restocking?
Hey everyone! I stopped by Ulta today and fell in love with the UD Alice Through the Looking Glass palette and I was wondering if Sephora would be carrying it? Or if it's an Ulta exclusive?
I use the Elf HD Lift Concealer and after I’ve blended it with my beauty blender sponge (this is a drugstore one) and set it with my powder…it tends to look grey/chalky under my eyes.   How can I fix this?   Would the UD Correcting Fluid in Peach help with this?  What could I do? I hate the way it looks after I’ve finished my complete look.
Recently, I've been dealing with my eyeliner smudging and rubbing off within maybe an hour of applying it. I have one monolid eye and one double lid eye so it only comes off on the double lid, I suspect it's because I have bangs now and my hair has been producing more oil as of lately. I only use liquid eyeliners, eyeshadows typically make my eyes water and feel heavy.   So my question is: What do you guys suggest I do/use to set my eyeliner and ensure it does not budge? So far, I've used Stila and Kiko Milano for eyeliners and haven't tried any primers yet. I've also tried setting the eyeliner with the tiniest bit of black shadow but it still comes off. Any tips/suggestions?
Why is this product only for VIB Rouge?  Ugh...will this be available in the 4-pack for regular Sephora customers??? I love the colors in there...versus just buying only 1.
I typically wear a single shadow all over the lid and have only recently been experimenting with actually using a darker color in the crease. However, most of the matte brown shades i've tried in the crease tend to look too dark / harsh for me. So I'm looking for suggestions for a crease shade that is slightly darker than my skin tone and will go well with a simple champagne / taupe everyday shadow.   I have fair skin with yellow undertone (ex. I wear the shade Gobi in the Nars sheer glow foundation). My go to everyday shadow colors are  Stila Wheat, Urban Decay Sin, Mac Naked lunch and Burberry Pale Barley.   I'm open to any brands, but I tend to like Stila, Urban Decay and Mac. I would particularly like a Mac suggestion since I'm placing an order withe them anyway (I was considering Soft Brown but I really think it's too dark for me - I was instead looking at Kid or Omega as possibilities).
I have tried several different primers, eyeliners, mascaras, and shadows. My eye makeup runs and pools at the corners and under my eyes, giving me raccoon eyes. Help! What products do you suggest to solve this issue?