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I am looking for a good neutral eye shadow pallette for brown eyes that is slightly shimmery - not sparkly and not matte.
I have sensitive skin in general. If I put on any kind of eye makeup, I am fine for 8-12 hours. But when I remove the makeup (does not matter how I do it: using a wash, wipes, makeup remover), my upper lid swells up for a day or so. I have to skip a day of eye makeup to go back to normal.  I have thrown mascaras away thinking the tube is too old, no difference. I truly think if I sleep in my makeup, I will be fine (not that I want to do that). I have noticed the more tugging I do on the lid, the more the swelling. I use UD primer on lids, I also tried too face primer with no difference. I use origins eye cream on lower lid but nothing for upper lid.I use dior mascara, UD shadows, smashbox concealer for lower lid( which is starting to cake for no good reason). Any suggestions? thanks in advance. I would go to a sephora store for advice but the closest one to me is an hour away!
Hi, beauties!   I need some brow help --  my eyebrows are a light-medium ashy brown and my hair is a light red (almost strawberry blond, but still red). My colorist is leery of lightening them. I had been using the left side of Anastasia Brow Powder in Caramel (formerly Strawburn) to warm them up, but because they're ashy, they still look so dark. I tried MAC Brow Set Gel (the newer one) in Toasted Blond, which works well sometimes but it doesn't deposit enough color. I've also been to the Benefit Brow Bar, but they don't lighten, and the auburn shade they have is very dark.    My colorist says she cautions against brow lightening because she said they have the tendency to go orange(!), but I'm wondering if anyone has successfully done it themselves, gone somewhere, or if there's a product you recommend that would really lighten the appearance (and add warmth), because they're driving me crazy. (Luckily, my bangs cover them a bit.) Thank you in advance!   ETA: Maybe I should have posted this in "Hair" instead of eye makeup.
So, I've been eyeing the YSL Couture Palettes for a few months now, and I keep flip flopping between a few different palettes. In addition, some of them are not displayed in my local Sephora (such as the top one). Here's my shortlist:   Couleurs 11   Couleurs 09   So, my questions are:   1) Are there any other ones I should be considering? 2) What are people's experiences with YSL eyeshadows? 3) Do I really need the Couleurs 09 if I have the Urban Decay Naked 3? I understand that this palette is more warm-toned than the UD one, but I don't want to be wasteful with this purchase. 
I use daily (and LOVE!) Urban Decay's 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner in perversion and I just went to reorder it...and it seems that it's no longer available?! HELP! Does anyone have a suggestion for one that is like it?   I absolutely LOVED the brush and the color. Some eyeliners are TOO black and this one was just right.  Thanks!
So sorry - I feel like I'm being difficult!   Last time I ask I promise!   If I have lorac pro 1 and naked 3, which is the most different to complement my collection - naked 1 or 2?     
I need help with really bad dark circles. They are hereditary, no matter what I do they are not going anywhere. On top of that they are deep set. The concealer wears off very fast and it always ends up creasing. If that's not all, I have golden undertones. It is very difficult to find a color that matches my skin and it never looks right; I end up with a grayish shadow. I need help. I'm tired of looking tired with make up on. 
hi everyone, I need some advice please. I see a couple of barely used if ever, UD palettes for sale on Kijiji (our equivalent of Craigslist) There is the Glinda palette, the Deluxe eyeshadow palette, the Naked 2 palette. Under $20 each. I am really tempted to grab - esp the N2 since I only have the 3. Is it safe to buy used palettes if I use my own brushes and wipe off the top layer of shadow?
My left eye gets watery from time to time and after about 2 hours I end up with one eye perfect and the other is a mess. My mascara is fine, but my shadow is wrecked from the moisture.  I never rub my eye, just gently dab the outer corner (where it's watering) with a tissue or the edge of my finger.  In my ideal world there would be a product I can use to spray on my makeup like a sealant (someone, please make my day and tell me such a product exists!) but until then, I'll settle on advice from my favorite fellow beauty junkies! 
I'm looking for matte colors that good for everyday wear, special occasions, or nights out.
I keep going back and forth between buying another UD palette (like Vice 3) or trying Too Faced Pretty Rebel or Boudoir Eyes. I have a UD palette but no TF yet. Not sure - which brand do you prefer for eyeshadows?
Does anyone have any dupe swatches for the UD honey color? I'm utterly depressed that I haven't found anything that quite comes close to the brassiness it has, as most other colors come up as straight gold (el Dorado) or gold-brown (Baked) without the brightness.   Looking to match this with Smog, thus the focus on this being a tonal brightness.   All suggestions welcome and thank you! <3
I have monolids and I'm asian. I have been trying to look for a perfect non-felt tip liquid eyeliner. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've tried the stila, marc jacobs and the Shu Uemura.
I had a palette with that color in it but can't find the shade for purchase on its own. Any suggestions?
Hi, I just bought the absolutely gorgeous Palette Extravaganza / Extravagancia (to those across the pond) - and was wondering the best ways to wear this palette? I have deep set eyes, and dark colors can sometimes make it look like I have a black eye when wearing (even with under eye makeup - but maybe I'm doing it wrong). Of course - I'm especially with the darkest, plum glittery color. Any advice would be most appreciated!  
I am just now getting into wearing false lashes, even bought a lot of them recently. I love how they make my eyes look with that POP! Now here is the problem, I have been using Bimatoprost since May and my lashes are long, but not the Latisse long. I use the lashes to enhance more, but the glue(s) I use do work but some how burn my eyes a little...I don't know if its my allergies which isn;t too bad but the burning feel is not pleasant.    I used Duo with vit A,C D Revlon's supplied glue that came with lashes..Eyelure   now could it be because of the lash serum that could be affecting and causing the semi-burning feeling. No my eyes don;t turn red at all. Just that annoying feeling.   thanks..any recommendations/advice is extremely welcomed. I love my lashes and don;t want to part with them...
hi all! So now I am starting a collection, I have realized that palettes are awesome!!!! I have Naked 3 and Lorac 1 - what do you love? What are your favorites?   I'm going nuts with online shopping LOL
which is the best one? I don't have any and don't know which to get. what are the differences? Is it like the Nakeds where one is warm, cool, and rose?
Does anyone know a drug store dupe for the lorac pro liner? I'm looking for a dupe I can use everyday since I go through the pens rather quickly. I'm looking for a similar tip that is soft. I've tried the NYX fat eye marker but it too hard and drags on my eyelids. The best dupe I've tried is physician's formula but I'm looking for other options.
my eyes are uneven, my left one is a bit (maybe 1mm) lower than my right. sometimes people don't notice unless i tell them, sometimes they do. i'm really insecure about it so i can never look at anyone in the eyes for too long cuz i'm scared they'll notice. what can i do to fix this?
What does the immediate eye area mean? Does it mean the waterline or does that include the lid as well
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.51.54 PM.png
  I mean... how do you explain this? If you need your brow pencil a shade darker, you'll have to pay more? Colour me extremely confused and slightly irritated
Alright, here are swatches from makeupbysona's Instagram What do you think?? 
Photo Collage Maker_kbGTsi.png
Here is the new Urban Decay pallet. It is for the 21 Days of Beauty event at Ulta but is available now.  
It seems like my YT home page has been inundated with reviews of these $5 Colourpop Super Shock cream eye shadows. They actually look quite lovely, but when I see everyone and their mother doing a review for something they were sent on YT, I tend to take those reviews with a heaping grain of salt. Has anyone actually tried these? The price is appealing at least.
looking for an eyeshadow pallette with several (or at least a few) mauve-toned shades...suggestions?
So i own one blending brush from sephora, a shader brush from sephora, a pencil brush from mac 219(white hair) and a shader brush 239 From mac as well (white hair)   im not sure how the hairs of the brush effect the shadow application but when ever i apply shadow from my Naked two palette and KVD Spell binding palette i never get the color pay off i want. The KVD pallete is the worse. When i use my mac shader brush its like all the color stays bright on the brush hairs and very little goes onto my lid/: in order to get good color pay off i use my fingers. For half baked from the naked pallet i use my finger to get the real beautiful gold pay off.   what am i doing wrong? i used mac painterly pot as a base.
Have you seen this baby yet? So pretty! Temptalia posted this today.             $250.00 U.S. / $295.00 CDN (Limited Edition)   "Availability:  September 2nd for VIB Rouges, full release on September 9th at  Sephora and September 2nd at Make Up For Ever Boutiques." Temptalia