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I'm 16-almost-17 and finally getting into makeup. I feel like eyeshadow is what I'm going to struggle with most, partly because holy heck what do I do and also because I'm so pale. I'm super pale and freckled, red hair, blue eyes. I have no idea what would look good on me, and what colors I should start learning to use. I like neutrals, but want to be able to try something more adventurous every once in a while too. Suggestions? Not just for colors but also styles and cream vs. powder, if you could, would be greatly appreciated!
Does anyone know of a peachy off-white eye pencil? Or any other good eye brightener for Asians? I haven't had any good experiences finding a pencil that is long lasting or has a color that goes well with my skin tone.
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Not sure who can help me with this.  I already have Naked 1 and 3 eye palettes as well as a palette from De Balm.  I want to add another palette to add on to what I have to help spice things up a bit, but not with too bold too crazy rainbow colours.  I seem to have lots of nudes.  I have my eye on the Chocolate Bar Palette, but they seem to have similar colours to the Naked ones.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking the maybe up to $60-65 range.
I always have a hard time finding the right summer shades for a pretty, sunkissed look that blends well with my dark hair/eye and light skin combo. I have a reddish under-tone to my skin and I do eventually get a summer tan, but for the beginning of summer I need a little help creating a summer look and I don't want to buy a palette I end up hating. Suggestions anyone? Thanks!
I have seen so many tutorials on this palette.   Just wondering on if this palette smells like chocolate too just like the first palette? I don't own either of these palettes, but I am wondering if ever purchased, could one actually stand the scent? lol   It is a little pricey I believe for either palettes...but I can tell many have gone insane over it.   How do people like this palette? Can you tolerate the scent?   Is it better then the first palette?
I'm having kind of a weird problem; once it's on, my eyeliner stays put. I used to use pencils and gels but have recently switched to Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner.  Loving this liner and finding that liquid works better for hugging the lashline and that it entails way less tugging.  BUT, it has a tendency to bleed  during application .  Before it even sets, it bleeds into tiny wrinkles in my upper lids.  I don't even have many upper lid wrinkles, but this formula finds them and settles into them ASAP. Has anyone else experienced this and found a way around it? FYI, I do use eye primer (Too Faced's Shadow Insurance, which I've found to work better for me and look more natural on me than any of the others.), so it's not just a matter of needing to use primer.   Thanks!
Help!!..What is the best eye shadow primer for oily lids? I need one with long staying power.
I currently use a great eye makeup remover but won't be buying it anymore as I am spending my money on cruelty free brands so I'm looking for a different product. Any thoughts? I'm looking at this one in particular.   http://www.sephora.com/gentle-oil-free-eye-makeup- remover-P301779?skuId=1388859   Thanks!
I recently dyed my hair to a dark brown colour from a previous black. Problem is my eyebrows remain to be the thick but tamed Cara Delevigne-like black naturally. I personally don't take such a huge leap to wax them to extreme thin eyebrows to manipulate my brows. How do i get them to be the ideal two shades lighter colour, of my dark brown hair without bulking my eyebrows any further to just changing the colour? (no bleach products)   LIKENESS: Hair Colour   My Eyebrows  
I have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses and I'm looking for a good every day mascara. Something that looks natural. Thank you.
I'd like a lip stain that stays on that gives just a nice hint of color. Any suggestions? Thank you!
I'm preparing my shopping list for VIB I always go back to this - I have Lorac Pro and Naked 3 so I have a lot of neutrals - is chocolate bar worth getting if I have the lorac? I was debating between that or the Innerstellar (just worried it's too cool, I cannot do silvers) Opinions please? thanks very much 
What shade, from any brand, could replace Smashbox's the discontinued "Champagne" and "Brazilian bronze"?
I'm curious to know, which do you gravitate more towards, warm or cool toned eyeshadows? Also, what is your skin tone/undertones?   I'm kind of in the middle, I love the cool tones in the Naked 2, but most of my other eyeshadows are warms!
There are serums and mascara primers that nourish your lashes and helps them grow.   There are eye makeup removers for gentle/sensitive eyes and extra strength for stay-put eye makeup. They come in liquids, gels, foam, oil, balm or wipes   Is there such a product that actually helps lashes grow and removes waterproof mascara at the end of the day?   I’m intrigued by one in particular by Kate Somerville. Have you tried this one or any other one? What is your experience with such product?   I need to repurchase an eye makeup remover soon and need suggestions to try a new one please.
Does anyone have both of these? Can you comment on differences or similarities between them? I don't have either one but am thinking about getting one...or both. I have two other Chanel eyeshadow quads and love them-I have Poesie (fall limited release) and the Reve D'Orient holiday quad. I'm looking for a neutral, not overly shimmery (I'm in my 40's and light medium skin) that would work for everyday as well as evening. I thought about getting TF Golden Mink but that one is more glitter/sparkly than I want.  Thanks in advance for anyone's input
I've tried Urban Decay's primer potion and it creases my shadows after only about 4 hours of wear Any suggestions for a better primer? 
Hey ladies, I'm headed to Sephora tomorrow and I'm in need of advice on mascara. I have fairly long lashes that will curl when using an eyelash curler, but the second that I apply mascara to my lashes they droop down and sick out straight. I've resorted to wearing waterproof mascara daily, which is terrible for my lashes and sometimes very difficult to remove. Does anyone know of a mascara that is lightweight enough to keep my lashes curled but also volumizes and lengthens? 
Hi ladies!   So I've recently been really into Colour Pop but I find their packaging so cumbersome. It is possible to depot them from the white packaging but it's not recommended because of they could dry out so I was wondering if anyone has depotted their Colour Pops, for how long have they been depotted, and if you've noticed a change in their texture.   I find the packaging so annoying that I think even if they do dry out a bit, I'd be willing to put up with it. I just don't want them to dry out completely. I have a very tiny apartment so space is very tight.    Thanks for any help!
I'm vietnamese with black hair, brown eyes and a medium skin tone. I'm just starting to get into make up and want to know, what is the best eye shadow palette you would recommend? Would you choose the naked 1 or naked 2 palette (I don't really like the pink tones of naked 3) instead of some other palette? What else would you recommend for a beginner like me?
I can sit here and read all day how to put on eye liner, but I do best by watching videos. Anyone can help me out?
hello. what is the difference between these two shadows?   NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow NARS Single Eye Shadow I
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So im on a hunt for more brushes!    dont need more but yeah...  might be time to get rid of some  i have Qou, Danielle, one or 2 very old smashbox ones(but their amazing) and ELF ones    What are your suggestions and recommendations  
Hi - Trying to find out which Naked palette is best for my eyes and skin tone.  I have pale skin (cool toned I think), blonde hair and dark blueish, grayish, greenish eyes.  Hard to tell what color my eyes actually are but all I can say is, they're not brown but they are dark.  I'm interested in natural, every day looks.  Help!  Which palette??
I'll be honest I never used one before. I'd just spend a lot of time blending out my shadow and of course it never turned out 100% like I wanted to. I realized I'm definitely behind on the times and should update my eyeshadow routine. I have no idea what color I should be looking for, but I know I want it to be able to work with pretty much anything. I'm very fair and have a pink undertone (if that matters at all). Please and thank you!  
Hello everyone! My school is having a black light dance for this year's spring homecoming. Please help recommend products that would look cool under the lights. Also, which products should I avoid?   I have already learned after a quick google search to avoid products with SPF.   However, which eyeshadows/lipshades glow under black light in your experience? I have Urban Decay's Vice LTD (Roadstripe may glow I think?) Electric, Vice 3, Smoked, Nakeds 1, 2, 3, and Too Faced Chocolate Bar, although I am open to buying a palette as long as it isn't made just for black lights so I couldn't wear it again. Same goes for a lippie.   Also, if you have any more advice I'd appreciate it!   Please help! Thanks in advance!
I need a concealer that won't cake and settle in the crease to cover my dark circles. Which one would you all recommend?   Right now I am using Benefit's fake-up and I am almost out and want to see if there is something better out there that I can try. Thanks!
I'm not much of an eye makeup user.  I have trouble remembering to wear mascara to work five days a week and I have yet to master eyeliner!  However, I'm interested in finding a product to brighten and possibly cover up my veiny eyelids.  They tend to have a purplish hue which I believe is contributing to people constantly telling me I look tired even when I've gotten a full night's sleep!   I'd appreciate suggestions for a natural looking, low maintenance product.  In case color comes into play, I have light, cool toned skin and blue eyes.   Thanks!
Is the ABH Tinted Brow Gel being phased out?? It's out of stock on Sephora's website, and I can't find it on the ABH website... Anyone know anything about it??? It's one of my favorite brow products.
hi ladies. I need some help finding a brow kit or brow pencil for my eyebrows. I have tried.a few different things but none of them ever work for me or they just come off so easily and or are really hard to acheive a descent looking brow. I would gladly appreciate any advice or recomendations on brows. Please any help would be great. Im willing to try any prouduct or tricks to get pretty brows. TIA. 😄😊