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what are the best eyeliners, either pencils, gels, or others that stay on-and are easily applied.
Pantone's color of the year for 2017 was announced today! It is Greenery!   I think this is a lovely color but now sure how it will translate to all types of makeup (aside from eye makeup). Just wondering if you all already have anything in your stash that you think is in the Greenery family?    
Hello, I am looking for an eyeliner that comes in a lot of colors, preferably shimmery colors but not too glittery, that will create a soft smudged look. I am 69 years old. Thank you!
Searching for a mascara that won't bleed onto my upper eyelids! Would prefer it not be waterproof. Have used great lash by Maybelline my entire life and now all of sudden it is bleeding onto my upper lids (they are not oily).  I have tried putting loose powder on my lashes and lids and it still happens.  I have also tried Almay and same thing!     
My lashes are pin straight and every mascara i have tried has weighed them down after being curled.   Any suggestions for mascara that can keep my lashes up and full (no flaking is a bonus)?
Looking for a super matte liquid liner pen in black or gray that won't flake or run on oily lids. For some reason I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything truly matte - everything I try looks shiny or satin. Any ideas?
How can I take an appointment for getting my brows done at benefit brow bar in Sephora, and did anyone get their brows did there. Is it good or bad.
I use the anastasia brow wiz in dark brown but it finished quite fast so I want to switch to the pomade. Im unsure if I should get the same shade or a different one? I've also used It cosmetics in taupe before. Any suggestions?
Hey,   I'm a new makeup artist. I wanna buy myself a eye palette for clients. Which one should i get ?     Thank you A
hi, i am going on a cruise over new years eve and we have to dress very fancy one night and i want to have nice lashes to make my eyes pop considering how short and thin my lashes regularly are does anyone know of any tips on how to apply false lashes or where i could get someone to show me because i have never worn them before. thanks!  
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Hi, I am looking for a clear mascara that I can use on my eyelash extensions.  Can you make a recommendation?  thanks !
My girlfriend asked me for a bunch of makeup for the holidays and also an eyeliner. I have no idea which is the best eyeliner I could buy my girl. Please HELP! 
Hey guys! Has anyone seen swatches for the Too Faced white chocolate chip palette? I managed to buy one but I live in Hawaii so I will have to wait a while before I get it. I am dying to see what it looks like "IRL"
Looking for a mascara that gives an insane amount of volume & stays put all day without flaking. Any suggestions??? 
Hi Everybody! Just curious to see if anyone has heard anything about the Too Faced Funfetti collection? Will it be available in Canada?Soon?I am dying to purchase this set!!Any info would be greatly appreciated!
I would like recommendations for brown or neutral shadows. I have brown eyes, auburn hair and I am in my 60's. I like a sophisticated look-and also not over or under made up.
I currently use Benefits They're Real Mascara and I love it but I'm looking for something waterproof. I love the curl and appearance of length it gives so looking for something similar. Anything out there that people just love? Thanks!
Looking for a great mascara that produces length and volume-does that exist?
I really like the Chocolate Shop one and the Grande Hotel Cafe one! I am newer to makeup, so just a good starter palette! I have hazel eyes and Im not pale but not super tan. I'm an NW25 in mac...  Which do you believe would work better for me? Thanks in advance!
I recently purchased your Sephora Crayon Contour 12 Hour Waterproof Eyeliner. The tip of the product fell of as if the product it was connected to inside was too soft. I have no idea on how to sharpen it because it is in a plastic container. PLEASE HELP!!
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Hi  Does anyone know the exact time on black Friday the too faced white chocolate chip palette will launch for sephora? And does anyone know if it will be just online or in stores?    Thanks!
I have dark circles under my eyes and I also have the beginning of crow's feet (I'm 35). I find that all of the concealers that I have tried settle in my 'wrinkles' under my eyes...I need help!! Wearing concealer is ageing me, but I need it to hide my dark circles (thank you four children!).
Hi All, What's the best eye shadows/palettes for somebody with blue eyes, pale skin and cool undertones?   I favor black eyeliner and mascara    Thanks for the suggestions! 
Hi! Do you girls/guys know any awesome way of getting rid of/covering up dark circles?   I'm only 25 and I've always had some sort of dark circles, but it has gotten worse lately due to stress/lack of sleep/staring at the computer too much. I've tried so many products already..concealers, peach-colored correctors, yellow-colored correctors, highlighters...they just don't cover up my dark circles for some reason. You can still see it, especially when I look down. I've also used several masks and eye creams with no visible improvement. The only category I haven't tried is laser treatment/ surgery/ fillers. I have a neutral-light skintone . List of correctors I've tried : - CoverFX Click Stick in Peach - Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Corrector in Peach - Amazing Cosmetics Amazingconcealer Corrector (double-ended) in Light/Medium - Maybelline Cover Stick in Yellow List of concealers I've tried: - Smashbox Studio Skin 24-hour Waterproof concealer in Light Neutral - CoverFX Blemish Treatment Concealer in N Light - Maybelline Cover Stick in Ivory Beige My dark circle coverup routine : 1. Put lotion on my entire face. (I do not wear primer under my eyes.) 2. Dab corrector on dark parts only, blend in with sponge. [After it is blended, you can still see my dark circles.] 3. Dab on concealer, blend in with sponge or fingers. [Dark circles are a tiny bit better, but you can definitely still see it especially when I look down.]   4. Set with translucent powder. My dark circles are bruise-like brownish upside-down arches 0.5-0.75 inches down my lower lashline , where my lower socket bone is. It is strange that I can't cover it up invisbly because I've seen people on Youtube with worse dark circles and birth marks able to cover it nicely. I must be doing something wrong right? Any tips? Thanks!
Hey all, I am looking to treat myself to a new eye palette. I have olive green eyes and light skin... my favorite palette currently is the Naked basics palette (I love neutral colors). I have really been flip flopping on what to get. I am stuck between the Naked ultimate basics, or the Tartlette in Bloom palette. I would love advice about either one or suggestions of other palettes to look into.