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 I have heard that a cream base is better, but I have no idea? If so, which one do u recommend? And if not, what kind? Thanks for any and all help.
Can anyone tell me if these eyeshadow palettes contain fragrance? I can't find an ingredients list anywhere despite my search efforts.    https://m.sephora.com/product/P387052?skuId=162740 5   ETA: I just answered my own question. I found a photo of the ingredients list on the packaging on Temptalia, so if anyone else has the same question, the answer is no re: fragrance in these palettes.  http://www.temptalia.com/ysl-scandal-couture-eyesh adow-palette-review-photos-swatches/
Pantone's color of the year for 2017 was announced today! It is Greenery!   I think this is a lovely color but now sure how it will translate to all types of makeup (aside from eye makeup). Just wondering if you all already have anything in your stash that you think is in the Greenery family?    
Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 10.59.03 PM.png
so need some advice. I had chemo and my brows never fully grew back in. I never had to use anything on my brows before and I feel kind of like a clown when I have had them done in the past. Any advice on products to use or where to go for some how to. Thanks.
What is the best eye shadow colors for green eyes?
I was depotting some eyeshadows and I was taking the glue off with nail polish remover. Some eyeshadows got wet with the remover. At first it didn't occur to me that this was bad and let the remover dry. Of course now I know that it's bad for the eyeshadows to have remover on it but I can't remember what eyeshadows got really wet. Any tips on how to figure out the differences between a good ones vs ones that have remover in them?  Oh and a few barely got wet, should I still toss those shadows? 
I have hooded eyelids, so any time I put any shadow on my lid it transfers as soon as I blink. By the end of the say my eye shadow looks like one big mess!!! which doesnt help my oily lids one bit. I feel like i have used every primer ever, which does help with the oiliness but not the transfering.     Are they are any tip, tricks, or products that help anyone else?
Hello, beautiful people, I need your opinions on this!   I want to purchase one of these Too Faced palettes. I like the peachy, soft pink looks that both of these palettes can create.   However, looking at the swatches online, it seems that either of these palettes have a few colors that seem similar to those in the Naked palettes. I already have Naked 1 and 2 palettes (I use Naked 1 a lot more than Naked 2, maybe because I have warm yellowy Asian complexion) Which one of these would best accompany Naked 1/2 palettes? Or, should I just forget about these and just get Naked 3? 
Hi! I have found myself using two particular shadows in my Morphe 35P palette much more than the rest and I am hitting pan on them already. I know the palettes are inexpensive, but I'm not going to buy a whole new palette just for two basic matte shades.   Does anyone know of any single shadow dupes for: - The shadow in the top left corner (ivory/vanilla matte shade) - The farthest left shadow in the middle row (warm/orange matte shade)
There is a shade called "Salted Caramel" in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.  I am running a bit low on it.  I was wondering if there is a dupe for it?  Also, how similar is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow in "Birkin" to Too Faced "Salted Caramel?"
My brow product won't 'stick' to the patches that I need to fill in. I've tried not moisturizing the area as much, working my primer into my brows, and applying witch hazel to my brows and letting it dry before applying product. Products I've tried: ABH Dipbrow & Brow Wiz, the Gimme Brow pencil, and MUFE Aqua brow. I have very dark brows, so it's very noticeable if my makeup gets patchy or won't stick!
what cream works the best for dark under eye circles...I am 51 years old
Hi all,    I'm looking for eyeshadow recommendations. Something that works great for brownish/green eyes and won't make me look like a raccoon. Most eyeshadows are too pigmented for my skin and end up looking very harsh.  Thanks
Item 1882273 does this come with the brown colored eyeshadow? or the purple colors?
Can you guide me toward a non-sparkly very light (possibly pinkish colored) eyeliner? This is for under eye, most that I find are too orange (I'm super pale).  The ones that are lighter like pinkish ones tend to have sparkles, which is undesirable.   Thanks!
I was told I need a good "separating mascara" when I was having my makeup done for NYE.  Could someone direct me to a good separating mascara?
Hello!   I'm new here!  I need your tips on how to do winged eyeliner.  I've heard of using spoons and tape.  Anything that actually works?   Thanks!
I am dark blond with green/blue eyes and fair complexion. Looking for good everyday eyeshadow - nothing too dramatic. Suggestions?
i want to invest in a great eyeshadow palette, any recommendations? i never wear eyeshadow and want to start so a great starter palette thats natural would be perfect.
 hello just wondering if you could figure out my eye shape and give me tips on colours and techniques or recommend any videos to watch thanks. (i have brown eyes and brown hair and fair skin if that helps.)
i have pale skin strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, Which naked pallete would fit me best?
Looking for eye shadow that does not make a statement for me. I have brown eyes and looking for something kind of quiet. Got my girlfriend eye shadow for Christmas which has the Heaven as the light color. What color(s) would work for me?
Do you guys think  Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette By Mario will back again? It is still on the website and never removed.
Do you have any tutorials on the urban decay smoky palette? I am actually looking for tutorials that include women of color
I'm looking for a good eye shadow palette for a natural everyday look that will work for work and school.