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I recently purchased Bare Minerals High Shine Eyeshadow in Rose Gold. It has been sitting in my makeup organizer for a while now and I would like to use it soon. Please give me any tips or good accent colors.                                                                                                                                                                                               -hayhayt10
I've noticed this with other UD eyeshadows in the the past, and same goes for the Naked2 Palette... There is always a ton of fallout when I apply it! I'm not sure if I'm applying it wrong or if there are some tips and ticks I could use to minimize the amount of fallout? Help please!
In the last few weeks sometimes I noticed my eye shadow wasn't appearing smoothly on my eyelids. I tried switching up my primer and using a MAC Paint Pot. Sometimes I'd get the wrinkling then, too. Now I'm starting to realize it's probably just me. I suppose people start getting crepey eyelids around 40. Any advice on a treatment or primer that will smooth them out? I've tried UD Antiaging and it wasn't that great as a primer.
Was just browsing Refinery29 and came across this new mascara from Urban Decay, inspired by its ultra black Perversion liners.   The article says they spent a long time getting the formula right - not too wet and not to dry. It claims to be clump free, and the wand has bristles that are arranged in a spiral pattern to assure lashes are separated.   UD's website has it listed as being released on July 13th. Wonder if Sephora will be getting this (and releasing it early to Rouge's!?)...
Chanel 204 Quad
I'm in love with the apricot color in the Chanel Les 4 Ombres in 204 Tisse Vendome! I already have eyeshadow colors similar to the other three, so I was hoping it just be able to get my hands on a dupe for this specific color with the same shimmery finish. Any suggestions?   From Color Me Loud blog   The apricot color is on the top lid here... From Huda Beauty Blog
I am looking for a black eyeliner that will stay put on my waterline ... my current liner has a tendency of smudging. Any suggestions? 
Hi all,   I've been looking around for a palette that would work for my new job, somewhere where shimmer is not really an option. I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions?   Most of the palettes suggested in previous similar posts were limited edition or discontinued (very much regretting not buying the Laura Mercier Artist's Palette or the Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Palette last year when I considered it!). Some of the ones I've considered are: SMASHBOX - Master Class Palette III (my top pick right now for selection and price, but worried about pigmentation differences between this and the single shadows since it's been an issue in many palettes, NARSissist anyone?) SEPHORA COLLECTION - Colorful 5 Eyeshadow Palette N°05 The Essential Mattes (color selection is a bit small)   TOO FACED - The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette (everyone loves it, but it only has 5 matte browns and no black)   TOO FACED - Matte Eye Shadow Collection (similar concern about a lack of darker liner colors, and the wearability of some of the shades for me) Anyone have additional suggestions or experience with any of these? For reference, I'm very fair, pink undertones, with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.
 hello there i use medium tan c 30 matte but i dont have conceler so what colour should i use
Hello everyone!   I've used about a hundred different mascaras and am still on the hunt for the best lengthening/volumizing mascara on the market.  I have blue eyes (as hinted in the title), and therefore prefer a nice brown color.  Currently, I'm using Givenchy's Noir Couture mascara in brown satin, and while I LOVE the color I hate the brush, and don't feel like the formula gives me great length.  I've used Benefit's They're Real! Mascara (sad it doesn't come in brown..), but honestly I've had drugstore mascaras work just as well if not better than said mascara.  If I had to describe the look I want from my mascara, it would be one that gets my eyelashes to touch the top of my lids near my eyebrows when looking up!   Thanks for any advice!
I currently have 11 of the 30 and will be purchasing 4 or 5 more, not interested in the pinks or white colors.   Not many reviews on the new mostly swatches right now.     Anyone using these new shadows, they are so pretty AND CHEAP!!!
Hey! I've got this wonderful little sample palette from Bobbi Brown. It was a 500 point perk a while back. I'd like to get a full sized version of the eye shadow "heather mauve" (top right corner) I can't find it anywhere! Where can I buy it? I asked some ladies at my local Bobbi Brown counter and they said they've never heard of the color
I feel like this is a palette that is an all-around favorite for a lot of people (other than a few people that I've seen who complain about the smell). I regret buying it a lot, though. I'm honestly not sure what it is about it, but I can't seem to get it to work for me no matter what I do. The shadows are pretty pigmented, though some of them are useless to me because they're essentially just different shades of slightly sheer white. I just can't seem to make any decent looks with it. Anyone else finding it less than awesome, or have any suggestions for looks?
I'm looking for a small eye palette, my choices are the Smashbox travel size Full Exposure or the Lorac Nude Skinny. In terms of shadow quality, which brand is best? The reviews on the Smashbox are mixed, I have the Lorac Pocket Pro & love it. Help! I want to order today even though I'm on a "no buy", but the prices are too good to pass up.
I've recently fallen in love with mint green eyeshadow. I have one in my Kat Von D Esperanza palette but I would love a single, or just another palette option.    Any suggestions?
Does anyone know if the new Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Soft Brown has red undertones? I can't decide between Soft Brown and Medium Brown.... Does anyone know?
I ordered mine from Benefit (you could sign up to get it early) and it came about a week ago. Honestly? I find it soooo annoying. I pretty much only use gel liner so I was really excited for this pen but I still can't get the hang of this thing! When I was taking off my makeup tonight I decided to start playing around with it again.   The top pics are a thinner line and the bottom pics I've doubled up. You can see it's kind of difficult to get a nice sharp line.   I was watching NikkieTutorials review on YouTube and she said the same thing so at least I don't feel totally incompetent! And you CAN'T make a mistake when applying it because it's a mess to clean up. You'll have to re-do your complete eye and possibly part of your foundation. I dunno, maybe I'm a creature of habit with my gel pots and brushes. I'll keep playing around with it in the evenings when I'm taking off my makeup and see how good I can get but so far it's definitely not a must-have. Anyone else try this yet? I'd love to hear other opinions!
I have really fare and pale skin would black liquid eyeliner look to dark for my skin tone?  
I have dark green eyes and reddish brown hair and i just can't seem to find a good look this year! i tend to like using browns and gold colors. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
Hi BT Ladies,     I just tried the Loreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara this morning, and did my right eye first. To my delight it gave me super long, separated lashes with amazing curl. I was beyond ecstatic. My go-to mascara was MUFE Smoky Extravagant, but this worked even better than MUFE, and is a lot I was sooo happy...   Then I did my left eye.    I have no idea what happened? The left eye lashes turned out extremely wimpy, short, and clumpy, with no curl, and was just overall a horrible mess. It looked like my left and right eyelashes belonged on two different people. They just did not match what-so-ever.   I've had this happen with other mascaras, where my left eyelashes turn out not as nice as the right, but never such an extreme difference as today with the Loreal Butterfly mascara.    So a few questions for you lovely ladies:    1. Have you had experiences where you lashes were uneven either with or without mascara? (in terms of length, volume, curl, etc). 2. What mascaras tend to give more uneven results / what was the shape of the brush? (I find that the uneven lashes issue happens the most with asymmetrical brushes) 3. What do you think is the cause of this?  4. Any tips or tricks on how to make your lashes look even on both sides?    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!    (FYI, I'm right handed. Also, when I do my left eyelashes, I still use my right hand, but twist my wrist the other way, so that the tip of the mascara wand is facing towards the inner corner of my left eye).     
Hey All,   I am using the hell out of the Naked 3 Limit shade and am trying to find a suitable alternative I can buy separately, since UD doesn't sell many of the Naked palette shades individually.   Does anyone have a recommendation on a brand that sells something similar? If it's a small palette that's fine too. I'm just trying to spend under $25.   Thanks!
Hi Ladies!   Time to talk about mascara! I am usually pretty loyal to my favorite mascaras and it really takes a lot for a mascara to impress me. Last week, I tried Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara for the first time. I was immediately blown away! The brush is absolutely amazing. I love how you can twist it every which way creating a ton of volume and length.  My natural lashes are short and straight. I usually have to stick to waterproof formulas because I find that waterproof formulas hold curl in my lashes a little bit better than non-waterproof formulas. This mascara held curl just as well as any waterproof formula. It is also very easy to remove! I really love it !    Tell us all about your current favorite mascara! What are your natural eyelashes like? How did this mascara compare to other mascaras you have tried?      
They are gorgeous and they look so buttery smooth   
My eyelashes won't stay curled, I have tried heating my eyelashes curler but won't work, I just need new ideas to try to curl them, I really want to wear mascara. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Hey Beauties! I am falling in love with my Too Faced Hello Summer Palette and i wanna try more! I see they have a good amount of options so what are you guys suggestions ?  
The Smashbox Cherry Smoke palette?    It looks really pretty but I can't seem to find any swatches online. hadow-palette-P387264