Does this look familiar to anyone? I found a post about this on INMYKIT on facebook.      Benefit claims that the They're Real Push Up Liner is the first ever lash hugging gel eyeliner in a pen. However, that Maybelline pen gel eyeliner was released in  2013 . It's only available in Asian countries, I think. I'm not sure whether Benefit is claiming to be the first  lash hugging gel eyeliner pen, or just the first gel eyeliner pen in general. What do you think? Did Benefit copy Maybelline?
Every time I do liquid liner or gel liner and I do a wing, when I open my eye the wing gets cut off and it looks weird and it annoys me. I don't know if it has to do with the shape of my eye or how i'm doing the wing but how can I prevent this from happening so the wing doesn't get cut off and so i can actually see it?
As far as using makeup goes, I am a complete noobie, but I have really sensitive eyes (get real red and puffy, very itchy and watery,  not fun) and I have no idea which kinds of products would work for me. And any other advice would also be awesome, considering I'm a teenager who has no idea what she is doing, and does not want to look like a raccoon or like they let a kindergartner draw on their face.    Thanks so much!
Hi. Does Too Faced sell individal eye shadows? I have a pallatte but I'm almost out of just one shade. I don't see individual shades on your website. Just curious. Maybe in the stores?
Was just browsing Refinery29 and came across this new mascara from Urban Decay, inspired by its ultra black Perversion liners.   The article says they spent a long time getting the formula right - not too wet and not to dry. It claims to be clump free, and the wand has bristles that are arranged in a spiral pattern to assure lashes are separated.   UD's website has it listed as being released on July 13th. Wonder if Sephora will be getting this (and releasing it early to Rouge's!?)...
I'm 13 and i have the Naked 3 palette and The Oz Palette and The balm Nudeatte and Two Faced Naturals at Night.... i need a new one from Sephora that's around 25 dollars. Please let me know ASAP I'm going tomorrow to Sephora
What kind of gel liners do you prefer?  Since I've started using them, I find that the cheaper, the better.  They dry out so quickly with me that it makes no sense for me to spend so much on them.  I buy either Rimmel or Maybelline.  Wet and Wild when I can find it.  But I have noticed that Bobbi Brown and others are coming up with gel liners too.  Which do you prefer?  I've actually thought about buying one or two to see how they compare but for $2-3, I won't be so angry when it dries out after a couple of months.  Do the more expensive ones have a longer shelf life, do you think?
Okay I know Naked 3 just came out and since 1 was golden-brown neutrals, 2 was taupe neutrals and 3 is absolutely gorgeous pink/peachy neutrals, I got thinking, what will naked 4 be?   I'm honestly hoping for greenish, mossy, earth toned neutrals, I think they would be so pretty for any eye colour but especially hazel/brown and green eyes.  Plus how fun would it be to work with really rich earthy colours?   This is just me thinking out loud, tell me what you think Naked 4 should be!
I am terrible at smokey eye but I really want this badass look! Makeup brands and names of colours and such are much appreciated.    And a step-by-step would be wonderful.   Thanks
I Have Circle Shaped Eyes, And I Can Never Find Eye Looks That Don't Make Me Look Bug Eyed. Does Anyone Know Of Any Good Looks? BTW I Have A Darker Complexion So Not Everything Will Look Great On Me.
ANyone ever tried color mascara? I want to try it but a little bit afraid...
Hi BT Ladies,     I just tried the Loreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara this morning, and did my right eye first. To my delight it gave me super long, separated lashes with amazing curl. I was beyond ecstatic. My go-to mascara was MUFE Smoky Extravagant, but this worked even better than MUFE, and is a lot cheaper...so I was sooo happy...   Then I did my left eye.    I have no idea what happened? The left eye lashes turned out extremely wimpy, short, and clumpy, with no curl, and was just overall a horrible mess. It looked like my left and right eyelashes belonged on two different people. They just did not match what-so-ever.   I've had this happen with other mascaras, where my left eyelashes turn out not as nice as the right, but never such an extreme difference as today with the Loreal Butterfly mascara.    So a few questions for you lovely ladies:    1. Have you had experiences where you lashes were uneven either with or without mascara? (in terms of length, volume, curl, etc). 2. What mascaras tend to give more uneven results / what was the shape of the brush? (I find that the uneven lashes issue happens the most with asymmetrical brushes) 3. What do you think is the cause of this?  4. Any tips or tricks on how to make your lashes look even on both sides?    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!    (FYI, I'm right handed. Also, when I do my left eyelashes, I still use my right hand, but twist my wrist the other way, so that the tip of the mascara wand is facing towards the inner corner of my left eye).     
My eyelashes won't stay curled, I have tried heating my eyelashes curler but won't work, I just need new ideas to try to curl them, I really want to wear mascara. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
I love the look of liner on my inner waterline, but have trouble due to sensitivity, contact lenses, and allergies. I cant use liquid or powdery formulas due to the irritation. Any tips on getting the look to stay around without hurting my eyes?   Also, I need some product suggestions. For years i used the bareminerals round the clock liners with great results but they're discontinued and their new liner formula disappears from my waterline after about 20 seconds. I've also tried urban decay, clinique, bobby brown, smashbox, tarte, and chanel liners with no success. Does anyone else have some good product suggestions so I don't have to start hoarding more round the clock liners off ebay?
So i have horrible allergies and my eyes tend to water a lot. I also happen to like the winged eye look. Not a good combination. I've asked the people at sephora to suggest a product but have failed both times. Does anyone know of a good eye liner for me? I like liquid but I'll take any suggestions. 
I was just wondering if it is okay just to wear concealer and liquid eyeliner on the eyes without eyeshadow? Like to have that liquid eyeliner look or do you have to use eyeshadow and let the eyeshadow just be a neutral natural color for the eyes?
lanvin fall 2010
 (lanvin fall 2010) I like this exact shade (purple / silver / taupe) and metallic finish.    I found a very nice one here:  http://www.iknowallthewords.com/2013/08/ba-star-st ardust-mineral-eyeshadow.html but it doesn't have many reviews so I figured I would ask the sephora community first!!  
Hi all! Happy Independence day!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I was wanting to play around with eyeshadows last night, and realized I really have no pretty, lighter colors of eyeshadows!  My eyeshadow collection is a vast desert of neutrals and dark, smokey colors. I have Naked 1 and 3, and Naturally Pretty by IT, and Nars Kauaii, and a Lancome with Pink, dark purple and grey...plus a few random singles in plums, grays and greens. Everything is Dark!  I have fair, pink-toned skin, and want a palette that has a variety of pretty, lighter colors ( pink, blues,lavenders, greens, etc) that are wearable and not too glittery...and please, NOT the UD ELectric, I have seen that and it is not for me.   Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
My eyeshadow doesn't stay. After ten minutes it fades and settles into creases. I tried benefit, stay don't stray. It doesn't help. At all. Suggestions?
I have dark brown eyebrows that are a few shades darker then my hair color. I want to fill them in. Every time I try brown eyebrow pencils/powders it looks like it doesn't match or look right. What am I doing wrong?  
I ordered mine from Benefit (you could sign up to get it early) and it came about a week ago. Honestly? I find it soooo annoying. I pretty much only use gel liner so I was really excited for this pen but I still can't get the hang of this thing! When I was taking off my makeup tonight I decided to start playing around with it again.   The top pics are a thinner line and the bottom pics I've doubled up. You can see it's kind of difficult to get a nice sharp line.   I was watching NikkieTutorials review on YouTube and she said the same thing so at least I don't feel totally incompetent! And you CAN'T make a mistake when applying it because it's a mess to clean up. You'll have to re-do your complete eye and possibly part of your foundation. I dunno, maybe I'm a creature of habit with my gel pots and brushes. I'll keep playing around with it in the evenings when I'm taking off my makeup and see how good I can get but so far it's definitely not a must-have. Anyone else try this yet? I'd love to hear other opinions!
I was planning on using my Stila Magnificent Metals eyeshadow for the first time and found that the primer dried up! I've had this less than a year, and had only opened it once or twice to try to get the hang of using it. For the $$ it cost, I was livid. Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions for a substitute application medium?
Which of the Urban Decay colorful eyeliner colors do you think would go well with the Naked 3 palette, for a pop of color kind of look?   Thanks for any suggestions you might have! :-)
Does anyone know if/where the Urban Decay 6-pan build your own palettes are available to purchase anywhere? I'm at the point of having so many of the Rebound quad palette that I'm labeling each one to save time trying to differentiate between color sets (I've organized my quads by color families-purples, pinks, etc). I love the 6-pan palettes I have, and would love to add more to house my UD eyeshadow obsession  collection.  TIA!
They are gorgeous and they look so buttery smooth   
I see bareMinerals doesn't make their brow powder anymore. I wear the dark blonde/medium brown color... does anyone have recommendations for something comparable to that? 
hi, I wear Estee lauder double wear light in intensity 03, what color of nars creamy radiant concealor should I use for under eye circles and a few spot around the chin.