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Have you seen this baby yet? So pretty! Temptalia posted this today.             $250.00 U.S. / $295.00 CDN (Limited Edition)   "Availability:  September 2nd for VIB Rouges, full release on September 9th at  Sephora and September 2nd at Make Up For Ever Boutiques." Temptalia    
Hey guys, I'm looking for a mascara that lengthens, separates, and volumizes. I have short eye lashes and they're thick.  Any suggestions besides They're Real and Buxom? Thanks!
I typically use sunscreens that are for the face and body like banana boat, coppertone, or basically any brand that you can find at the drugstore. All of the ones I get say not to put it around your eyes, but I feel like I should do something to protect that area of skin because I never do anything like wear sunglasses to protect my skin. Does sunscreen for your eye area even exist, and if so, does anyone have a good recommendation? 
Need recommendations for brow pencil.  Thin brows; aging brows; light brown/blond hair
I really want to do the cat eye. I know there are gel eyeliners where u use a brush, I'm interested in those. Does anyone know any good ones? 
So I have really oily eyelids. Yeah, I know gross. I've tried a few eyeliners in the past, and I do love them but they never last. I've tried drugstore and some higher brands.    Examples: 1) Stila - it started to flake after the first few hours 2) Kat von D Tattoo Liner- Love but doesn't last more than 4 hours.. it fades 3) Maybelline Gel liner- it stayed but wasn't waterproof and smudged when i cried... yikes 4) Mac kohl liner in feline- smudged everywhere! pretty much a nightmare   I'm not looking for a pencil.. I'm in more preference of liquid... maybe gel. I was thinking perhaps Marc Jacobs liquid liner, Benefit Push Up Liner, or even Tarte Gel Pot. I  know its sort of splurge buys but I just don't know anymore. Please, any suggestions?    A bit of more information. I like to do small wings and thats basically my makeup for the day. I wear it all day every day. So something that is smudgeproof and waterproof is a must! 
I've been hunting for the perfect eye cream/gel forever. I want something that feels instantly firming and refreshing, and it would be great if it didn't smell weird. Currently use Creme Ancienne from Fresh and it's wonderfully decadent but dunno if I feel like it's really all that firming. Any recommendations?
I bought the new Hourglass gel liner at the Square One event yesterday night. I was more than excited to try it out this morning, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment for me   I took the cap off and noticed that the tip of it was already broken off and hanging by a thread. I took that off, thinking nothing of it. I went ahead to twist more of it out, and it started making this awful plastic-y clicking noise. I don't know if it was just mine, but it didn't sound right..    As it came out, more of it started just crumbling and falling off.. I finally decided to just go for it and start lining my lids, and it was a crumbly mess.. Just as bad as Benefit's liner I feel..   No wonder people are using these up so fast! There's barely any product, and you spend most of the time 'clicking' away than lining.   I would suggest people stay away from this one, as it's not worth the price just to have product crumble out!    
i'm looking for a good brow product that will fill in my eyebrows and last all day without fading. some people use multiple products to get this result but i only want to have to have 1 product thats quick, easy and effective. any reccomendations? 
Title is self explanatory  and give specific palettes/colors if you want!!   I really want to get my hands on Tarte's Rainforest after Dark (or whatever the name is)- it's so beautiful! But I just don't think it's happening right now have basically spent so much money and I'm feeling to guilty to put in an order just yet.
I swear, I tried a million eye make up removers and techniques, and I usually wear non-waterproof mascara because they are easier to remove, but I feel like I always have to tug the delicate skin around my eyes, and I know it's not good! I started noticing fine lines under my eyes, so I want to be more careful now! What are your tips? I usually soak to cotton pads with Bioderma, and leave them on my closed eyelids for 10-15 seconds, and then wipe, but I still wake up with black rings around my eyes. HELP!!
Everybody loves a Winged liner, but achieving the look can be somewhat challenging. The perfect product for beginners is Benefits They're Real liner, you are able to get a smooth line every Time. Another favorite of mine is Kat Von D Tattoo liner, the fine tip brush applicator creates fine precise line the color payoff with waterproof setting is an added bonus.  What are your Favorite eyeliners? Why? Tips or tricks?  
Manuka Honey enriched pigments - that are suppose to be organic, this sounds very interesting.   This is a new product I just saw on Sephora's site !!! http://www.sephora.com/modster-manuka-honey-enrich ed-pigments-P387690?skuId=1619790   I wonder if it also smells like honey??   What are your thought's ladies and gents?
Does anyone know the eye make-up used on the "Inspire me" icon picture? Of the girl with the gorgeous purple smokey eye? I am dying to know the products,so I can re-create that look.
I love this brush and I know you will too. This is the Sephora Lash Fan Brush #220. I have very light Eye lashes to a point the are unseen (top photo). I am able to create natural looking full lashes with this brush (bottom photo). Take any mascara of your choice, In this photo I used Bare Minerals Lash Domination, and saturate the brush with product right from the Mascara wand. Then apply the brush to the base of your lashes and wiggle side to side and in and upward motion to the lash tip. For extra volume, you can tight line the eye with a brown or black liner of choice. No clumping results. Remember to curl lashes before applying mascara. I love the outcome.          
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I know this subject has come up on here several times. I used to wear green contacts (prescribed by my eye doctor) for fun. Recently, I found a website where you can order them without a prescription. I bought a bunch of fun new colors, including some of those large circle ones.    I remember reading the cautions on here about the dangers of using improperly fitted contacts but I figured I'd be fine (last time I'll not listen to BT'ers! lol). My thought was that tons of other people use them and don't have issues.    I wore them for about 5 hours on Saturday. Sunday, I woke up with weird blurred vision in one eye, and by Monday I was in a lot of pain. After spending time at my optometrist (and receiving a long lecture) I am being treated for a corneal abrasion caused by the poorly fitted contacts.    Today, I can't even begin to explain how badly my eye hurts. I couldn't sleep last night because every time my eye twitched the pain woke me up.      Moral of the story, don't be dumb like me. I just figured I'd try to caution other people, especially with Halloween and whatnot coming up to be careful, because how I feel right now is absolutely not worth the risk.    I'm just hoping I won't end up like pirate kitty. Although I'd rather have one eye at this point than the pain. 
I didn't see anything posted yet about these new palettes, but saw them on Ulta and I'm thinking of using my 20 percent discount to pick one up. A little pricey at $49 each, but it looks like a really nice palette!   Top to bottom, they are Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Now to decide which one!    
the part under my eyebrow is slightly lifted which makes my eye lid  Ainserted and i cant use eyeliner or eye shadows, they look very funny...but i really want to edgy eyeliner and smokey eyes.. please advise
I'm looking for a water based mascara that would be safe on eyelash extensions, thanks a ton!
Looking for ideas/suggestions on how to combine urban decay shadows for a brown smokey eye: I have Lost, Maui Wowie, Diamond Dog, Moon Flower, Chase and Easy Baked. Recommendations for Urban eyelines also appreciated!  Please be specific on application of each color.  Thank you!
What would be a good Urban Decay eye shadow for all over the lid?  I have light skin, dark hair, green eyes, cool undertones. Thanks!
I found Primer's that work for my Oily lids but now I have a new issue, Well, 2 new issues.   1-somehow, no matter what, the primer gets on my contacts about an hour after application....so I walk around with blurry vision for the better part of the day. Does anyone have a trick to avoid this or experience with it?   2-Waterline eyeliner, or rather, waterline eyeliner melting off after less than an hour and becoming goo in the corner of my eye, or sticking to my contacts....any waterline liners that actually stay....and the remover to get them off at bedtime?   Thanks all! N
lash lining tool.jpg
I really want a liquid or a gel eyeliner, but I have never tried putting on eyeliner, which one is the best for starter if I want a really small line?
eye massage.jpg
Please share your Personal Tips/Products/Tricks to Minimize Under Eye Concealer from Creasing.  Also, what under eye products...Moisturizer/Primer/Concealer/Tool(s) do you use?   There are always products/suggestions/tips that are very helpful that haven't been tried or a new method to what may have worked in the past that needs tweaking as our skin changes!   I have a personal interest in ALL your suggestions for Dry, Crepey or Mature Under Eye Skin Texture trouble shooting.    P.S. I've had a sudden weight loss which makes my under eye area look like a deflated balloon. I'm unable to use HA's due to sensitivity having to ditch everything with high amounts of HA's.   This post isn't limited to my concerns...it's to address a Common Shared Concern by many people of under eye creasing with the use of make-up in general!
I just tried (sample) of dipbrow pomade in taupe and love it better than powder for the lasting power and definition it gives to my brow. I was affraid by this kind of product because I want a natural finish. Which pomade is the best out there? 
It's definitely time for me to tone down my eye makeup. The brown-black liner and clumpy mascara are just not doing it for me anymore. It looks messy and pitiful, which is not what I'm going for. I'm considering using only a medium tone eye shadow pencil or powder for liner, a complementary light matte shadow, and subtle mascara, i.e., not clumpy and harsh black. However, this approach leaves my eyes  looking a little bland. My eyes are my best feature, and I don't want to make them invisible. My hair is blonde, fair complexion, hazel eyes.   Best advice I have for eyes: use Latisse! It's magical. And it helps with the less-makeup-is-more look.   How do pro artists adjust eye makeup on mature women? Or do any of your customers have ideas?