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  FEBRUARY 2017: 25 Days of EYESHADOW CHALLENGE (plus, color sub-challenge)   For those that need a little guidance on getting started here is a color sub-challenge.  Let's go by day of the week for simplicity. Don't get stuck in a rut. Use different colors each time from  this Chart.   Mon: 1st row -creams, browns, burgundy -violets and darker pinks   Tue: 2nd row -creams, copper, golds, taupe -pastel pinks, bright pinks, golden peach   Wed: 3rd row -grays, taupe, silver, white, black -sienna, yellow, soft peach, bright orange   Thu: 4th row -all blues -creams, peachy nudes, mossy greens   Fri: 5th row  -all greens, aquamarines -ROY G BIV      What: 25 days of daily eyeshadow Show & Tell. -Wear a different eyeshadow(s) for 25 days. -Post photos of eye look, eyeshadows or swatches. -Describe the product. Not only are you shopping your own collection but also providing inspiration to others!   When: 2/4-2/28 Where: This thread….Daily! All welcome to share their eyeshadow adventures!   Anyone know this palette?? Pretty!!!!       Love this eye look! I am a little ( just a little ) over my gold eyeshadow obsession and have moved on to KVD Tinsel eyeshadow.   Natural eye look! Smudge, Dab, Rub, Smoked....100x + primer + 6 colors + 5 brushes.  
Should I order the Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Pallet?
Hello,  Too Faced Ultimate Peach Collection is currently out of stock under the VIB rewards. I know there is a limited quantity. Will this item be restocked in the future since it is still posted under the Rewards Bazaar? Or once stock is depleted, this that it for this item? I want to know if I need to keep looking for a restock on this item every week.  Thanks, Aparris
Okay I need help. I'm looking for a nice lightweight concealer that's sheer to medium coverage that I can use in the summer. Y'know, pop on and walk out the door. My under eye area is normal skin texture. Please help!
Hi. I have been looking for an eyeshadow primer that works well on super oily eyes. I've been using the UD primer potion but it either creases on my before I put on eyeshadow or my eyeshadow will crease during the day and my eyelids will appear oily. Not blaming the product I have very oily eyelids. Anyone have any suggestions.
I was obsessed with lancome l'extreme mascara, because it volumized, defined, and lengthened without looking too crazy, but my tube is empty and I thin it's been discontinued. Any similar suggestions>
Has anyone shopped online Miss A? I saw a Yahoo article on it today.  Everything is $1. This includes makeup, scarves, jewelry, masks, supplies, etc. I'm sure at $1 it's probably not the greatest quality, but they have a huge selection. Has anyone tried it?
Im deciding between two eyeshadow palettes which one should i get? Tarte - Tartelette Amizonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette or Stilla- Are The Window Shawdow Palette (Mind)?
I just had a full set of lash extensions put on yesterday and I'm loving them...but I'm also terrified to mess them up! I can't seem to find consistent information about caring for them to prolong their life. I know I have to use oil-free products but what about keeping them moist? Do you have to wash them at all? Help!
Hey everyone! I've watched tons of videos but I just can't figure it out, especially with my eye shape. Any advice? 
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had mascara recommendations. I have very short eyelashes and have tried many mascaras and I still have not found one that suits me. I've tried Benefit Roller Lash, Too Faced Better Than Sex, Yves Saint Laurent Shocker Mascara, Benefit They're Real!, Buxom Lash Mascara, and Tarte Amazonian Clay Mascara. I've also used drugstore mascaras such as Maybelline and L'oreal but not one suited me. Does anyone have any suggestions that would suit my type of lashes? I really don't like when my lashes clump with mascara, and I like when they lengthen and separate. Thank you so much, and any answer would be helpful!!
I'm having an extremely odd allergic reaction and I can't get an appointment with a doctor until August, so I'm hoping some of you fab folks have some insight. My issue is primer and only on my lids. I used to use UD Primer Potion and, when they changed the formula, I began having a reaction. I then tried Trish McEvoy and also had a reaction. Both contained silicone (dimethicone in UD, cyclopentasiloxane in Trish McEvoy). I then tried Too Faced Glitter Glue, which does not contain silicone in any form, and had a reaction to that. My fiancé and I scoured the ingredients of the three, and the only ingredient they all have in common is phenoxyethanol.   Anyone ever heard of an allergy to this?? I'm trying now to find a primer that doesn't contain phenoxyethanol, which is possible, but I'm just so tired of trying something, doing my makeup, and 3 hours later having to take it off because my lids are red, swollen, and itchy. Plus, then I can't wear any eye makeup for a week and it's really annoying. 
Hi all!   I'm a lovely Canadian lady who would really love to get my hands on the new Lorac Mega Pro 3. But it's not available in Canada and I cannot order it from Ulta. Would an amazing American beauty addict be willing to pick one up for me? Of course, I pay the palette and shipping to my (apparently) very distant country!   TIA!
I've been using Drunk Elephant's entire line for months now, and am in L O V E. I've never found better skincare. The only one I'm less than ecstatic with is the Shaba eye serum- I haven't really noticed any difference at all, and when the price point is that high, you want results.   I was just wondering if anyone had compared DE's eye cream to others of it's caliber, like Sunday Riley's, or had suggestions for alternatives. I'm looking to avoid the usuals, parabens, sulfates, fragrance, etc.     
I purchased the Urban Decay Christmas set last year and really liked the brown color. It's been sharpened way down, but I think the color was muse. Is this discontinued and what color is the closest?
I was really interested in the Tartelette in Bloom palette but noticed that most of the shadows are warm toned. I'm only just getting into intense eye looks so I don't really know what undertone I prefer on myself. I have extremely  pale skin with a cool undertone, hazel-green eyes, and medium-dark brown hair. Would the warm tones be unflattering or does it not make a massive difference on a person? I really wanted a palette like the Tartelette that had some glittery shadows, and had a nice sleek packaging. Since it lacks glitter shades, I'm really hesitant to buy the matte palette from Tarte. 
Hi! I have found myself using two particular shadows in my Morphe 35P palette much more than the rest and I am hitting pan on them already. I know the palettes are inexpensive, but I'm not going to buy a whole new palette just for two basic matte shades.   Does anyone know of any single shadow dupes for: - The shadow in the top left corner (ivory/vanilla matte shade) - The farthest left shadow in the middle row (warm/orange matte shade)
I use the anastasia brow wiz in dark brown but it finished quite fast so I want to switch to the pomade. Im unsure if I should get the same shade or a different one? I've also used It cosmetics in taupe before. Any suggestions?
Looking for a super matte liquid liner pen in black or gray that won't flake or run on oily lids. For some reason I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything truly matte - everything I try looks shiny or satin. Any ideas?
Can anyone tell me if these eyeshadow palettes contain fragrance? I can't find an ingredients list anywhere despite my search efforts.    https://m.sephora.com/product/P387052?skuId=162740 5   ETA: I just answered my own question. I found a photo of the ingredients list on the packaging on Temptalia, so if anyone else has the same question, the answer is no re: fragrance in these palettes.  http://www.temptalia.com/ysl-scandal-couture-eyesh adow-palette-review-photos-swatches/
Hi all,    I'm looking for eyeshadow recommendations. Something that works great for brownish/green eyes and won't make me look like a raccoon. Most eyeshadows are too pigmented for my skin and end up looking very harsh.  Thanks
I have been wanting to buy the Ardency Inn eyeshadow in the color Sunday. It has been out of stock for so long! Does anyone know how long it take Sephora to restock products?
I recently got rid of some of my MUFE eyeshadows but I kept the little trio case it was held in. Does anyone know any shadows/blushes around the same size that'll fit in the palette?