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MAC SplashProof Lash Mascara
Hi Everyone!  I used to LOVE MAC's SplashProof Lash Mascara and i LOVE IT!  It stays on, and looks amazing but they discontinued it.  I've tried their Waterproof Zoom Lash and the other one they have but both seem dry and just like theres not enough going on and i try to put on quite a few coats, any suggestions on something comparable to SplashProof?
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tarte beauty & the box?
Does anyone know what happened to Tarte's the beauty & the box Amazonian clay eyeshadow quad in the "in the buff" shade or if it will be available again?? It was my absolute favorite!
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dupe for MAC pink bronze pigment?
I recently fell in love with this discontinued MAC pigment. Does anyone have suggestions for something similar or do you know where I can find it? Thank you!
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prestige cosmetics total intensity mascara?
^ Has anyone used it? I am hoping it is similar to MUFE's smoky extravagant?
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Can they replicate this eye look?
I've been coming into Sephora a few times asking them to replicate the style of this eye look. I adore the eyeliner colour and how it's applied on the bottom lid. How it's a bit below the waterline and how it ever so slightly bends in the center to make my eye look wider. Each time I came in I honestly didn't know what they were doing. One barely looked at the picture, and the other explained to me that I was looking down in the picture so the eyeliner looked different when I looked straight. Can the style of this be replicated? So it looks like that when I look straight? Or am I just some crazy teenager customer who doesn't know what she's talking about? Should I just give up? Also this was made with bareMinerals READY™ Eyeshadow 4.0 The Rare Find
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Easy way to put on EyeLiner
I found a great way to put on eyeliner and curl my eye lashes at the same time. You put your eyeliner on the line of your eye lash curler then do what you normally do and it leaves a very perfect line. Try it and tell me how it goes!
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Laura Mercier is on Gilt
For all you Laura Mercier fans out there, it's on sale at Gilt.  Things such as this:  
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Lorac Pro To Go Cheek Palette
Not sure if someone already posted this, but the Lorac Pro to Go Cheek Palette is in the sale section for $10 off. I haven't been keeping up with the threads as much so I don't know if this was already posted. -P379960?skuId=1550698  
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Makeup For Ever -- Wild and Chic eye shadow palette
Well, I went to write a review on this palette, and it's out of stock, so I can't do it. I don't know if this palette will ever come back, but I got 4 words for it: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!   OMG. Gorgeous. It's pretty matte but has great pigmentation. I like that it's really subtle and is just such a pretty accent to my eyes.   So if you see it somewhere, grab it! It is 6 lovely colors!  
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Which color of Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con should I get?
I really (!!!!) want the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con palette, but I'm having some trouble deciding what to get. I have dark blue/gray eyes, light/medium skin with yellow undertones, and dark brown hair. Thanks!
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smashbox bb cream eyes
I'm looking for a concealer/brightener for my eyes.  I don't necessarily need full coverage, so I'm looking at the smashbox camera ready bb cream for eyes.  However I'm not sure what color I would need to order.  I wear bare minerals matte foundation in medium and my color iq  # is 4R07.     I'm also looking at the bare minerals stroke of light eye brightener and well rested face & eye brightener.     Suggestions?? Anyone tried any of these?  Suggestions as to which color I should be getting?    THANK YOUUU <3    Smashbox: broad-spectrum-spf-15-P384673?icid2=Smashbox_Must_ ...   Stroke of light: light-trade-eye-brightener-P375287?skuId=1441773   Well rested: ce-eye-brightener-P375288?skuId=1451384
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SMASHBOX Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio
Well, I decided to get the small eyeshadow that i could use everyday for natural look. I wondered which one is right for me???I just need Nude and taupe colors and one dark color for smokey eyes Filter/ Screen shoot/Litho are the set I have my mind on. Can you help me pick ?
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Kat Von D-Esperanza Palette
Just arrived! My Kat Von D Esperanza Palette... The colors are amazing. They all have shimmer except for Placebo & South which are matte.
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Does anyone else regularly use Chanel waterproof eyeliner in celadon?
If so, how do you wear it and what do you pair it with? It is my favorite.
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New Years Looks
I need some inspiration for what I am going to wear out. What outfit and makeup look are you rocking tonight?
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Anastasia Lash Genius An AMAZING product
So I would like to shed a bit of light on this gem. When I first met my CM Shyam a few months back, he introduced me to the Anastasia Lash Genius Top Coat and I have been wowed by this stuff. It can transform ANY non waterproof mascara into one that is sealed and still looks gorgeous. If you haven't tried it yet you should it's worth the money in my opinion. 
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Q: for Too Faced Natural @ Night Palette
For those who have this palette, do you find that the colors get muddy looking when blending?  I want the stark contrast of colors but I don't want them all running together like a bad water-color painting gone wrong.  Is there a trick anyone else uses to make this palette stand out for them?
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Concealer to correct blue veins, that is not drying or cakey??
I have lighter skin and I want a concealer for blue darkness in the corners of my eyes. Between my eyes and nose. I heard the salmon color is the best for correcting, but I can't seem to find one that's not $40.. which is pretty expensive for a concealer. Any suggestions for a good concealer for correcting blue darkness that is not drying or cakey
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In eyebrow related news....
Sephora has the Anastasia dipbrow pomade in stock!!! Yay! Just picked it up in the dark brown shade- but why dont they have the blonde in yet? Oh first world problems ...  
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Naked 3
So I got my Naked3 in today but it is a Christmas present soooo... my mom said you can look at it, just no touching. I know it's only 11 days till' Christmas but it so hard. Anyways, I was hoping some of you beauty experts would know some tutorials! Please share!   
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Naked 2 Smokey Eye! Urban Decay instagram @marissapasick
Use Verve on the inner corner of eye as well as brow bone. Then take pistol and cover lid. using black out on the outer corner of eye, under the lash line and up into the crease, blend up and out. Use urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil in zero above lash line and smudge into lash line.
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Stila palettes in the sale section!
There re some Stila eyeshadow palettes that are in the sale section for $20, down from $30: lette-P300604?skuId=1381235 lette-P297301?skuId=1365428
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Bourjois Ultra Volume mascara
Since Sephora does not carry this brand any longer, is there a mascara comparable to Bourjois Ultra Volume?  I loved it, and since it's been gone, I have no idea which other brand would work the same or better.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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Trading a Cinderella palette for Ariel palette
I have an untouched cinderella storybook palette, which is still in its package. Does anyone have a ariel palette that's also untouched. Would you like to trade?  If so, please send me a message. 
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Cute Ode to Naked 3
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color match
Hello, trying to find a match to sephora "glittering sands" eye shadow. Cant seem to find this color anywhere:{ Hoping to atleast find a color match
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