Winged Liner Tips?

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Do any of you have any tips for how you draw your winged liner?  I sometimes have trouble getting both sides to match & have to re-draw the wing on one side.  I've had the same issue for months & I want to get the shape right on the first try! I have the same problem with both liquid and gel liners. Have you learned a special technique that makes it easier for you to get the perfect cat eye? 


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Here's an older thread where I give a run down on some tips for a cat eye/winged eye, including a nifty tip using scotch tape or even a post it to be sure both sides are even!


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If you search on YouTube there are a lot of tutorials on winged liner :smileyhappy:


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I pretty much wear winged liner 4-5 days out of the week! My favorite tip is (like others have said) following the outer point of your upper lash line slightly upward. I find that less product is always better to start with. I do this with both sides to make sure the lines are even then l will trace my upper lash line and connect the points. You can thicken your wing with more liner as needed.

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I just taught my niece a few of my "trick of the trade" when it comes to winged liner :smileyhappy:  I draw the wing first, following the bottom lash line towards the tail of your brows, then fill in the little triangle & bring it back to the inner eye.  A good way to "map" your wing, is to use a brown shadow & a angled brush to see where you want it, then go over it with your liner of choice.  I also suggest a gel liner for beginners, since it is easier to control than a liquid.  My newest edition to my collection... the Laura Mercier Creme Eye Liner & Angled Eye Liner Brush.  Pure magic :smileyhappy:

Laura Mercier - Crème Eye Liner Laura Mercier - Angled Eye Liner Brush


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Re: Winged Liner Tips?

Follow from your bottom lash line going up. I used this technique when I first started applying liner and it helped A LOT to get both sides even. There are also a bunch of YouTube videos of how to's that are very helpful. I also use a felt tip liner instead of brush because the felt tip is more stiff and you have more control.

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