Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I'm interested to see what palettes everyone owns & which palettes they would like to own.. I love eyeshadow & have more than I will ever need, but that's the fun part!


I currently own..

-Kat Von D True Romance in Sinner

-Tarte Aqualilies Eye & Cheek Palette

-Tartelette Matte Palette

-Tarte Tarteist Blush Palette

-Lorac Glogetter Palette

-Lorac Mint Edition from Ulta

-Too Faced Boudoir Eyes 

-Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

-Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

-MUFE Artist Palette Volume 1

-UD Deluxe 

-UD Naked 2

-UD Naked 3

-UD x Gwen Stefani

-Marc Jacobs Lolita

-NARS Voulez Vous Eye & Cheek Palette

-NARS One Shocking Moment Blush Palette

-Smashbox Double Exposure Eyeshadow Palette




-Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette

-UD Naked Smoky

-Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

-KVD Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Plum

 -KVD Shade + Light Contour Palette


I like hearing about what other people have in their makeup collections, so feel free to list on! (:

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Don't tell me that! I want that red shadow! And the orange! and the yellow!

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How do you like the melt cosmetics eye shadows?  I've been on the fence about getting one for a while now...

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I love my Melt Stacks! They're very well pigmented and really fun because of the magnets. 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I love eyeshadow. It's definitely my makeup kryptonite.




Tartelette in Bloom (it's on the way)

Coral Crush

Rainforest after Dark



Ciate x Olivia Palermo Smouldering Palette


Viseart Dark Mattes


Elf Prism in Sunset


Wet n Wild Comfort Zone


Urban Decay:




Naked 3

Recent 500 pt perk


Laura Mercier Eye Artist Palette


Kevin Aucoin Contour Vol II (contour face and eyes)


-If we're talking individual pans, I have about a large Z palette worth of Makeup Geek and Inglot and 20ish ColourPop Eyeshadows.


-I want the Sugarpill Burning Heat palette but it's OOS everywhere.  I'll never have enough eyeshadow.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I have been expanding my eye shadow palettes and I own:


Too Faced:

Chocolate Bar

Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar

Natural Eyes

Everything Nice


Urban Decay:

Naked 2 & 3


Tarte Tartlette


Lorac Unzipped Gold


Anastasia Self Made


On my wish list are the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani, Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon and Tartelette in Bloom. I also know I need the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette!!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

wow ladies  i thought i had a lot.... clearly not.....

Currently i have: 


UD Naked 1, 2 and 3, Naked Basics, On the Go, Urban Spectrum 

KVD Mi Vida Loca 

ELF 100 shade palette


and i think another one but i cant recall  

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I am OBSESSED with Urban Spectrum!  I didn't buy it in September and I'm kicking myself because now I have to wait until next year.  How's the quality?

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I really like the pigmentation. I find it better than the 2nd version of the Ammo palette that I have. Shadows blend well, but they are darker than I'm comfortable wearing daily. I think I just need to get used to it and use some lighter colors from other palettes/singles.  But it definitely has beautiful colors. I'm happy I purchased it.

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i havent tried it yet D: 

ashamed to say its still in its packaging lol 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

This thread makes me feel better about myself Smiley Very Happy. You ladies have a ton! 


I have 

KVD Remix


Urban Decay

Naked Basics

Naked 3

Naked Smokey


Marc Jacobs The Free Spirit



Dark Mattes

Editorial Brights


Tarte Tartlette


Anastasia Beverly Hills

World Traveler

Artist Palette


Makeup Forever

15 Artist Shadow Palette


Several Private Label from Your Name Pro and a couple full Z palettes.


I will likely grab more Viseart over time, Self-Made and most other ABH as they release because I love the value, and UD's Gwen collab for collection reasons. Trying not to do more than that. Oh and maybe the Nars cheek palette. I know MUG is releasing one which would be a good way to try them out since I haven't yet. 



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I'm jealous of some of these! Been wanting to try some ABH but haven't caved yet. How do you feel about the Remix palette? I thought about it for the sale but didn't take the plunge.

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The Remix is an incredible palette. There were 2 shadows that were a miss for me. One was the blue echo. It is usable, but patchy if you just want to swipe and be done. This is pretty common for matte blues though (it has glitter). 


You have to be one that loves the packaging, because it is pretty big and takes a lot of space. I personally really like it, but I know not everyone does. The only thing I would have changed here was added a ribbon clasp or something to hold the palette in the sleeve. It slides right out so you have to be careful not to drop it. 


Some of the colors seem crazy, but they are all very wearable even for soft looks. One of my favorites for sure. 


I love my ABH ones too. I like her shadows, but they are expensive to buy as individuals. Since I never hit pan on anything, this is a good way for me to try them out, have a good collection, and still not break the bank.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Remix is amazing!! The main question is whether you'd ever use the colors. But the quaity of the shadows is phenomenal. If you can see yourself ever using even half of them, I would go for it. I will never need to buy any of these colors in other versions now, because these are so great.


Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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Thanks to both! I might cave and buy it. Do they look depottable? The packaging is the main reason why I didn't go for it.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I would never HA! 


They might be easy since the packaging is cardboard. Keep in mind that KVD shadow is super soft and therefor breaks easily. I have depotted other brands of shadows that have cracked/chipped that weren't near as soft and buttery. If you are a master, then it may be worth it. I would cry. 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Naked 1

Naked 3

Stila "In the Know"

Urban Decay Vice 2

the Balm's "Meet Matte Nude"

BH Cosmetics "Galaxy"

Sonia Kushiak "Jewel of an Eye"


Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I love palettes, actually eyeshadow in general so I can go over board some times, here's my list,



  • Naked 1, 2, & 3
  • Naked Basics 1 & 2
  • Vice 2
  • Book of Shadows 4? (the butterfly one)
  • I love NYC palette
  • 15th Anniversary palette
  • Vegan Palette
  • Pulp Fiction palette
  • Oz palettes (Glinda and Theodora)
  • Shattered Face Case

Too Faced:

  • Return of Sexy
  • Natural Eyes (orginal one)
  • Matte Eyes (orginal one)
  • Too Faced loves Sephora Anniversary palette


  • Shade and Light eye
  • Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra
  • True Romance - Saint
  • Angeles palette



  • Pro 1
  • Mega Pro 2
  • Pro on the go
  • Unzipped (orginal)



  • In the Light
  • In the Know


The Balm:

  • Nude' Tude
  • Nude' Dude
  • Shady Lady 1, 2, & 3



  • Tartlette palette
  • Romancing the Glow  

Bare Minerals:

  • The Power Neutrals
  • The Star Treatment
  • Mix Master Convertible Eyeshadow palette
  • The Main Event



  • Studio Pop palette
  • Shades of Fame



  • Nars And God Created the Woman
  • Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's palette
  • Lancome Color Design palette in Pink Safari
  • MUFE Nudes You Need
  • Viseart Neutral Mattes
  • ABH Custom Made 8 pan (x2)
  • MAC Bare My Soul
  • MAC Custom Made 15 pan (x3)
  • MUFE Custom palette (x1)

I also have (2) Dior 5 pan, (1) Tom Ford, (1) Chanel and a YSL duo but are we counting those?


I want the Too Faced Chocolate palettes but I find there palettes to be hit or miss which is why I don't have as many. I also want more Viseart palettes. But I clearly have enough lol.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I'm not really an eye shadow person, but I do own:

  • UD Naked 3
  • LORAC Pro Palette
  • LORAC Pro Palette 2

I doubt I'll get anymore palettes, especially since I hardly use these!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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You have some really good palettes there, for not having very many! I'm sure I could go with only having 1 or 2 good, neutral palettes, but I love palettes & have more than I will ever need. 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I am so not worthy to contribute to this thread! But my stash currently consists of:

  • Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3
  • Bare Minerals The Posh Neutrals
  • Buxom custom palette
  • Too Faced Natural Eyes
  • Chantecaille Protect the Wolves
  • Estee Lauder Color Design
  • NYX/Ipsy quad

And I have the Ciate Olivia Palermo palette in my cart waiting for someone to talk me either back from the edge or over it.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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Which Ciate OP palette?  I have the Smokey Suedes, and I really like it.  It's great for a subtle, everyday look that can be made a bit more dramatic.

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