Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I'm interested to see what palettes everyone owns & which palettes they would like to own.. I love eyeshadow & have more than I will ever need, but that's the fun part!


I currently own..

-Kat Von D True Romance in Sinner

-Tarte Aqualilies Eye & Cheek Palette

-Tartelette Matte Palette

-Tarte Tarteist Blush Palette

-Lorac Glogetter Palette

-Lorac Mint Edition from Ulta

-Too Faced Boudoir Eyes 

-Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

-Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

-MUFE Artist Palette Volume 1

-UD Deluxe 

-UD Naked 2

-UD Naked 3

-UD x Gwen Stefani

-Marc Jacobs Lolita

-NARS Voulez Vous Eye & Cheek Palette

-NARS One Shocking Moment Blush Palette

-Smashbox Double Exposure Eyeshadow Palette




-Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette

-UD Naked Smoky

-Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

-KVD Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Plum

 -KVD Shade + Light Contour Palette


I like hearing about what other people have in their makeup collections, so feel free to list on! (:

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

How do you feel about the viseart shimmers? I love the mattes but saw mixed reviews for the others. How would you compare to say, urban decay or MUFE shimmers? 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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What a great thread! A good exercise to go through and see what I own already... now I know I am officially an eyeshadow hoarder...


I currently have:


Urban Decay
- Naked
- Naked2
- Naked Smoky
- Naked on the Run
- Feminine
- Rollergirl
- Pulp Fiction
- Book of Shadows IV


- Aqualilies
- Romancing the Glow
- Rainforest After Dark
- Showstopper
- Coral Crush

- Bon Voyage

- Off the Cuff


- Dead of Summer (Steven Klein)
- Debbie Harry (Andy Warhol)


- Champs Elysees
- Rue de Sevres


Too Faced

- Grand Chateau

- Love Sweet Love



- Sweet Cherie Pinks Palette


Kat Von D
- Mi Vida Loca Remix


Sephora x Disney
- Ariel Storylook Palette

- Midnight Hour (Cinderella)

- Magic Carpet Ride (Jasmine)

- Part of Your World (Ariel)


Sephora x Jem and the Holograms

- Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette

Thinking of getting:

- Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette (this is a must for me. Love the neutrals AND Gwen!)
- Sephora x Disney Cinderella Storylook Palette (maybe... I don't need it but it's so pretty)

- Too Faced Grand Palais (but only if it goes on sale! Otherwise I convinced myself that I don't need it)

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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Wow!! Quite the collection! 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Basically just any seasonal palette Bobbi Brown does....haha I have some sandy summer palette from 2014, the 2014 winter whiskey colored one, and this years gregies.  I am not a palette person.  

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I envy you for not being a palette person. 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I love this thread so much.


Palettes I own:


Urban Decay 


Naked 2

Naked 3

Naked Basics

Naked Basics 2



Rainforest After Dark (a little meh)




Pro 2

Pro Matte

Heartbreaker (biggest disappointment)



Palettes I want:


Urban Spectrum

Too Faced Neutral Matte

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes


Kat von D MI Vida Loca is very tempting, but I think I'll resist. I'm really excited to see MannyMUA's collaboration palette with Makeup Geek. 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I created it because I am constantly looking at palettes and wish I could own them all but realistically, I'd be homeless if I did! Smiley Tongue 

 I have Boudoir Eyes & I love it! You can create neutral, everyday looks & sultry/sexy looks as well. It is very versatile. 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Palettes I own

Urban Decay Naked 3 (first palette purchased when I got back into makeup after a long hiatus)

Kat von D Poetica

theBalm Meet Matt(e), Meet Matt(e) Nude, Nude 'tude & Shady Lady vol. 3

Sephora Colour Of The Year Marsala Palette (thank you Sephora)

Make Up For Ever Studio Case - ever since I started my MUFE collection, I haven't been as interested in most of the palettes these days...

4 MUFE trios (do these count?)

Wet & Wild Comfort Zone 


I returned a few palettes that were not that great, the most hated one was from Too Faced Bonjour Summer palette which unfortunately turned me way off of their brand


Palettes I want

Viseart Neutral Matte, Paris Nudes

Anything MUFE releases that includes a couple of mattes

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby

Maybe the Too Faced Chocolate Bar to see if they can redeem themselves..

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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Buxom Traveler Palette thing.

Tarte Rainforest After Dark

Tarte Coral Crush

Hard Candy Naturel Eyes

Too Faced Boudoiur Eyes

Too Faced Romantic Eyes

Too Faced Sugar Pop Eyes

I also will be getting UD Vice 4 for Xmas.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

WOW I loved reading through this thread. Also it was good for inspiration. I love eyeshadow too.


To be honest I only have two! (three maybe?)


- Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (original)

- MAC Spring Forecast Colour 4 Quad

- My mac 15 pan that I've created myself (its not full but its getting there). 


Once on my "loves' or to buy list; 

- Urban Decay NAKED (its such a staple isn't it!)

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I could probably get away with only having 1 or 2, but that's no fun, is it? I don't own the original naked palette, but I own Naked 2 & just purchased Naked 3 & I love them! Great quality shadows for a great price, considering how many shades you get. I love that the palettes include a brush, it is nice & I use it often. 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Doing this made me rethink my wishlist! I love reading everyone else's collections too!


Urban Decay naked (x2)

Urban Decay naked 2

Urban Decay naked 3

Urban Decay naked basics (x2)

Urban Decay naked basics 2 (x2)

Urban Decay vice 2

Too Faced chocolate bar
Too Faced semi-sweet chocolate bar

Too Faced a few of my favorite things

Too Faced natural matte

Tarte tartelette

Nars narsissist

Kat Von D shade and light eye

Lorac pro

Lorac mega pro

Lorac mega pro 2

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I don't have a ton, but probably more than i need anyway given that i rarely do much to my eyes.


New to Old:

Marc Jacobs Free Spirit

Kevyn Aucoin Book of Contour II

Viseart Paris Nude

Viseart Matte Neutral

Julep Long Weekend

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Oh man... this has really shown me that I do not need any more eyeshadow:






Self Made

World Traveler

Artist Palette



Pro 1

Pro 2

Mega Pro 2


Unzipped Gold

Pro Matte

Pro Metal



Artist shadows Vol 1

Artist shadows Vol 2

15 Artist Shadow Palette

Jamie Chung palette

Andreja Pejic palette



Natural matte

Paris nudes



Ombre Nude

Ombre Rouge

Night Star Quad

Galactica Quad

Astro Violet Quad

Sun Chaser Quad

Eclipsed Quad


Marc Jacobs:

The Starlet

The Glam



Nordstrom’s Finest

Nordstrom Naturals





Bunch of ABH and MUFE singles


The one on my want list sold out during the VIB Rouge sale before I could get my hands on it... but in all honesty with my list I certainly don't need it!:  Marc Jacobs Free Spirit


By the way, really jealous of those of you with the Lorac Mega Pro 1 in your collection!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I have a mega pro I don't want.  PM me if you're interested.  Used maybe 5 times...

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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where are you located lol 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I currently own...

UD Naked 1, 2, 3, Basics 2, Smoked, Vice 1

KVD Shade and Light

ABH Tamanna, Self Made

MAC x 15 Nordstrom Neutrals

Nars And God Created the Woman, Fairy's Kiss

Too Faced Natural Matte, Chocolate Bar

Bare Minerals The Star Treatment, The Finer Things, The Power Neutrals

Lorac Pro 1

The Balm Nude Tude, Shady Lady SE


Wow, it doesn't look like much when I write it out like this. Guess there's room for more?



UD x Gwen Stefani

UD Spectrum

KVD Monarch

TF Nude Dip


Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I like your style jen!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Palettes truly are addicting.  I have:


UD Naked

UD Naked 2

Lorac Sweet Luxuries Palette

ABH Tamanna Palette

MUFE Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You Andreja Pejic Palette

Lorac Pro Matte Palette

MUFE 15 Artist Shadow Palette


More than anything I want to build a collection of the MUFE single eyeshadows but each time a new palette is released I want that too 🙈

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I keep buying eyeshadow palettes even though I am bad at doing eye looks, and not very creative with color combos haha.


UD Naked 2

UD Naked 3

UD Naked Basics 2

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

ABH Shadow Couture

ABH Self Made Palette

Sephora + Pantone Marsala Palette

Small custom morphe palette with warm tones

Small custom morphe palette with cool tones

Tarte Rainforest After Dark

Smashbox Cherry Smoke

Lorac small Matte 

KVD Monarch

KVD Chrysalis

Nars duos in Isolde and Kalahari 


Want: The ABH Master Collection by Mario should be coming out soon. I'm pretty excited to see what's in it.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Your first sentence is the story of my life. My best friend is always teasing me because she knows I probably have a lifetime supply right now, considering how rarely I actually use them, but I keep collecting nonetheless.

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