Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I'm interested to see what palettes everyone owns! There are a couple I purchased within the past couple of days & I am waiting for them to ship. I currently own:


-Kat Von D True Romance in Sinner

-Tarte Aqualilies Eye & Cheek Palette

-Tarte Romancing the Glow (on the way here)

-Wet n' Wild Trio in Walking on Eggshells

-Revlon Colorstay Quad in Addicted

-Revlon Colorstay Quad in Luscious

-Lorac Glogetter Palette

-Lorac Mint Edition from Ulta (on the way here)



I want:

-Anastasia Beverly Hills She Wears it Well

-Urban Decay Naked Basics, Naked & Naked 2

-Disney Jasmine Collection Palette

-Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Eyeshadow Collection


I like hearing about what other people have in their makeup collections and I won't get upset or think you are bragging. Feel free to list on! (:

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I have UD's Black palette, Naked and Naked 2.  Tarte's True Blood set, Kat Von D's Sinner, Beethoven, Love and Fury, and Poetica.  As you can see, I love Kat Von D!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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*takes deep breath*


I own:
Kat Von D palettes:
Metal Orchestra(back up palette as well)
True Love(back up palette as well)
Gypsy (want a backup palette)





Mi Vida Loca (want a backup palette)
Tattoo Chronicles CANDELABRA Edition

Urban Decay:


Naked 2

Book of Shadows Volume III

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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Palettes I own that Sephora sells (or sold) 


- Naked 1 palette (it's great I should have waited for Naked 2 but don't want both haha)

-Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca

-Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Candllabra Edition

-Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow 

-Urban Decay The Black Palette

- Sephora + Pantone Precious Metals

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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Not too many,but enough: Too Faced Natural Eye Too Faced Naked Eye Too Faced Glamour to go Naked Basics Naked 2 A bunch of MAC eyeshadows A few single UD shadows-WOS,Naked,Sidecar,Buck Mini quad from Lancome Duo and quads from Clinique Ooo,and Smashbox Blue eyes..... Love my MAC and UD ones...Smiley Happy

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I currently have:


-UD Naked

-UD Theodora

-UD Glinda

-TheBalm Nude'tude!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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Offhand, I think:


Urban Decay NAKED

Urban Decay NAKED 2

Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs, rue de Sèvres

Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs, rue de Passy

Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs, rue des Francs-Bourgeois

Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs, place Vendôme

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs, les Verts

Chanel Quatres Lumières, Demure


I also have a bunch of NARS Duos, but since there are only two shades I'm not counting them as a palette...if that makes sense Smiley Happy



Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I think I have a bit of an addiction!

Too Faced Summer Eye Palette

Too Faced The Return of Sexy Palette

UD Naked 2

UD Build your own palette

2 - Sephora 4 Shadows and Liner Palettes
Sephora Cinderella Quad

Sephora Primal Instincts Palette
Tarte for True Blood Palette
Kat Von D Saint Palette
Smashbox Shades of Fame 
Lise Watier Quad
7 - Mini Quads from Lancome.

So many others I've been wanting to add to my collection but with all my palettes and my single shadows I think its best if i slow it down!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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Too many to count haha, let me see


- a large amount of Bare minerals ready duos (maybe 12?)

- a few of the Bare minerals ready quads (around 5) & 1- 8.0 power neutrals from Q

- UD Naked 1 & 2 , vice, 15yr anniv, 1- BYO 6pan and 1 4pan

- The balm- nudetude, meet matte, meet matte nude
- Lorac- a few can't recall all the names - pro, bejwelled pink, tantalizer, nudes, baked etc

- Tarte wild palette ?!

- Laura Mercier artist palette

- a few WW 6pans and trios

- MAC 15pc palette and a few loose to complete another


A lot i can't remember the names of. but thats the gyst. ..


Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I have naked 1, naked 2, UD Vice, a Victorias Secret color palette, and 2 Lorac trios.  I wanted Stila in the light, but it seems like a duplicate of the Naked...I think Im good on eyeshadows right now.

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I love eyeshadow palettes, in fact the majority of my eyeshadows are in palette form. 


I own:

UD Naked

UD Naked 2

UD Naked Basics

UD Pony Palette

TheBalm Nude'tude palette

Inglot Freedom System Palette

2 MAC Palettes


Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I think I own a lot.  I'm constantly wondering why I ever buy more shadows!

I have:

-Dior Palette from a duty free store in Asia

-Stila Precious Pearl Palette

-Bare Minerals pressed duos in The Hidden Agenda, The Inspiration, and The Phenomenon

-Bare Minerals loose powder palettes from winter 2010 (I don't think they have names)

-Smoked palette

-Naked 1 and 2


-Smashbox Photoop eyeshadow for light

-Clarins instant sunlight eye quartet

-Philosophy the supernatural box of truffles.

-UD Alice in Wonderland

-UD 15th Anniversary Palette

-Anastasia Brow Palette


I want to depot the Alice and BOS palettes because they're so freaking clunky to travel with.  I kind of forget about them.  I also want to depot the precious pearl palette because I always need to grad another eye shadow or two to do a look.  I can't just use the palette.  But the packaging for it is to pretty, I can't bring myself to ruin things. 


I really want Naked Basics, but between the Philosophy, Clarins, and Naked 1 and 2, I have more than enough browns I think!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

image.jpga picture is worth a thousand words especially here !

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

wow! I'm impressed that you keep the boxes!!!

Here's the trick question: which is your favorite?

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

Right now I'm really loving the Disney Jasmine Palette. I might get another before it sells out. I havent started using the Inglot Palettes but they are so gorgeous that i think once I do start using them they'll be my fave. 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I just checked out the Jasmine pallet - I add that to my want list!!!!

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I'm really impressed with the collection of colors. There are two or three colors that you have to use with a damp brush to get payoff but it's worth it. 

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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1. Urban Decay Ammo

2. TheBalm Shady Lady Vol 2

3. TheBalm Shady Lady Vol 3

4. Urban Decay Naked Basics

5. Dior Holiday Eye

6. TheBalm Balmbini

7. TheBalm Big Mama (face palette)

8. Urban Decay Book of Shadows

9. TheBalm and The Beautiful

10. Clarins Color Quartet #50 So Chic

11. Bare Minerals READY 2.0 The Flashback


WOW. Ya know, I *could* live out the rest of my life without ever running out of a palette but that's no fun Smiley Very Happy


I Want:


1. UD Naked and Naked 2

2. Lorac Pro Palette

3. Every single 9 pan too faced palette

4. Urban Decay Theodora

5. Build your own MAC palette

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

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I am really liking my LORAC Pro palette Smiley Happy

Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I own:
UD -Naked
-Naked 2
-Deluxe Shadow box

Ud emergency palette

Mac palettes

Too faced romantic eye

Too faced at night

Too faced natural

Too faced matte eye 

Too faced sexy 

Baremineral 4.0

Too faced indulgence

3 costal scents palette

Ud Glinda

Ud Theodora

Chanel perlees ombres

Diors 5 colouer 

Guerlain 5 colouer

Ud skull palette

Too faced insurance policy

Ud vol 4

Too faced brows a go go

The balm nude tude


Re: Which eyeshadow palettes do YOU own?

I owned the Naked 2 and Kate Von D and I was disapointed. The problem with the Naked 2 Palette was the fact that the colors were way too light and too neutral, it was a very boring palette, and on top of that, that black fell out and I was angry, but I am angrier at the Kate Von D palette. I got it on sale, but it actually wasn't half bad except three of the colors were terrible. One was powdery, another was chalky and fell out and the third one didn't even work at all

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