What shape eyes do I have?

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I have such a love/hate relationship with eyeliner. I don't know if it's my skills or the canvas I'm working with!


Can you ladies chime in on what shape my eyes are? Maybe I can look for specific looks that way...?


Thank youuuuu!


Oh P.S. Anyone that has the same shape eyes as me, please chime in if you have some tips!



Re: What shape eyes do I have?

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Yes to winged liner! I have a similar shape, but mine are slightly smaller. I struggle sometimes with a smokey eye because my eyes are so small & not hooded. I find black smokey eyes are difficult to do, but colored, like purple or browns work better. Applying a darker shade in the crease & lightly blending it out and up works well. 


Re: What shape eyes do I have?

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Your eye looks to be the perfect shape for winged liner. I can see your lid so not hooded and it isnt round.


 spent all last weekend pondering the same question because I could not wear a winged line to save my life. After much research I discovered I have round eyes, hooded eyes and they droop at the ends. A three strikes and I'm out for the makeup they do on YouTube. Your eye shape looks really nice. So just try watching a bunch of you tube videos on makeup application and practice.  Your eye should be able to do anything you want. 


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