What is the best eyeshadow primer?

What do you think is the best eyeshadow primer?


I have tried:

Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer

Urban Decay Primer Potion - original

Urban Decay Primer Potion- greed

Urban Decay Primer Potion- sin

Urban Decay Primer Potion- eden

Jane Iredale Lid Primer  (I like this one doesnt have a lot of ingredients but it def doesnt work as well as Urban Decay potion original).



Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

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The bare minerals eye primers are amazing!! My eye shadow lasts forever. I haven't tried too many, but my eyes get very greasy by the end of the day... lucky me. The Urban Decay primers do not last on me, and the balm version was horrible. I wear the pearl (white-ish) bare minerals one to get the most out of my shadow colors. I just got a sample of TF shadow insurance so we'll see how it stands up to BM but so far nothing has beat it. Everything else literally melts off my eyes by the end of the day.


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

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Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

I really love Nars' eyeshadow primer.  It works great for me, and despite my dry skin, my eyeshadow without it will crease and disappear.  This really locks it in.  Also, this might sound a bit silly, but I tend to get mascara on my lid all the time.  The Nars primer cleans it off when I apply it!  :smileyhappy:  It's a happy little bonus there. 


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

I prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance over Urban Decay
 Primer Potion original, but I also like UD's Sin and Greed for under a neutral eye to brighten it up.


I also use TF Glitter Glue when I am using a super sparkly UD eyeshadow.


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

Mirabella eye and face primer.  Don't like it for my face, but the eye primer works and holds eye makeup on through the toughest workouts!


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

I'm very fond of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray (and now that they've fixed the bottle, even more fond!) I like that it has a bit thicker of a consistency and acts as a concealer on my lids as well. Lately, however, I mostly use my Creaseless Cream Shadows (also Benefit) as a base and add powder shadows overtop.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue is my absolute favorite if I'm wearing shadows with glitter particles!


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

I have tried all of the urban decay ones, hated them. Both in the old packaging and the new packaging for sin and the original.

I tried TF shadow insurance. Didn't like that.

Lorac behind the scenes. Didn't work for me.

Mac paint pots. Too greasy.

I seriously just was getting fed up lol.

Then I bought NARS and wow.. that is amazing. I have never once had my eyeshadow crease while I'm wearing the NARS primer. I'm on my third tube now. It's just amazing.


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

I've been searching for the same thing!!! I've tried smashbox's eye primer and urban decay and they just didn't do it for me. The urban decay actually made my eyeshadow look cakey and flaky not a good combination. I'm gona get a sample of shadow insurance and the laura mercier's primer to see how those work. Pleaseee let me know if you find one that works well. =)


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

I've tried quite a few but keep coming back to the NARS Smudgeproof primer.  It works on powders, semi-creams (Clinique chubby sticks), and creams.


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

I like Lancome's Aquatique-Waterproof Eyecolour Base. I have allergies and my eyes water up into my crease (weird I know but it's true). This is the best primer I've used and you can use it as a concealer too. I've tried UD's Primer Potion, Tarte's Clean Slate 360 and Benefit's Stay Don't Stray.  Benefit was my favourite until it separated and no amount of shaking could mix it back together so I switched to Lancome and it's even better.  The other primers just weren't strong enough.


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

I have two favorites. If I'm just having a casuAl day than I use Lorac behind the scenes primer. I've used urban decay andsmash they and they both made my lids oily and my eyeliner run. If I'm working or going out I use two faced shadow insurance in lemon drop which is a corrector my lids tend to be a little dark. But this stuff lasts through my shower. It locks the eyeshadow in I have to use eye makeup remover to get it off. Ithink they are 18 dollars but you don't need much. I got a full size which is like over an ounce in the Llighted carpet eyes kit which came out to 39 but everything was full size. But I highly recommend either of thE two


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

I have been using MAC Paint pots as eyeshadow primer, and i have to say for past 4 years have never been dissapointed..

I have tried UD, Smashbox and Too faced, they were ok.., but with MAC my eyedhadow stayed still and has not moved at all the color pay off is amazing!


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

Laura Mercier.  The one in the pot works amazingly well, but I usually turn to the older formula (in gloss-like vial) because it's easier/faster to work with


I used UD (original) for years but found the midwest weather too much for it when I moved back.  I went on a spree and bought up a ton of brands from cheap (Nyx) to expensive (everything in Sephora), ending up with disappointment when even the somewhat popular Benefit brand creased on me - my nephew distracted me while I was applying makeup, and I found that, 30 minutes on my lids, the Benefit primer by itself couldn't hold up to my oily lids.  I had a sample of Laura Mercier primer that I thought I'd give a try, not thinking much of it since I had never used LM before and had always though it was a touch too sedate a brand to produce a super strength primer.  I was wrong.  Even the regular primer worked better than UD, but the one in the pot for oily lids works insanely amazing ... but it's a pain since it dries so quickly.  Honestly, I still get creasing with everything but that potted primer, though since the creasing is so minimal with the original LM formula (and since it's much easier to work with), I mostly use that.


UD has the best price-to-quality ratio, though, and barring LM, I've not tried any of the other premium brands that worked as well for the price.


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

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The Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer is amazing! It is my go to eye primer. It works really well, and a little goes a really long way. 


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

Lorac Behind the scenes shawdow primer would be another great option for you to look at. Hope this helps!


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

Great suggestion, Beautylovingirl! :smileyhappy: I'm glad that that one got brought up!


To Roxystar, I've used all the same primers you have (minus the JI one), and the Lorac one in comparison to the UD and Smashbox primers is that it's a bit thicker, but still super creamy and easy to work with. I find I can use less of the Lorac one compared to the UD/Smashbox primers and it's also super great for shadows with micro glitter/glitter particles and loose pigments that might not "stick" as well to thinner formulas.


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

thanks lylysa! I will check it out.


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance 


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base is my fave!! I tried/still have UD Primer potion but I don't like the feeling of this one, and I feel like it's a bit thick to work will and takes a bit for me to work into my eyes. I have pretty oily skin and I will still have a slight makeup melt down still with UD primer. Too faced shadow insurance was one step above UD for me... but the primer I keep repurchasing is NARS. Easily covers my eyes and at the end of my work day (I work 2 jobs so this is many many hours later), my shadow is still perfect! :smileyhappy:


Re: What is the best eyeshadow primer?

ive tried Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer and it didnt work for me. so i was debating between Urban Decays Primer Potion & Too Faced Shadow Insurance. i ended up getting Too Faced Shadow Insurance and it works wonders! it can seperates but just massage the tube and you will be fine 

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