Tips for Liquid Liner

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I want to get into using liquid liner more because I know it can create really thin lines. Does anyone have any tips for applying it to be quick and efficient but to still create a thin line? Also any tips on creating symetrical lines on my eyes, because uneven eye makeup bugs me when I can't seem to fix it. I really need all the help I can get haha. 

As of now I use a really thin flat brush I got from a stage makeup kit, but it works for me. It looks like the 5th from the left (4th from right, whatever floats your boat)



I coat it with the liquid and wipe the excess off then apply. 

Any tips would be so helpful! Thank you so much!


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Re: Tips for Liquid Liner

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I find gel is easier to work with than liquid. I like a flat tip brush beause it covers a large area and is easy for me to use. I start off by tight lining, and I do it quickly. If it's uneaven or thicker in spots I add more, or fix it when I line above. Short quick strokes work well so does just pressing the brush into the lashes. After practicing a lot I figured out what worked best for me. I'm horrible at making the lines even on both sides. When I do a winged look I have to touch up with a fine tip q-tip. 

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