LET's GET NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



*runs screaming around the house jumping for joy*



Who else finally goi it?

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@jadorezrg: I have BOSIII, the skull palette, the wallpaper palette, some singles, little sins primer potion set, the black palette, you get the picture....... I SO know what I'm in for and I am such a glitter junkie that I really needed to get a set of great neutrals for work. That's why I  was so excited when this came out!


I am so glad that I didn't get any of the HK stuff when they did the pre-launch. I was worried that the quality would be bad because I always remember HK being cute over functional. Now that the reviews are back, I see that that has not changed. I know that Sephora collection was the producer, but they do produce things of varying quality. For example: I've had bad luck in the past with Sephora collection single eye shadows and quads-- chalky with lousy color payoff. But my Kat Von D palettes are among my FAVORITES!!!!! Besides, I knew all of my pending money was going to UD this year.......sigh....... Smiley Happy)


Yeah, I was bummed that the two mini samples deal came out AFTER I placed TWO orders yesterday!! Especially since they were out of the BE Trio offer that I really wanted to try!

I ended up getting the iPhone case and the Juice Beauty duo. I love organic and natural skincare, and I've heard good things about this peel, so I'm  excited to try it!!


I am going to CT this weekend to visit my best friend. She has a Sephora 20 minutes from her house, so I may just go and get in store samples of the things I want to try.  Everytime I go to a FS Sephora, I feel like I'm going on pilgrimage!!!!

Such an addict enthusiast!

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The shades of the palette are universally flattering. Its definitely a great set of neutrals to have, colors are fun, but sometimes you gotta tone it down a bit. And they're certainly not boring because most of them are shimmery so, I have no doubt that you'll enjoy them!


oh my goodness, i can't tell you how majorly disappointed I was in the Hello Kitty line. I ordered the brush set, both palettes and the nail polishes. I gifted them to my sis and tried them out myself. The brush set is cute, its definitely a collectible item for all HK fans. The bristles are soft and the brushes seem sturdy, but since it has white bristles they're kinda a pain to clean. The palettes shadows were chalky. They're best applied with a wet brush and even then they're not very pigmented. The lip glosses smelled delicious! however, they're really sticky and sheer. I got the polishes in Blueberry and Pink Sprinkles and found the bottles to be tiny and the brushes suck also the formula was really sheer and streaky. I'm such a huge fan of the Kat Von D line as well as the Tarina Tarantino line, I expected the HK line to be just as good but it failed to live up to my expectations Smiley Sad The packaging is super cute, but its such a waste of money to buy makeup and not be able to use it. Unfortunately, I actually returned the polishes, my sis kept the palettes and brush set because they're cute... well at least the brushes are good. Honestly, its only worth getting for the packaging, particularly for the non-makeup items (Mirrors, brush set) because they're not only cute but functional.


Have a great shopping day! I totally understand how you feel, I could spend hours in a Sephora just browsing and trying out new products it's so much fun Woman Happy!

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Gosh!! I hope Katie1724 Got hers!

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Call them call them!!! I really hope you can get it!! Let me rephrase that-- I'm visualizing you getting it!!!!!

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