Excellent Eyeliner brush for beginner

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I am looking for good eyeliner brush I found few one such as Bobbi Brown, Lanome.. etc 

i heard a wood review from bobbi brown. i don't know either regular or ultafine one.

Other brand would you recommend? for gel or powder


Re: Excellent Eyeliner brush for beginner

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For gel, I either like using a fine liner brush or an angled brush. I like the Real Techniques Fine Liner brush, but it's not my favorite because it splays a little bit. I want to try the MAC 209, which is a bit bigger than the Real techniques, but it's a bit stiffer. My favorite brush is the MAC 263, which is an angled brush. You can get an ultra thin and sharp wing/cat eye with it. upload_4560041368763405678.jpg


Re: Excellent Eyeliner brush for beginner

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I had the Bobbi Brown ultrafine eyeliner brush for the longest time untilI sold it when I bought the Laura Mercier one (which I hated. hard to control,too wide, etc) 

it was okay. nothing out of the ordinary. but it never sheds, wear out, or changes shape. 

easy to draw fine lines, but it takes a while to apply the holds and applies only little bit at a time.. for their gel liner to wear black (not grey or half transparent), you need at least 2~3 coats (so dipped at least 3~4 times)

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