Color IQ 1Y07--Eye shadow suggestions?

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My Color IQ is 1Y07, but I'm not sure if I am happy with my eyeshadow combinations. I normally work out of the Stila In The Light palette with Kitten and Bliss as my main colors. I'm not sure if the rose/brown crease color is best for me.


Anybody in 1Y07 range have an eyeshadow combination that they enjoy wearing every day?



Re: Color IQ 1Y07--Eye shadow suggestions?

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I never really liked Color IQ numbers because it gives me such a wide range, you are lighter than me in one foundation and darker than me in the next. Why don't you like those two colors? I have yellow undertone and find that warmer colors look better than cooler colors, and I also have a lot of redness in the skin so I avoid eyeshadow with pink/red undertone.


If you don't have any specific criteria in mind, there were some threads about everyone's daily/favorite makeup look, there's also a what are you wearing thread and a palette parade. All of those are great resources if you want to check out what others wear. =)

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