would you reccomend me to use the naked palette one or two?

i have fair skin brown eyes, and long red hair

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I have both and feel the NAKED 2 works better with fair skin than the original. The colors in NAKED 2 are lighter yet still show up well on fair skin. I find that the original works better for evening looks on my pale skin, the 2 is great for work and a more natural look.


Hope this helps!

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I agree with prettyinpa, Naked  2 is going to work well for you on a day to day basis, and it does have some darker colors in there to give you more of a night or going out look as well.


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It really depends on your own preference.


Naked 1 seems to have warmer colours and I have a bias towards the colours (sin and smog)

Naked 2 has more darker and sultry colours

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