why is the Fairydrops scandal queen waterproof discontinued?
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Iʻve been waiting forever to purchase this mascara on Sephora and signed up for the email list and everything. Then I finally get an email noting that itʻs available for purchase but when I went to the website it said they discontinued the product? Iʻm wondering why Sephora discontinued this product and will it ever come back again?

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I miss the Fairy Drops Waterproof one as well!  Hope that Sephora carries it again in the future, though I am not too hopeful.:smileysad:

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I don't know why Sephora decided not to sell it, but I see it's for sale now on Amazon from Fairydrops! 

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I was disappointed when I saw they have quit carrying the Fairy Drops Waterproof.  However, I have tried the regular formula of Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara, which is water-resistant and I've had no problems with it smearing or coming off.  Of course I've not submerged my head in water with it on, but as far as staying on really well, it does.  So you may want to give it a try.  If you don't like it as well as the waterproof version, you can always return it.

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