which naked palette would be best for fair skin with blonde hair and blue eyes?

I can't decide between the two naked palettes because they are both so gorgeous. I have fair skin with blonde hair and blue eyes. Which palette would be better for me?



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Based on my experience with both of them, I think you will find the NAKED 2 to be more useful. I find the darker shades in the original palette to be on the dark side for me. However, if you like a dark smokey eye more than I do, the original has more dark shades. 


I am pale and have strawberry blonde hair and find that I am reaching more for the NAKED 2 now that I have it, I like a lighter neutral look.


Hope this helps!

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Hey Moxleygirl,


As you can tell from my avatar, I am fair skinned, blonde hair and blue/green eyes, and ever since Naked 2 has come out, that has been my go to palette between the two. The colors are cooler toned and just fit my complexion better. With this palette you can do a soft, netural eye and even a gorgeous, darker smokey. I would consider getting the Naked 2, as the other one is much warmer!


Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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