which eyelash curler is best for asian eyes

I am Asian and have very short eye lashes. which eyelash curler is best for my situation.


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There is an eyelash curler that I use that I love so much, but it's kind of hard to find.  It is by Tweezerman brand and it is made out of plastic materials.  It doesn't have a "boxed-in" area where you curl your lashes.  It is open and it doesn't have a severe roundness to it either.  It is designed specifically so it won't pinch.  I found mine at an Ulta store, but you can look anywhere Tweezerman products are sold.  Unfortunately, Sephora doesn't carry it.

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I know what you mean, since Asian lashes can be especially short, stick straight, and/or resistant to curling. I suggest looking at eyelash curlers manufactured by Asian cosmetics brands, which have been made with an Asian consumer in mind. My favorite, the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, is a cult classic. The shape is perfect for going around your eye without pinching.

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Well first off the issue is not that you're Asian but that your eyelashs are a bit on the short side. If I were you I would take a look at mini-eyelash curlers, They're around half the size of regular eyelash curlers so you'll have more mobility.

It might also help you if you lift your lid a little with your finger as you use your eyelash curler so you'll get the roots of your lashes better.


Hope that helps!


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I like Tarte Smiley Wink

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An eyelash curler is an eyelash curler for the most part. I don't think any variations between them will make any kind of difference.

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