what do you use to take off your eye makeup?

I take my eye make up first with an eye makeup remover and then wash my face when I shower (including my eye area again)...it never fails I still always have left over eyeliner/mascara. Would love to hear what you all use. Thanks

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I use Talika Eye  Makeup remover it is a cool gel that feels so good and removes every trace of eye makeup and also conditions my lashes.

I just buy Equate makeup remover wipes. Nothing special, fancy or expensive but they definitely do the job of removing my makeup.

MUFE sens eyes is the BEST! I heart it so much. It is worth $24.


I also recently purchased Shiseido eye & lipstick remover (TJmaxx) and like it but not as much as the MUFE. It feels a little oily but still gets the job done.

Hi!  I love the MUFE Sensitive Eyes makeup remover-it does a great job of getting off my waterproof mascara, which is bullet-proof:



I use a cotton pad and a bit of baby oil to remove my eye makeup. It gets every thing out. 

Definitely the mufe senseeyes

Clinique's Take the Daye Off- it's super effective and ophthalmologist tested so it is gentle and doesn't burn the eyes!! 


Me too.  I love it.  I also remove my face makeup with ponds wipes 

I'm working my way through my stash of makeup removers.  I'm currently using Laura Mercier Oil Free Makeup Remover for my eye area and Boots wipes for the rest of my face.


Then, I follow with Shiseido Benefiance Creamy Cleanser and the rest of my skincare.

I use:

Lancome Bi-Facial Double Action Eye Makeup Remover for my eyes and Sephora Eye Makeup Removing Pads or the Neutrogena ones for the rest of my face.


Then I follow up with my skincare routine: 


Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes
Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil
Nude Radiant Day Moisturizer

Can I just say that I love that you have a stash of just makeup removers?

I love removing my makeup almost as much as I love putting it on so I decided to have a little fun with this post...you may be able to tell. 


My Glamorous Makeup Removing Routine

Set the scene: When I get home from work, I am tired (weird, right?!). I want my BF to pour me a glass of wine, talk in a low voice, let me pick whatever I want on the tube (preferably Bravo or HGTV....And for the record, I watch ALOT of Sportscenter but I digress...) and remove my makeup. 


First thing I remove is my eye makeup. I'm currently using the Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Removing Pads (which I don't quite recommend) but no matter what I'm using to remove my eye makeup, I press rather than swipe, across my eye area. This allows the makeup to break down a bit and is thus much easier to remove. This takes a little bit longer but it's much more effective in getting every last bit off.. 


Next up is removing my face makeup. I use wipes to remove my face makeup and the only pack that I continuously repurchase is the Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Removing Cloths. Other than that, if I see a new pack that looks cool or will smell great, I will try them out. 


Last comes the real cleansing. I bust out the Clairsonic and use one of two cleansers, Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser or Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. Then I do my happy clean face dance and put on my leggings and an oversized sweatshirt for some truly luxe lounging with the kitties and the BF. At this point, he may be allowed to change the channel. 

Hi KMeleana,


I usually use the Sephora Collection makeup removing wipes followed by Fresh Soy Cleanser. If I still have makeup on I'll just glide another wipe over my eyes and that generally does the trick.



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Thanks everyone.  Now I will have a list of things to try next time I go shopping.  :-)

I pour a bit of MAC's Pro Eye Makeup Remover onto a cotton round and hold it up against my eye for around 30 seconds so the makeup can break down a bit. Then I swipe it of. This normally removes all of my eyemakeup except for a little bit of mascara or longwearing liner. I follow up with my Fresh Soy Face Cleanser which will remove the last bits of it as well as the rest of my makeup. If I wake up and find there is a little bit of black smudged underneath my eyes around my lower lashline, I take a bit of my moisturizer (Clinique DDML) on my pinkie and rub gently where the smudge is and it disappears! Hope this helps you!

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Sephora's Cleansing Water with pump.  Good stuff!

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I use Lancome Bi-Facial Double Action Eye Makeup Remover first and then philosophy purity made simple wipes.  I have tried many eye makeup removers over the years and I always come back to Lancome.  The purity wipes are easy on the eyes so I go over them again while removing my face makeup  to catch any little bit left behind.   I used to have issues with leftover liner and mascara too. Then I realized that I was wiping my closed eye and when I apply mascara it's on an open eye so now I make sure I get my lashes on both sides.  If you tightline your liner you need to saturate your remover pad more so you can get all the way down to the lashline.

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I used to use Boscia's cleansing gel. It took the waterproof mascara and liner right off. Also if you're wearing false lashes, you won't need to peel them off. Using Boscia, they slide off. 

I also use MUFE's Sens'Eyes makeup remover if I'm using waterproof mascara.  If wearing regular mascara, I just use the Sephora wipes.  That seems to get everything off and then I use a cleanser to wash my race.

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Right now I use a makeup wipe on my face first, then I take a clean makeup wipe, put some cleanser on it, and take off eye makeup with it, then I use cleanser on rest of face and gently buff with makeup wipe. Then I use cotton pad and toner to make sure its all off. Sounds like a lot, but I don't have any more cleansers that can get off all my makeup on their own, so I have to make do with what I've got before I buy any more.

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I've run a range in terms of what I've used, for drug store brands, the liquid, dual phase oil free remover from Neutrogena works well, I'm also a fan of Almay's make up remover pads, they come about 80 to a jar and in two formulas, oil free for regular eye make up and moisturizing for waterproof or longwearing (even works to take off lip stains or long wear lip products).


For the more expensive cleansers, Koh Gen Do's Cleansing Spa Water is amazing, super gentle, nonirritating and removes everything, even my waterproof stuff without me having to wipe again and again.


I too use Neutrogena make up wipes, then I use an eye-safe face wash like Korres Milk Protein 3 in 1 cleanser, and then sometimes I'll wipe down again with a cotton swab and warm water to get the excess.

Other days, for heavy eye makeup, I use Lancome Bi Facial.  It's very gentle and works pretty well by itself.  But it's expensive!  A little goes a long way though!


I use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes.  The ones I use remove eye makeup and face makeup.  They pretty much remove all traces of makeup for me, but I still wash my face afterwards.

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