what color eyeshadow goes best with dark brown eyes?

what color eyeshadow goes best with dark brown eyes??

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For my brown eyes, I like to stick to a purple/brown/green palletes. I love Kat Von D's True Romance Eye Pallete (Poetica) and Smashbox's Photo Op Eye Enhancing Pallete for Brown eyes. I noticed jewel tones look best on me, especially colors of the peacock variety (funny way of wording, I know, but peacocks have the best colors for brown eyes and I couldn't think of a better example, lol)


1. I usually apply a soft pink/beige base on my entire lid, up to the brow bone (after priming of course, don't want those yucky eyeshadow grease creases! I like smashbox's photofinish applied to the eyes to prevent my makeup from moving, especially in the heat/humidity!). This color makes the eyes really stand out, especially near the brows. I prefer a soft pink/beige over the white shimmery shadows I see others wearing close to their eyebrows because it is a bit more subtle. I do sometimes alternate though to the white for a more made up look. But for the daytime, I prefer a more natural look Smiley Happy


2. Once that's applied, I use a dark shade of brown/burgandy- this color usually looks more purple with gold flecks. It's a perfect shade between brown, purple and burgandy, making my eyes pop with gold and amber, making them look much lighter! For daytime, I stay light, applying 2-3 "swipes" of shadow in the crease on my eye, creating the "smokey" look, but more subtle. I have very fair skin, so you may need more to really make those eyes pop Smiley Happy And for the evening, I do it the same, but add more shadow to really add some sass Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


3. For the final touch of shadow on my eyes, I'll use a 3rd shade, something sort of inbetween the two shades previously used. I usually go for a nice shade of gold or a tan mix. The shimmer of a gold shadow really sets off the burgandy/gold used in the crease, so I generally choose that. If I'm feeling extra funky or really want my eyes to stand out, I'll go with a more lavendar shade instead of the gold- this makes my eyes REALLY stand out, but sometimes lavendar tends to look really light/white on my skin. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect lavendar shade that isn't too purple, too dark or too light Smiley Happy


**Not mentioned is the eyeliner, or mascara- I left that up to you as far as suggetions go- I know everyone has their own ways when it comes to this Smiley Happy Smiley Happy I like to line the bottom of my lashes before beginning with the shadow, this helps the eyeliner on the bottom from becoming to overpowering on my eyes(especially during the days). As for the top lashes, I line the waterline (instead of above the lash line, I like to emphasize the thickness of the lashes this way), so I prefer to apply this after the eyeshadow is applied, making the look more uniform and "finished" looking. As for colors, with my brown eyes, brown liners and dark brown mascaras work best for my fair complexion, especially for the daytime. I will switch it up at night, using stark black or dark purples (almost black but make your brown eyes pop more)


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