time for a rant

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     sorry i felt like screaming. you may have already read my other rant, but it was time for another.  here we go. so many people have the naked paletee. they do wonderful looks with it but i can't do those beacause i don't have that paletee and sorry maniacs, but i am not wasting 48 dollars just cuz i need like, 6 shades. but why is it 48 dollars anyway!!??? why isn't the price lower since it is old??? why isn't it in the huge sale????!!! WWHHHHYYYYY!!!!     ok.....breathe. why are all palettes so expensixe? why? and will some makeup crazed person PLZ for the love of sugar and manga, tell me where i can find a plaetee for cheap  that has shades simalar to virgin, sin, smog, half baked, darkhorse, and sidecar! please. pretty plz with icecream? oh, and i am not bipolar. just clearing that up...so, please answer. and i won't hurt you. haha, jk! but plz answer.

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Seeing some prices of makeup palettes can be shocking at first.  However, there is a way to justify the price with a little bit of math:


  • We'll use the NAKED palette for the example.  It costs $48 and includes 12 full sized eyeshadows.  Using division, we can see how much each shadow is in the palette.  48/12 is 4.  Thus each shadow in the set is $4.00 
  • Now, compared that unit price to the price that Urban Decay eyeshadow singles cost.  A full sized, round Urban Decay single is $17.  So if you wanted 12 eyeshadow singles similar to the NAKED palette it would cost you $204. 
  • In the end after seeing the numbers, the palette ends up being cheaper.
  • For the 6 shades you're searching for, if you found them in Urban Decay singles, it would cost you $102.  The entire NAKED palette is still cheaper in the end.


I hoped the math helped you to see that sometimes buying palettes can be a lot cheaper.  It all depends on the situation and what colors you're after.  As for a cheaper palette with similar shades, I can't think of one off the top of my head.  I'm sure there is one out there, though.

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