time for a rant

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     sorry i felt like screaming. you may have already read my other rant, but it was time for another.  here we go. so many people have the naked paletee. they do wonderful looks with it but i can't do those beacause i don't have that paletee and sorry maniacs, but i am not wasting 48 dollars just cuz i need like, 6 shades. but why is it 48 dollars anyway!!??? why isn't the price lower since it is old??? why isn't it in the huge sale????!!! WWHHHHYYYYY!!!!     ok.....breathe. why are all palettes so expensixe? why? and will some makeup crazed person PLZ for the love of sugar and manga, tell me where i can find a plaetee for cheap  that has shades simalar to virgin, sin, smog, half baked, darkhorse, and sidecar! please. pretty plz with icecream? oh, and i am not bipolar. just clearing that up...so, please answer. and i won't hurt you. haha, jk! but plz answer.

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wow that was a long rant!!!
I totally share your pain! I love love love love love love love the naked palette but it would take a lot for me to spend close to $50 on it. I want it so badly though!!!!!!!!! Whatever. My favorite palette is Kat Von D's Ludwig palette. I FREAKING LOVE IT! the colors are so pigmented and i find myself using the greens almost as much as the browns. Some of the Kat Von D palettes just went on sale for $24 and I really want to pick up the purple/gold one (forget what its called!).... I've always wanted the Too Faced neutrals palette or too faced soft and sexy eye palette. Time to save my money!

I hope some other beauty talkers share our AGONY OVER THE NAKED PALETTE!


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haha i have something to add: i went on your page and i just saw that we have kinda the same name! my name is clare (spelled without the i) and people call me clarebear too sometimes Smiley Happy
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i ment a claire once who also didn't have the i. i thought it was a nice way of spelling it.
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