small and hooded eyes
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Most of the make-up videos are done on deep-set and big eyed models. I have small, brown and hooded eyes with a dark circle around them. So when i try the shown tricks on, it looks like wanna-be but NOT. I also don't feel comfortable in shiny glimmery crazy coloured make-up, because I work in a very serious environment. The problem is: without make up, I look exhausted.


So my wish from sephora would be to make a natural look make-up video for small / hooded eyes. It would really make my life much easier, if i would be able to look fresh and enthusiastic for the day. People would enjoy it more to work with me then.


Thank You allready

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One thing that helps smaller-shaped eyes look larger is to line only the outer half of the eyelid.  Also adding a light colored eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eyes will give the illusion of larger open eyes.  Urban Decay has a great neutral-colored eyeshadow palette that would enhance your eyes, but wouldn't stand out at work.  The palette is called the "Naked Palette."  UD makes excellent eyeshadows.  Even their neutral shades are highly pigmented so you get great color payoff, but still look natural.  By the way, the "Naked Palette" comes with a mini eyeshadow primer.  Hope this helps you...

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