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should girls that have big eyes should wear eyeliner ??
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When you refer to "big" eyes, I don't know if you mean "large round eyes" or more "prominent eyes" so I'm going to give you some tips for both shapes.

A round eye shape is often large, and open-looking, and many women like to use makeup to elongate the eye.  Use darker liner to slightly extend beyond the eyelid at the outer corners to give this illusion.  Use a medium shade of eye shadow on the eyelid (up to the crease) and extend the shade up toward the brow bone and slightly down toward the lower lid to create a more elongated eye appearance.

For prominent or convex eye shapes, makeup can help reduce the appearance if bulging.  To make the eye appear as if it is receding a bit more into the face, use a dark shade of eyeshadow near the lash line and base of the lid.  Use a slightly lighter shade for the crease and blend outward towards the brow bone.

As for eyeliner, lining the entire upper and lower rim of your eye (in other words lining all the way around your eye) in a dark color such as black will make your eye appear smaller. 

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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Sure you can wear eyeliner!  Actually you have more choices like lining your eyelashes and close to the waterline without risk of making your eyes look too small!  Enjoy your big beautiful eyes!


I have eyes that fall on the large scale and I have always enjoyed the liberty that large eyes have given me with make up.


I say not only is eyeliner a good thing, but try crazy eyeliner. Heavy wings and different colors, enjoy having what many people would die for.


I would say yes, but it can be challenging. Using eyeliner on big eyes is a little tricky cuz you can make yourself look like a puppy and a goth girl at the same time. Not a good idea. but on the plus side if it's light it can look really cute.Smiley Very Happy


Yes, definitely! Just don't make the line too thick and don't line all the way around your eyes. I suggest to line the whole top lid (getting thicker towards the end of your eye) and half of the bottom of your eye. Maybe try colors other than black so not to close your eye up. I really like brown eyeliner. 


Hi, you don't specify your eye color, but my eyes are big and brown.  I use black or really dark brown almost black eyeliner, upper and lower.  It doesn't make them look smaller, which I wouldn't want to do anyway, it emphasizes them.  I've used dark green and blue eyeliner too, but I like the darker colors better.  My daughter has big blue eyes, and she switches up her liner colors as well and can do a wicked winged eyeliner.   I think you have a lot of options to do different things and can definitely enjoy using different products for different looks.  Don't limit yourself!


I guess it depends on how you wear the eyeliner. If you put it on the bottom, making the line not go all the way to the inner crease,it will make your eyes even bigger.If you do this but follow it through all the way to the crease, it will make your eyes look smaller, I have found.

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I have huge eyes and ALWAYS wear eyeliner.. but I wear it to make my eyes appear SMALLER! Smiley Happy the darker the shade you use, the more intensity you will get, and in my case, minimizing. If the liner is too intense for you, try even using a good smudge brush and find a great dark shadow to use for a liner. Smiley Happy

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