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okay so i do not yet have any mac pigments but i am very interested the colors vanilla and rose and probably a bronzy color too.


the thing that excites me about mac pigments is that you can use them wet or dry on your lid, make them a nail polish or lip color, and mix them with body lotion and create a shimmer lotion...also vanilla seems liek it would be a great highlight.


what product from sephora can do all this? my guess was maybe makeupforever product? but can you suggest anything else that can do the same. many brands at sephora have a loose powder eyeshadow but i dont know if it can handle as much as a mac pigment. it would be good if sephora brand or urban decay had something like that but they don't.


and if anyone could tell me their fav mac pigment colors and their favorite way to use them....

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Hello! first off my favorite MAC pigment color would deff be Vanilla. Its extremely popular! And such a great product to use as a highlighter under ur eyes in your crease and in your T-Zone too


as far as your question about anything that Sephora sells like these. Maybe try Bare Minerals loose eyeshadows? you can use a Mixa medium which MAC sells u just need a drop of it and a little pigment. Mix it all together and the colors POP! Smiley Happy i hope this helped!


xoxo Cynthia

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I agree I definitely love Vanilla pigment as a highlight. Some of my favorites are: Vanilla, Violet, Teal, Blue Brown. Pigments are fun and versitile. Easier to apply wet using mixing medium or fix plus.

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