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I am in such a fuss right now! I have been unable to find a deep un metallic  black liner! I have tried KVD Tattoo Liner (reflectes isn't matte) , MUG Immortal (transferred in my crease!), Lime Crime Quill liner (same issue as KVD), ABH creme color (tugged on my eyes too much) and nothing is dark enough!   I'm at a loss here since in photos my normal liner looks like a dark grey from the highlights natural lighting.   Also, it'd be nice to have color recommendation other than black to accent my eyes since I'm working with two shades here. They're blue however the yellowish green in my eyes is a decent amount, and often certain bronzes draw my eyes in, rather out.    Helppp!
I have bluish-green eyes and a light skintone and I'm looking for a matte eyeshadow palette with neutral colors that will make my eyes pop. What are some good options?
I have extremely sensitive eyes and allergies. I have previously had reactions to some makeup brands and mascaras, and when my allergies are especially bad, I usually don't wear mascara at all (and opt for fake lashes).   However, with summer here, I'm finding it really difficult to find a waterproof mascara that matches the results of my every day mascaras without making my eyes puff up.   Mascara brands I find myself unable to wear are Make Up Forever, and Too Faced.   My everyday mascaras are Perversion by Urban Decay, and Hypnose by Lancome. I have the waterproof version of Hypnose (what I'm using currently) but am unhappy with the results.   If anyone knows a good brand to try that won't flake or irritate my eyes (gentle formula), but would give the volume of a regular mascara, it would be greatly appreciated!
I'm looking for brands that carry eyeshadow that has more of a satin finish. I'm not looking for matte or too shimmery eyeshadows. MAC has some satin finish but what brands in Sephora have similar?   I would like something to wear across my eyelid to brighten my eyes. I prefer neutral to warm tones. My eyes are green with gold flecks, neutral to warm skin tone, light to medium skin tone, medium to dark brown hair. My eye shape is hooded.   As I become older I'm not a fan of too shimmery eyeshadows for my lids. Any rec's for eyeshadow that has satin finish?   Thanks!
Hi all! Awhile ago I did a post on what eye shadow palette I should get for Christmas- I was mainly interested in matte shadows. But now I'm kind of changing my mind and looking into the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay!  As long as they aren't full or glitter or fall out, I'm good!  But my question is, (for people who own all 3 or even just one of them), what is the difference between the Naked 1, 2, & 3?  I have heard that the Naked 1 is more warm toned, but I'm still not sure. If anyone has any swatches of them I'd love to see a picture(s). I prefer more natural shades, too. If it helps any I have red hair, light(ish) complexion, and brown eyes. I know a lot of people love these palettes, and  it makes me interested in them and want one of my own!  Hopefully they aren't glitter shades. To me they look a little shimmerish, maybe metallic, and maybe some matte. And Hopefully the color pay off is good too- and the colors last all day and don't fade.(?) I always use UD potion primer anyway though! Thank you! ~XOXOXO
I wear Vanilla in the "Nars radiant creamy concealer" and was wondering which is my best match for the "Urban Decay naked skin weightless complete coverage concealer"
Hi! So I have decided to get an Urban Decay Naked palette, but I don't know which one to choose. I want something that I can for the most part use for every day/natural looks, but I can also switch it up with night looks. Which palette do you guys recommend? Also for reference I have pale skin and dark brownish/greenish eyes.
I'm going on vacation to a tropical place renowned for beaches, but notorious for rain. I'm also going with my boyfriend, who always manages to smudge off my eyeliner one way or another. In other words, my makeup doesn't stand a chance.    Has anyone tried a genuinely smudge-proof, waterproof liner that they could recommend? My current go-to is Tarte's clay liner, but I hear they reformulated it--and even then, the old formula could never withstand even light beach time anyway.   I'd prefer some kind of pot liner, but I'd be totally fine with a liquid too--I just can't really do pencil liners because I'm not skilled enough to create crisp lines with them. Thanks!
Hi Sephora! I have brown eyes and wanted to know which Naked Palette would suit me best. Thanks!
I noticed it has not been available online for some time but can't seem to find a solid answer as to if it was discontinued?
I have tried Maybelline Falsies, One by One, Covergirl Lash Blast Length plus Volume and Volume, but I know there is something better. I go for the long volumized jet black false lashes look. What is the best mascara for that, possibly BadGal Lash or They're Real? Help!!  
 I have found that I am now allergic to purple eyeliner and possibly shadow because of the dye used I believe. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem and found a brand that does not make them re-act like you have pink eye. My eyes are hazel and purple makes em pop so nice, I am desperate to find a brand that doesnt use the common red dye that is causing this reaction! Any info would be great!
Fairydrop's Scandal Queen mascara has been the best mascara for my straight asian lashes. After I curl my lashes with the Shu Uemura curler, one coat of Scandal Queen will lengthen, hold the curl all day, not smudge under my eyes, and wash off easily.   Now that it's been discontinued I'm trying to find another mascara that will work for me, any suggestions?
What are the best eye brushes for the cat eye/pin up everyday look? there are just so many options and I don't even know where to start or what would be best for this look.
orange eyeliner.jpg
Anyone know any good edgy eye looks for green eyes and (REALLY) pale skin? 
I always have trouble putting liner on my top lash line. it always seems thicker on the outer edge and gives me a lot of trouble on my outer corner almost like theres too much skin on my outer V. I would love to do a small wing! i also hate that my brow bone seems too high. When I watch tutorials they always highlight their brow bone and i don't because my eyeshadow doesn't ever reach that high!    Help      
Since my eyelids tend to  get very oily, my eyeliner tends to get very faded and blotchy quickly. What eyeliner can last many hours would be recommended to fight this problem I have?   Thanks. 
Currently, I'm using a dark brown eyeshadow and the brow wiz in dark brown to fill in my brows. I'm almost out of the powder, so I want to try the one from Anastasia since I prefer powders. I can't decide between dark brown or ebony, as my main concern is dark brown not being neutral/cool enough for my black eyebrows.     I love my eyebrows here, I think they're just right. The long swatch on my hand is the powder and the shorter one is the brow wiz in dark brown.
Hello lovelies! I finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade my collection of eye makeup brushes. After ridding myself of all brushes with dubious origins (probably stolen from my mother at some point, haha!), I have three brushes that I believe are worth keeping: UD double-ended brush, UD Good Karma shadow brush, and MAC 217. I would love it if any of you could give me any suggestions as to what other brushes would help me have a more complete collection! Thank you. 
 Hiiiii everyone!  So I have the Naked 1 & 2 full palettes & I love them. However, I am kind of wanting more brown colors. A friend suggested Naked 2 Basics or Too Faced Natural Matte but I am trying to decide if I need them or if the first two Naked Palette's I have are good enough.... I am bad at making decisions haha! I just didn't know whether to spend the money or just stick with Naked 1 & 2.    I also considered getting an eyebrow kit but I wasn't sure whether I wanted to spend the money on that either.... Just need some feedback & suggestions. Thanks so much. Bella
I've been wanting the Urban Decay Naked Palette for a while now. I'm going to be honest and say that I'm just tired of waiting. What would be a good dupe for the Naked Palette? I dont need an exact copy but something along the lines of it would be a nice swap.    I've been considering getting the Too Faced Naked Eye Soft and Sexy Collection instead. What do you guys think? I'm totally open to suggestions!   Thanks!   xoxo
I am looking more for a natural look, which is better Urban Decay Naked or Urban Decay Naked 2?
I recently received the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner for my birthday a few weeks ago after wanting it for months. While it's amazing at creating a perfect wing, it dries out midway through the second eye. I usually have to dig up another eyeliner to finish it. Is there just something wrong with mine? Should i get another one and try again?
I always wear gold/tan shades, sometimes shimmery, with a dark brown or black eyeliner and mascara. I'm trying to find a better look without spending tons of money testing different products. I am pale with big, brown eyes.
I have light, neutral toned skin with dark brown hair and hazel (brown/green/gold) eyes. I prefer a satin or matte finish, no glitter or heavy shimmer. Slight shimmer that won't fall on my cheeks is definitely ok! Thank you!!
I recently purchased Urban Decay eye shadow single in "toasted." I was hoping for any recommendation on another eye shadow colour to give "toasted" more depth and compliment the colour. For reference, my skin tone is fair-medium (very similar to Kim Kardashian's complexion, as much as I dislike making that comparison it's the only celebrity I can think of). My eyes are deep set and I also have severe dark circles (which I cover with concealer but that can only do so much) so I can't use very dark colours that would enhance my dark circles or give the illusion my eyes are receding to the back of my skull. My eye colour is also a super dark hazel. Any recommendation would be appreciated! EDIT: I wanted to have toasted on the eyelid/as a base. But any advice on how to use it (such as it being a highlighter or crease colour) is fine. I'm not dead set on needing it to be the eyelid colour or anything. I'm open to any recommendation- doesn't even have to be Urban Decay!
i have a 4y09 skintone and dark brown virgin hair what Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz shake should I purchase?
Iʻve been waiting forever to purchase this mascara on Sephora and signed up for the email list and everything. Then I finally get an email noting that itʻs available for purchase but when I went to the website it said they discontinued the product? Iʻm wondering why Sephora discontinued this product and will it ever come back again?
I am looking for eyeshadows that have no shimmer at all....Which brands have non-shimmer eyeshadows?