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I have a bit of a weakness for bright, intense, and oftentimes wild color choices when it comes to eyeshadows. So it really comes to no surprise to me that I often look to UD for colors and inspirations.   But I distinctly remember seeing, a few months back, the new (at the time) Vice 3 palette, and I mainly wanted to throw my money at the cashiers for just the two colors that stood out to me: Bondage and Sonic. They were both gorgeous red shades, and I suppose I'm a sucker for red.   Then it just disappeared. I know that their main site probably still sells the palette, but in retrospect I'd be mainly paying $60 for two colors. So... no.   What I want to know is One: If it WAS pulled from the stores and I'm NOT going crazy, and Two: Are there any other brands that make red shadow tones? I think Make Up For Ever makes a bright red loose pigment that I may use to blend with other colors, and it's in the back of my mind, but I was more curious to know if there are more options out there?
I have really long, dark, thick lashes but want to get some mascara to show them off. What type of mascara should I get? 
Hello everyone! I want to buy a good crease brush but I hesitate between the Nars # 44 and the MUFE # 216. I already have the Mac 217 and Mac 224 but I find they are too big for my eyes. I have big eyes and my crease is actually very hard to find...   So, which one should I buy and why? I'm open to other brushes too!! If they are available in Canada...more precisely in Québec or Ontario! Thanks for all your input!
Morning! I've only seen swatches of Viseart on lighter skin tones, and was wondering if any darker ladies (or men) had swatches specifically of #6 Paris Nude or #2 Pearl Bright? I'm around NC/NW40
Anyone know any at a more affordable price?
HI. Is there a mascara without water as the first ingredient and water counteracts curl?
Anyone have a personal favorite matte liquid liner? I have been looking for a while
Hello Everyone!   I have a couple of questions that I have tried to research but I am getting conflicting reviews and products.     I have been a big fan of Benefits Bad Gal lashes for a long time but I have noticed that the mascara doesn't last as long as I would like it too.  I have also used They're Real by Benefit but my eyelashes would stick together and I found it difficult to take off.     I have thin short eye lashes and I am wanting to find a mascara that will make my almond shaped eyes full, lengthy, and doe eyed.  I do not wear much make up, usually mascara and eyeshadow.   I am wanting something to make my eyes POP with a full feathery long eye lashes, without using false eyelashes.  I am terrible at putting them on and eye lash extensions are too pricey to maintain.   I would love some recommendations of amazing mascaras that I would be able to try and LOVE.  Also, I am also interested in getting into a more neutral look with my eye shadow.  I have kind of green/brown with a small hint of blue eyes.  I do not like bright colors like purple or blue.  Any suggestions on mascara and eyeshadow that would help would be amazing!  Also my skin is also very light, phfff winter.     Thank you so much for your advice.   Britt
what's the best way to makeup your eyes if you have monolids? (Asian eyes...you don't have the extra crease above  your eyelid) because I wouldn't wear eyeshadow because it doesn't turn out right on me, so what all can I do?
I've never tried eye shadow before, but I really want to start. I'm just not sure what colors would look good on me! I have medium skin with a yellow undertone (more specifically 3Y08). What colors or even eye shadow palettes would you guys recommend for me?
The liner I am using for my top and bottom water lines only lasts about two hours then just disappears and I have to reapply it over and over. Anyone have experience with eyeliners that has stayed on water lines for a few hours? If so what brands??
  Looking for a good eye liner recommendation. I want something that comes out thin and also last long (I have watery eyes).
Need suggestions on what kind of eye look if I will be wearing Living Legend by Mac. I know a neutral eye look will always go with everything but wanted to do something a bit different.    
The last couple of lash primers I tried (which, to be fair, was a while ago) were really disappointing---causing a lot of flaking & clumping.  That said, I'd really like to find a great one that does a good job of conditioning & protecting my lashes.  From what I hear it seems like DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum and Givenchy's Mister Lash are probably the best two, but was hoping for some feedback on which is better.   Update:  Based on the advice you guys gave me I got the Dior, and it is amazing!
I'm looking for an eye shadow that doesn't burn my sensitive eyes.  Any suggestions?
I have hazel eyes, (they're more on the green side though) and I was wondering, which Naked palette would compliment and bring out my eye color more?? 
I have very sensitive eyes and most liners end up stinging or making my eyes itch. Any liners that are great for sensitive eyes and work well?
I am wanting to purchase some UD eyeshadows online. I want some good neutral colors for an everyday look. Not very good at picking out colors, which is why I generally purchase palettes. Which UD shadows look best together to make a nice neutral (not too dark or light) smokey everyday look? I have olive toned skin that is light-medium, brown eyes and blonde hair.   Thanks guys!
Hi! So I work in a coffee shop so there are times (well lots actually) where I have to be there by 5 AM! I also live a half an hour away so I wake up at 4 to get ready for work. I normally just apply a pencil eyeliner (Specifically Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner) and mascara. However, during the day with my monolids, my eyeliner will fade and wont' last very long. I tried primer and foundation and that didn't work as well. How can I do a quick eyeliner make up routine that stays put and doesn't require me to wake up an extra 15 minutes to get ready for work. =)
It will fade dramatically or smear all over my eyes. This is very frusterating, especially since I have tried DOZENS of eyeliners. I have tried no-smudge, liquid, and even eyeshadow used as eyeliner. What can I do?
I assume that fake eye lashes go on last...am I wrong? Also...I have trouble putting on fake eyelashes and making sure they stay on...any tips?
I have light brown eyes, and blonde highlighted hair….I am almost 40.  I was wondering if I should wear eyeliner, but I don't want to look overdone.  I wear eyeliner now, but I feel like it's too dark.  I want something to bring out the color in my eyes.  I usually wear a dark brown or a copper color.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
My eyelashes used to hold a curl all day no matter what. Then I started using Vaseline to take off my makeup and then I noticed my lashes weren't holding a curl so I stopped using it, and they went back to normal. Then my lashes only started to hold a curl with waterproof mascara, and now nothing. I've always used to heated lash curler, I've tried about seven different mascaras and nothing works. I just bought Sephoras lash stretcher which is supposed to curl but it didn't help at all. I heat my lash curler, curl my lashes, then apply mascara, and about 10 seconds later they're straight. Does anyone know why my eyelashes won't hold a curl anymore? It's so frustrating because I love when my lashes are curled! It just makes my eyes and makeup look better. Is there anything I could try? Mascara, primer, lash serum? Anything you recommend?
I need an eyeliner that will stay put on the waterline and won't run, smudge or fade. I've tried Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil's and they didn't work. I'm wondering if MAKEUP FOR EVER Eyeliner Pencil or Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner would work for the waterline? I have oily eyelids and watery eyes and not much money to spend on high end makeup so I REALLY need an eyeliner that can stay put on the waterline. I'm hoping my search for the perfect holy grail eyeliner will end.
What exactly is tightlining?
I need to find a great eyeliner that doesn't fade or smear... I live in AZ and its still in the 80's and lately my eyeliner keep smearing.. Any ideas?
Hey gals!!!!!! I want a Clarisonic, but I cannot afford one right now. I tried eBay, but they are just as much on there as they are normally...well a few dollars cheaper, but not much... My question is this: is there anyone who has one who regrets it and wants to sell it to me? I will trade a whole bunch of products or just outright buy it. I don't need the cleanser or a head, I can buy those. I don't care about the color or if it's a Mia 1 or 2?..although I'd prefer pink or something colorful. I just need the actual unit and charger, and whatever else make it work. If you have the other stuff, great, but if not, I just want what makes it work so I can get my skin clear. I have a PayPal acct, or check, or money order... I love in Baltimore, MD so shipping may be an issue but UDPS has a flat rate box we can put it in. I ship all the time on eBay. I also want one that works, so Id be willing to trust the person that it does work and it isn't broken... So, help me? Let's Reduce, reuse, and recycle beauty products...
I am asian with double eyelids, but my crease is so thin that I can't apply eyeliner over my lashline. (It looks really weird. I used to never use top eyeliner). I always only tightline.    But I also have an oily eye area, so when I do tightline and go outside for a few hours, it ends up sliding down and pooling around the outer bottom corners!!   I've heard about using eye primer for sliding eye makeup but I can't do that if I only tightline!! Do I need to prime the bottom of my eye? Would waterproof eyeliner work?
How long should you keep eyeshadows for? Whether they are just the single ones or the whole palette?  Is it bad to keep for years and years???