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I am getting good, but uneven, growth from using Latisse, but not much volume.  The bad thing is my lashes are now growing crooked.  Has anyone found a mascara that does a good job of adding the volume and straightening?  I don't really need added length at this point.
I prefer the BRUSH tips and not the FELT tips. I would love some suggestions. I use to use wet and wild liquid eyeliner but they recently changed their brush tip to a felt tip and I'm heartbroken!   Please give me suggestions. 
 I have found that I am now allergic to purple eyeliner and possibly shadow because of the dye used I believe. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem and found a brand that does not make them re-act like you have pink eye. My eyes are hazel and purple makes em pop so nice, I am desperate to find a brand that doesnt use the common red dye that is causing this reaction! Any info would be great!
i  want to make my brown eyes really pop. any color ideas in terms of eyeliner or eyeshadow
i have very light skin (the lightest of ivory), blue eyes, and dark brown hair. most brown eye shadows look too overwhelming on my complexion. besides pinks and purples, what would be a good eye shadow color?
Hi. Is there any recommendations for eyeliner in a pomade form? I currently have the Anastasia creme color, but it dried out on my soo fast! I'm looking for something that won't dry out so fast. Thanks!
Hi! I have nicely shaped and moderately full eyebrows, however, I'm looking for a product to add a little bit of structure to them. I don't like the thickness of gels, and I like the idea of a little definition from the pencil. Does anyone have a pencil they use that keep the little stray hairs in place? Or a brow gel that's super light? Thanks!
I don't know what eye makeup/lip color/etc to wear to prom! I have a mint dress with a V neck back that comes up to my knees. It's a tulle skirt, with a rhinestone embroidered midsection belt. I have everything other than makeup picked out. What colors do you think I should do? Just color scheme please no specific products! Thank you guys!
Hellooo! So currently this is my lineup:   - Naked 2 - Naked Smokey - Naked Basics 1 - bh 88 matte   I'm considering: - KVD Shade + Light - Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte - Too Faced Chocolate Bar - Open to other suggestions!   I'd looove to get all of them, but alas, I am poor and can only shell out for one.. so which do I get?!    CRITERIA: - Would like more reddish tones - Complements what I currently have (not too much overlap in colors) - I prefer mattes, but I don't mind a couple shimmers. - My skin tone is umm.. tan asian skin? (I'd say my skin shade is similar to Jamie Chung's.)   Would love to hear your guys' advice, thank you!!
Hi I am 52, i have blue veins under my eyes that I have tried to cover for years and years.. and now bags and now getting creasing, crapie (SP) skin under my eyes I am interested in purchasing the erase paste but need to know what shade? i have fair to medium dry skin.. do you use a shade lighter or one that most matches your skin? and what do you think of the erase paste for creasing? Thanks so much for your expertise! ~
Whats the shade equivalent of Makeup forever aquabrow in #15 blonde and #25 ash in Anastasia dipbrow pomade???
 I remove my makeup every night, but I somehow always manage to have leftover mascara under my eyes in the morning. What should I do? 
So I have been using the Anastasia dip brow pomade to fill in my brows for a while now (i have very very light eyebrow hairs). But when i fill them in it always comes out sort of ashy and when overhead light shines on them, they sort of disappear. It looks really unnatural and its obvious they are colored in. I even tried buying the proper angled brush to help. Maybe I bought the wrong color? Am I pressing too hard while applying? When i watch tutorials their eyebrows always look smooth and flawless but mine just turn out, for a lack of better words... crusty! Please Help! Thanks so much!
Please help :-) In need of a good eye primer!
i just tried this mascara recently and LOVE it! It glides in so nicely and doesn't clump at all. I can blink right after application & not have to worry about it going all over my face-now it's about time a mascara doesn't make more of a mess if you don't keep your eye pried open until they dry! Haha Am I right? Who else has tried this mascara? What do you think? 
I received a Naked 3 palette for Christmas, and I'm loving it. The colors are all super nice and pigmented, except for one - "Trick". My brush barely picks up ANY color from it at all; I have to layer it several times with my finger to even have the swatch look SIMILAR to the color in the pan. Is yours like this too, or is something wrong with mine? Maybe they're all just like this, but this was not what I was expecting from Urban Decay. 
looking for an easy everyday liner... Does the Kat Von D tattoo liner work on water lines? Or does it run and not stay? 
Hi everyone, With so many options, it is difficult to decide on a what everyday eyeshadow palette I want to get. Do you guys have any good suggestions? I am Asian and my skintone is a warm medium. My hair and eyes are both dark brown.  I am looking for a neutral palette that I can use everyday. My preference would be mostly matte shades with a few shimmer shades.  
Does anyone know when the Tartelette 2 In Bloom eyeshadow palette will be in Sephora stores?
Are the stila and kat von d brown liquid liner the same shade or is one darker?
How long should you keep eyeshadows for? Whether they are just the single ones or the whole palette?  Is it bad to keep for years and years???
Are YSL products really worth the price? if so, any suggestions on one item to purchase for someone new to the brand?
Hi everybody! I'm hoping you guys can help me out, I want to purchase my first higher end eyeshadow palette, but I'm a little overwhelmed with all the options and am unsure about which tones would suit me best. I'm fair skinned with somewhere between a cool and neutral undertone, darker red/auburn hair (natural) and green eyes. (For example my coloring is very similar to that of Julianne Moore's) I just want something that i can create a few everyday/daytime looks but with a little variety. (I was looking at Naked 1 and The Chocolate Bar but I'm open to any and all options) Anyway thanks in advanced for the advice!  
I have thin uneven brows and want to know which tools will help me get natural looking, fuller brows. I need a brow pencil and any other tricks you guys use. Thanks!
  So after a year of finally getting my eyebrows to where I want them I woke up this morning and one of my eyebrows was super itchy, almost burning! Of course my first instinct is to rub it, and then i felt the hair on my hand and ran to the bathroom. Now my one eyebrow is thin and uneven and looks deflated almost! I'm getting married in two weeks and i'm literally in tears over this because I'm almost positive no amount of powder or pencil will fix this. I'm tempted to go to my eyebrow threader and tell her just to thin them both to even. ><   Any suggestions on products/tips to shape them back?
Hi All!   I'm looking for an eyeshadow palette some that has neutral and bold colors. I'm looking at buying the Too Faced Stardust Palette because that looks gorgeous! I was looking at Morphe's palettes but wanted to know what everyone thought of those? UD Naked Palettes is something I might have to resort to buying!    Have a great evening everyone!
Hello, I purchased a Naked 2 palette I like it but I don't love it. However I absolutely love the Tartelette palette so I think I'm definitely getting that one. I was looking into the versitality of the Chocolate Bar. I don't have many eyeshadows but I like more matte finishes but I would also like to have shimmers to wear for an occasion. I like the smokey eye look you can create with the Naked 2 Pallete. I'm also dark olive skinned. So, which two pallets should I go for? Hi guys just to clarify that I will be buying the Tartlette palette for a more everyday, feminine wear. I'm not sure to pick between naked 2 or chocolate bar. I want mattes for everyday, and smokey eyes and I would like some shimmer to go out also. I don't really want any repeating shades either. So, naked 2 or chocolate bar? Since I'm gettin Tartlette for sure