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Q. Anarchy Face Case Eye Look Recipes
So, I just got my Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case in the mail today... LOVE IT ALREADY! It's as amazing as I thought it would be! Now I was just wondering if y'all would tell me a recipe for an eye look that included the Urban Decay shades: Redemption, Fray, Vaporize, Provocateur, and Revolt. Thanks!  
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Q. New Stila Eyeshadows
Has anybdy tried the new Stila Eyyeshadows. They look pretty neat but idk if they're practical. hi tricia sorry i was so vague. you can see them on the stila site. they are like a melange of three colors. what confuses me about them is that they are described as baked but they advise that you not use them wet. there's a video about them on stila's youtube channel.
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Q. Tarte Holiday Palette
Does any one know if the Tarte 2012 Holiday palette is still available? Thanks!
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Q. How is the Vision in Velvet Bare Minerals set?
I am thinking about purchasing it, but I was just wondering what people thought of it.
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Q. How to recreate Julia Sarr-Jamois eye makeup?
I love Julia Sarr-Jamois' gold eye makeup and I want to know how to recreate this look. Thanks!
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Q. Benefit Powderflage substitute or smtn similar?
I love using Benefit Powderflage over my concealer as a setting powder, and even mora - for "concealing" my fine lines and brightnening the area. But, i like, no - I LOVE it for magic it does for visually hiding thos fine lines! It has a touch of radiant pink in it and light diffusing particles ( i think. at least that's how it looks and effect it gives ). I think Powderflage was discontinued because i can't find it anywhere.... what would be a good substitute for it? Something powdery ( because i want to use it as a setting powder over my liquid concealer ) that would add that "something" to eye area, "concealing" fine lines like Powderflage did?
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Q. something similar to too faced summer eye collection
I wanted to buy the too faced summer eye shadow collection but it has been discontinued. i loved those colors and how too faced coordinates them because i am not good at pairing up colors together like that. any other color set you can reccommend to me and tell me how to wear them like the too faced cards do?
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Q. Smasbox bue eyes palette
Hi! I'm interested in the Smashbox eyeshadow palette for blue eyes. Has anyone tReid it? Opinions?
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Q. UD Vice color combos?
Hey BT ladies!   I just bought the UD Vice and so now I ask if anyone out there has it and made some fabulous color combinations...or just has seen it and has some ideas on what they'd do with it???  I wore the purples today, and I used one as a liner wet, and it was so pretty.  The colors are so vivid, at least the ones I tried so far.  I used the 10% off spin wheel to get it a few days ago.  The lid pops up with the push of a button, and the case is nice, the mirror is big.  I'm just a sucker for UD palettes and its so different from Naked.  I'm a happy shopper so far.   Help me with color combos!!!   ;-)
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Hi BeautyTalkers! In an effort to streamline our BeautyTalk community, the "Eye Makeup" board will be consolidated into a general “Makeup” board and will no longer be available for posting. But don’t worry! If you have subscribed to any threads in this board, you will still be able to access them.
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