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Q. What eye palette should I buy next?
I am interested in buying an eye palette for everyday makeup looks and I'm trying to figure out what to buy next. I already bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette so that's out. Information about me is that I have green eyes and my skin tone is light to median.
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A. I like the Nars Loaded Eyeshadow palette for a nice night out (they have some nice shimmer colors). There's more brown in the palette which I think pairs well with green... see post
Q. Dior Extase Mascara Substitutes
I was sooo disappointed to find out that Dior had discontinued their Extase line of mascara and need a good alternative. Tried Better than Sex, Rollerlash, They're Real (different but better than the others), Diorshow, ect but haven't found one that lives up to Extase. Your suggestions are appreciated- thank you. 
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A. Hi @JJVIB,   The new Dior Pump N Volume would be a great substitute for the Extase. You may also like the Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara or Yves... see post
Q. Mascara
Hi I want to have the impression of long natural thick eyelashes. But not wear fake eyelashes. What macara is the best for what I'm looking for?
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Q. I have monolids, what are some good eyeshadow looks without creating a fake crease?
I really want to get into working with eyeshadows, but I have monolids and can't find that many tutorials and tips. I really like colours and would love to incorporate colours into everyday looks. I was wondering what are some suggestions for applying colourful eyeshadow to monolids without creating a fake crease?  
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A. Hi @Jackiebird! I basically have monolids (hooded lids so small that they're tucked in) as well and I found Korean YouTubers really helpful (most of them even have ENG s... see post
Q. Naked 3 vs Sweet Peach vs Chocolate bar
I'm younger so I prefer natural eye looks that accentuate my blue/grey eyes without overpowering my fair/blond coloring. I have the naked basics pallete and am looking to make a larger pallete purchase. I'm not very into darker makeup or like a smokey or sultry look. Suggestions? 
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A. Tartelette In Bloom suggestion by @EvangelineDamon is actually a great alternative choice! I used this palette on my friend with fair skin and blue/grey eyes after getti... see post
Q. Best professional colorful eyeshadow palettes
Wha are the best color professional eyeshadow palettes?
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Q. which colour eye shadow best suits green eyes?
i have green eyes and usually i just wear nude coloured eye shadows, but i kind of want to branch out a bit and get new eye shadow ! so i wanted to know opinions on what colour eye shadow compliments green eyes the most ! :')
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Q. Kat Von D Shade + Light Quad
I was thinking about getting the Rust quad for my blue eyes but I'm scared that the orange might be too bright and would be hard to wear every day. I already have the Too Faced Natural Matte palette... is it worth getting the Kat Von D quad?
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Q. EYELINER colorrne
suggestions on eyeliner color for very blue eyes & blond hair? My go to shadow color is all the glimmers by MAC which is a beige golden pearl/shimmer.  
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Q. need MAJOR help with concealer/powder!!! -__-'
Hi everyone! I usually just browse, but have never had many questions, until now, lol I have the urban decay primer potion in original hourglass veil mineral primer nars radiant creamy concealer and laura mercier translucent setting powder and the urban decay setting spray also as a reference i have attached a pic of my eye without anything and with. i have some very fine lines nothing too crazy, but lots of purple ( runs in family )  i am 30.   I have googled like crazy, browsed youtube, and no matter what I try, I CAN'T find a solution to this problem anywhere. I don't understand why, but no matter what this concealer cakes up on me HARDCORE. is it just not right for me??? is it the powder? i don't know what the issue is...sigh. I will be going to sephora this weekend to try to buy the right concealer but would like your opinions and advice. i don't want to keep having to go and exchanging all the time and the closest sephora to me is not that close lol so yeah, as soon as I put concealer and setting powder on, within a few minutes, the concealer breaks apart no matter/cracks/sets into fine lines.horribly. my other makeup is fine. as a reference if it helps in you helping me, my HG foundation that i love and my skin seems to love is the MUFE Ultra HD. i wear shade y225. i moisturize and prime, yada yada yada.  i don't think i am doing anything wrong.  The only thing I have read online that possibly makes sense is people with drier skin seem to not do well with the Nars concealer. my skin isn't particularly dry but it's definitely on the drier then oilier side. so maybe that is why...i really don't know. ugh i rambled on a lot, your turn now!
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Q. Help!
Tartelette In Bloom, Naked, or Naked 2 eye palette? I have brown/hazel eyes, medium skin, and dark hair. I love all of them, but I am stuck and can't pick one. Please help me decide haha!
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Q. urban decay
Few days ago, I bought naked vault set But it's not the same thing I've thought about! It was in one box ... lol SO I want to get a refund but the product has been disappeared on website I don't know how to do this!! Is there anyone lives in NYC and wants to buy this naked pallets to me???
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Q. Eyeprimer
I have very oily eyelids whats a good eye shadow base for oily eyes
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Q. Any suggestions for black liquid eyeliner?
I prefer the BRUSH tips and not the FELT tips. I would love some suggestions. I use to use wet and wild liquid eyeliner but they recently changed their brush tip to a felt tip and I'm heartbroken!   Please give me suggestions. 
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Q. Eyeliner
Hi. Is there any recommendations for eyeliner in a pomade form? I currently have the Anastasia creme color, but it dried out on my soo fast! I'm looking for something that won't dry out so fast. Thanks!
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Q. Eyebrow tamer!
Hi! I have nicely shaped and moderately full eyebrows, however, I'm looking for a product to add a little bit of structure to them. I don't like the thickness of gels, and I like the idea of a little definition from the pencil. Does anyone have a pencil they use that keep the little stray hairs in place? Or a brow gel that's super light? Thanks!
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Q. Help! What eye makeup should I wear to prom?
I don't know what eye makeup/lip color/etc to wear to prom! I have a mint dress with a V neck back that comes up to my knees. It's a tulle skirt, with a rhinestone embroidered midsection belt. I have everything other than makeup picked out. What colors do you think I should do? Just color scheme please no specific products! Thank you guys!
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A. Hey pastelprincess,   The complimentary color for greens tends to lean towards the reds (but in this case more pinkish). I'd do soft/pastel pinks and metallic silver o... see post
Q. how to pick shade for corrective concealers?
Hi I am 52, i have blue veins under my eyes that I have tried to cover for years and years.. and now bags and now getting creasing, crapie (SP) skin under my eyes I am interested in purchasing the erase paste but need to know what shade? i have fair to medium dry skin.. do you use a shade lighter or one that most matches your skin? and what do you think of the erase paste for creasing? Thanks so much for your expertise! ~
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Q. recommend palette to complement my current ones?
Hellooo! So currently this is my lineup:   - Naked 2 - Naked Smokey - Naked Basics 1 - bh 88 matte   I'm considering: - KVD Shade + Light - Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte - Too Faced Chocolate Bar - Open to other suggestions!   I'd looove to get all of them, but alas, I am poor and can only shell out for one.. so which do I get?!    CRITERIA: - Would like more reddish tones - Complements what I currently have (not too much overlap in colors) - I prefer mattes, but I don't mind a couple shimmers. - My skin tone is umm.. tan asian skin? (I'd say my skin shade is similar to Jamie Chung's.)   Would love to hear your guys' advice, thank you!!
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Q. Shade equivalent of MUFE aquabrow in Anastasia dipbrow
Whats the shade equivalent of Makeup forever aquabrow in #15 blonde and #25 ash in Anastasia dipbrow pomade???
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Q. eyebrow help
So I have been using the Anastasia dip brow pomade to fill in my brows for a while now (i have very very light eyebrow hairs). But when i fill them in it always comes out sort of ashy and when overhead light shines on them, they sort of disappear. It looks really unnatural and its obvious they are colored in. I even tried buying the proper angled brush to help. Maybe I bought the wrong color? Am I pressing too hard while applying? When i watch tutorials their eyebrows always look smooth and flawless but mine just turn out, for a lack of better words... crusty! Please Help! Thanks so much!
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Q. What is a good eye shadow primer?
Please help :-) In need of a good eye primer!
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Q. Who has tried Velvet Noir Mascara by Marc Jacobs?!
i just tried this mascara recently and LOVE it! It glides in so nicely and doesn't clump at all. I can blink right after application & not have to worry about it going all over my face-now it's about time a mascara doesn't make more of a mess if you don't keep your eye pried open until they dry! Haha Am I right? Who else has tried this mascara? What do you think? 
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Q. Is there something wrong with my Naked 3 palette?
I received a Naked 3 palette for Christmas, and I'm loving it. The colors are all super nice and pigmented, except for one - "Trick". My brush barely picks up ANY color from it at all; I have to layer it several times with my finger to even have the swatch look SIMILAR to the color in the pan. Is yours like this too, or is something wrong with mine? Maybe they're all just like this, but this was not what I was expecting from Urban Decay. 
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A. I just grabbed mine to test. If I use a flat brush, I pick up next to nothing, but if I use something a little fluffier, I pick up an okay amount of product. It's defini... see post
Q. Kat Von D tattoo liner
looking for an easy everyday liner... Does the Kat Von D tattoo liner work on water lines? Or does it run and not stay? 
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Q. What palette should I get?
Hi everyone, With so many options, it is difficult to decide on a what everyday eyeshadow palette I want to get. Do you guys have any good suggestions? I am Asian and my skintone is a warm medium. My hair and eyes are both dark brown.  I am looking for a neutral palette that I can use everyday. My preference would be mostly matte shades with a few shimmer shades.  
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Q. Brown liquid liner
Are the stila and kat von d brown liquid liner the same shade or is one darker?
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Q. Tartelette 2 In Bloom
Does anyone know when the Tartelette 2 In Bloom eyeshadow palette will be in Sephora stores?
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