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Eyes Q&A
I need some eyelashes for about a month in school (due to an unfortunate eyelash curling incident) and i need some that are not too intensely long or dramatic. Any suggestions would be great.
i have really short eyelashes. how can i make them longer?
how do you store double ended brushes ? to keep them from any damage
Hi, there! I recently got interested in wearing eyeshadow all the time and all I'm able to do is the basic three-toned look with browns or peachy shadows. I love colors and I want to incorporate them in my makeup! The only problem is that I haven't been able to find a tutorial for adding a little pop of color without being too dramatic (I'd be wearing it throughout the day). If anyone could help, I'd greatly appreciate it! [also keep in mind that I haven't been doing makeup for very long, so a simple solution would be awesome ]
I have oily eyelids and I've noticed at the end of the day that my waterproof mascara (which I apply to my top and bottom lashes) smudges in the creases underneath my lower lash line. Since my mascara is waterproof you think this wouldn't happen. Anyways, is there any way that I can prevent my mascara from smudging under my lower lash line and to keep my eyelids from looking so oily as it's not cute? Finally does Anastasia Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat really work? I was thinking of maybe trying that with a non-waterproof mascara that I love in order to make it waterproof. Thanks
I'm pretty new to Sephora. I have their nail polish and a few makeup items but I'm looking to branch out and buy one of the makeup pallets.  I know they are a pretty good amount of money so I want to be sure on which to buy. Any opinions or recommendations? Thanks!(:
Which palette is the best by Urban Decay? I was wondering what everyone's opinion on Urban Decay palettes were and what their favorite eyeshadow color is by them. 
hi, i have dark brown hair and my eyes are dark green (today) and i would like to know how to do my make up so that they pop.... and which colors to use.. thank you
So, I just got my Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case in the mail today... LOVE IT ALREADY! It's as amazing as I thought it would be! Now I was just wondering if y'all would tell me a recipe for an eye look that included the Urban Decay shades: Redemption, Fray, Vaporize, Provocateur, and Revolt. Thanks!  
Whenever I wear eyeliner or mascara my eyes dry out, itch, turn red and glassy. Can anyone recommend an eyeliner and mascara that won't do any of these things to my eyes?
I'm fairly new to using make up, so I really have no idea of what color eyeliner to use... I'm Asian, I have brown eyes, fairly tanned skin. I'm kind of bored of using black eyeliner, so what would you recommend? I've been thinking about blue, green or purple, but I'm not sure. Also what product would you recommend? Thanks.
Here is a list of MAC eye shadow dupes i found check them out! All that Glitters= NYX -Champagne Amber Lights=NYX -Golden Brulee= NYX -Nude Carbon= NYX -Black .Coppering= Milani -Flare Cork= NYX -Dark Brown Dementhe= Milani -Clover Electric Eel= Milani -Atlantis Guacamole= Milani- Limbo lime Humid= Milani -Clover, Ulta- Shamrock Jest= Milani -Peachy Peach Juxt= Milani -Garden Mist Little Madam= Milani -Illusion Mulch= Milani -Java Bean Naked Lunch= NYX -Sahara Nocturnelle= Milani -Shock Nylon= NYX -Barely There Paradisco= NYX- Tropical or CoverGirl -Tropical Fusion Quad Partait Amour= Milani -Enchantment Passionate= NYX -Cherry Perverted Pearl= Milani -Silver Bullet Pink Freeze= Milani -Taffy Plum Dressing= L'oreal HIP-Cheeky Sable= Milani Java Bean Satin Taupe= NYX -Root Beer, NYX- Iced Mocha, L'oreal HIP-Sassy Shadowy Lady= L'oreal HIP - Wicked  Shale= Milani- Icy Plum Shroom= Milani -Classic Beige Sketch= Milani -Marooned Stars 'n' Rockets= Milani- Shock Steamy= Milani -Clover Sumptuous Olive= Milani- Antiqued Gold Vanilla= Milani -Snow Frost, Cover Girl - French Vanilla Vellum= Milani -Moonlight Wedge= L'oreal HIP - Shady Woodwinked= Milani- Golden Bronze, L'oreal HIP - Wicked  Sparkleinthesky <3   
Hi, I'm looking for an eyeliner recommendation from those more experienced with eyeliner than me.   Here are what I am looking for in an eyeliner: Black.  The eyeliner recommendation has to be a highly pigmented black. Easy to use.  I am pretty new to using eyeliner, so I want an eyeliner made for beginners. Not too expensive.  My price range is $25 and under. Thanks in advance for the recommendations. 
I have oily lids (specifically in the inner corners) and am in need of a great primer. I'm currently using Urban Decay Original Primer Potion, but am wondering if either Too Faced Shadow Insurance or NARS Smudgeproof Eye Shadow Base will work better. I would like to know which one you guys prefer and why.   Thanks!
What are the best non-prescription eyelash-growth products? How do their results differ from those of the prescription-only product? Thanks in advance for your help.
This may sound like kind of a weird question.  I have a few lashes that tend to annoy me.  When I'm not wearing mascara, I'll have a few lashes to hang down and poke me in the eye, but they're not ready to fall out or anything.  Sometimes when I am wearing mascara, a lash or two may hang into my eye if I missed coating it.  On other occasions, if a few aren't hanging into my eyes, it is placed at a weird angle.  If I try to move it back, it'll go back to its weird angle.  (and I am talking about real lashes)    I can't stand having anything in my eyes (OCD thing; there's no way I could wear contacts if I ever needed them).  If I feel like something is there, I'll use a mirror and search for whatever the cause is, and it is often my misbehaving lashes.    I tried my best to take pictures to kind of illustrate my problem.  I hope I don't sound too crazy or anything.  Has anyone else been annoyed at an issue like this?  Do certain mascaras cause it or anything?  Maybe there's a different mascara I should try?       This is my right eye, makeup free.  Towards the left, there's a lash that is touching the bottom ones, and a few towards the middle top are kind of down.  Please ignore the need to pluck.                This one shows it a bit better.  There's also a lash on the left side doing its own thing, along with the one that pokes my lower lash line.  Super annoying.              My left eye isn't as bad as my right one at the moment.  There's one lash that tends to do its own thing while the lashes at the outer corner sometimes curl differently compared to the right eye.
I assume that fake eye lashes go on I wrong? Also...I have trouble putting on fake eyelashes and making sure they stay on...any tips?
I think black eyeliner is looking a bit harsh lately and brown is a bit blah. A nice dark purple/brown or purple/black is what I'm on the hunt for...any reccos for a long lasting option?
what's the best way to makeup your eyes if you have monolids? (Asian don't have the extra crease above  your eyelid) because I wouldn't wear eyeshadow because it doesn't turn out right on me, so what all can I do?
Trina43 recently asked a question on the usage of baked eyeshadow and that got me wondering... what the heck is it? I've seen sephoras moonshadow baked eyeshadow palette but I don't really see the difference from other eyeshadows. Anyone care to explain?   ~~We are all beautiful~~
I am looking for a black eye liner for eye waterline which is not smudge, run off and stays on for 12 hours. Any suggestions?
I need an eyeliner that will stay put on the waterline and won't run, smudge or fade. I've tried Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil's and they didn't work. I'm wondering if MAKEUP FOR EVER Eyeliner Pencil or Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner would work for the waterline? I have oily eyelids and watery eyes and not much money to spend on high end makeup so I REALLY need an eyeliner that can stay put on the waterline. I'm hoping my search for the perfect holy grail eyeliner will end.
Eye shadow colours that go with light green eyes and blonde hair Looking for a more sexy look that will make my eyes pop, im going to a party so i want to look hot   haha
Okay ladies, I have hit the jackpot!! I have recently began putting Castor oil on my eyelashes for the last week, twice a day and they are so much nicer!!   Before: really curly average length eye lashes, that were sparse. The bottom eye lashes were almost non existent. Now: eye lashes are longer, and I don't think they are thicker, but it seems like I have a lot more. My bottom eye lashes are longer and they are finally noticeable!! I look right now how I would if I put on one coat of light mascara!   I am going to continue doing this for a few months until I get the length I desire. I hope that it's not a life long maintenance thing bc that is annoying.   I purchased the Castor oil from an Indian grocery store, but I'm sure you can get it anywhere. It was cheap, $3 for a HUGE bottle. I put a bit in a jar and every day I use my eye lash comb to put some through on my eyelashes. I put very little on bc I don't want to risk it getting into my eyes. I also dip a finger into the oil and put it under my eyes to try and lighten my undereye circles since it claims to help that. My eyes do get a glossy shiny look to them, but I don't mind it as I am working from home and I never used any eye make up while wearing the castor oil. A little goes a long way, I dipped the comb into the oil a few days ago and I haven't put it back in the jar since.The oil is very thick in consistency so it doesn't run.   My sister is now massaging this into her hair since it claims to increase hair growth and her hair is always falling out and thinning.    
It seems that no matter what product I put under my eye area, all it seems to do is emphasizes my crevices and wrinkles.  I look pretty good in other facial areas but look like a complete old bag under the eyes.  Please list all products that really work from serums to concealer and how to apply them.  I've tried so many - Estee Lauder Eye Serum, etc.  Nothing has helped me so far and I'm SO desperate!  Thank you!
I  have never filled in my brows before and want to start. Would you recommend I buy the full Too Faced Brow Envy kit or the Anastasia brow powder duo? Do you fnd the stencils are good to use or not? Thanks!
nars cordura.jpg
What do you guys think are the best Nars eyeshadow duos? I actually only own neutrals (think UD Naked 1 and 2). But my eyes are hazel and I'm open to anything, so long as it looks natural! I only have one of the Nars Duos, in Kalahari, but I love it because it's so convenient, and I don't have to put thought into what color I should use and where it should go. Too many options is almost a curse! I was considering Cordura, and maybe Alhambra or All About Eve.
Hello SOOOOOO I have tried several mascaras and still keep going back to my cheep Cover Girl mascara. I am not satisfied with is though and would love to find a great one that I absolutely love!! I really like lengthening mascara..A little volume is OK, but I mostly want length. I want something that doesn't give me "spider lashes, but that really delivers a nice pop. So not a natural look, but also not a drag queen look either (nothing against drag queens, I just don't want to look like one lol) Anyways If anyone has any suggestions on a mascara that will do all this without all the fall out, pleaaaasseee let me know! Thank You